Why did Snoop Dogg exclude the black singer from an Instagram post celebrating the success of a song with two popular Brazilian artists…Not once, but TWICE?

Note from BBT: The first story in today’s post I actually became aware of last week in the middle of putting together a piece about Snoop Dogg being thanked by the owner of one of Brazil’s largest TV networks, Silvio Santos, after Snoop shared one of his videos via Instagram. My question was if Snoop had any idea of how Santos was seen by many in Brazil’s black community and the near invisibility of black people in prominent roles on the TV station.

As I put the finishing touches on that report, I became aware that the Long Beach rapper’s name came up once again in terms of Brazil’s pop life scene. In past posts, I’ve documented the beef between funk singers Ludmilla and Anitta. The bad blood only escalated after a song featuring the two women along with Snoop’s participation was released and Anitta attempted to claim songwriting credits for the song that Ludmilla actually wrote. It seems the two have yet to squash their feud and, according to some reports, aren’t on speaking terms.

Well, here’s Snoop’s name coming up once again. You see, the song in which the three artists collaborated, “Onda Diferente”, recently passed the 100 million view mark on YouTube. In celebrate the feat, Snoop shared a photo with the 100 million written beneath the image. One problem though. In the image appears Snoop, Anitta and producer Papatinho but Ludmilla is nowhere to be found. Here’s the breakdown….

Flyer posted by Snoop via Instagram celebrating success of “Onde Diferente” passing 100 million views on YouTube

Snoop Dogg excludes Ludmilla from a photo celebrating the 100 million views of “Onda Diferente” and she reacts: “It doesn’t diminish me”

By Morena Misteriosa

“Onda Diferente”, a hit by Ludmilla, Anitta and Snoop Dogg has passed 100 million views on YouTube. In celebration, the American rapper shared images on his Instagram profile, but excluded Ludmilla from them.

In reaction to the rapper’s attitude, a fan of Ludmilla, who in fact composed the song, said: “What a pity for Ludmilla. Even with the fight [with Anitta], she was part of the song.”

Snoop’s IG post celebrated the accomplishment

In response to the fan and Snoop Dogg, Ludmilla took it in stride. “It’s not [a pity]. The fact that I’m not in a simple photo doesn’t diminish me at all. I’m serious! I’m very happy, a hit that came out of my head and won over the world just hit 100 million views! Real. I’m happy as hell!” she wrote, adding dollar signs.

The fight between Ludmilla and Anitta, because of “Onda Diferente”, started at the last Rock in Rio, in 2019, when Rainha da Favela (Queen of the Favela, Ludmilla) realized that the Poderosa (Powerful one, Anitta) was credited as a songwriter in the song, which was not foreseen in the contract. Since then, the relationship between artists has never been the same.

Note: Here’s my thing. If Ludmilla’s truly not affected by her exclusion from the photo, in reality, that’s the end of it. But if she’s simply saying that it doesn’t bother her to save face or to simply minimize it as a manner of moving on from any more negativity in the face of endless racist attacks against her or to rise above any more pettiness involving Anitta, but it in fact DOES bother her, that’s something else.

For those who don’t know, Ludmilla’s meteoric rise to stardom has been marred with various racist attacks from people on social networks, jornalists, socialites and others. Even being most popular black Brazilian woman on Instagram, she felt the need to shut down her social networks yet again briefly before this past Christmas after being attacked again.

Here’s the report.

Headline: “After racist attacks, Ludmilla leaves social networks”

Ludmilla deletes social networks after racist attacks on the Internet

The singer deactivated her official Twitter and Instagram profiles. Fans come out in her defense

By Leo Dias


After releasing the music video for the single “I Love You Too” with Orochi this Friday (12/18), singer Ludmilla was the victim of racist attacks on the web and deactivated her official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

In support, the singer’s fans took the hashtag WE ARE WITH YOU LUDMILLA to the Twitter Treding Topics.

Sought for comment, Ludmilla’s team confirmed that the singer was the target of the crime of racism and issued the following note.

“We confirm that on Friday night (12/18), the singer Ludmilla deactivated all her social networks. During the day, the singer had already complained with her team about the racist attacks she had been suffering and even answered some tweets that said she would respond if they “threw banana peels” among other racist and misogynistic insults. Such attacks have been occurring throughout Ludmilla’s career, which, as is well known, has positioned herself not only against racial but also gender crimes.

We emphasize that, unlike any speculation, such an act is not part of any marketing strategy and is simply a consequence of her tiredness in the face of the hatred distilled in social networks. We also inform that all racist and homophobic postings are being documented for prosecution.

For now, we await Ludmilla’s desire to return to his social networks. Therefore, we have nothing more to declare”.

Note: The singer briefly shut down her social media profiles but then returned and kept it moving.

Ludmilla (second from left) post Christmas photo after returning to social networks

After suffering racist attacks, Ludmilla returns to the social networks and responds: “This hatred is not mine”.

Singer disappeared from the internet after being victim of racism…again


Singer Ludmilla is back on the social networks. Off the internet since the week before Christmas after suffering racist attacks, on Christmas Eve the funkeira reactivated her Instagram account to celebrate the date with her fans. Lud published a photo celebrating the holiday with her family and vented about the hateful messages she received during the Christmas season.

“This is the strength that keeps me standing every day. The hatred of the other sometimes affects me. I’m human. I allow myself not to be strong all the time. But, as I said, this hatred is not mine, so I let it take its path. And then I remember how much their looks, their smiles and their hugs make the difference in my life. Thank you, family!’, wrote the artist.

The muse also took the opportunity to give thanks for the support she has received from fans, friends and artists since she was a victim of the crime of racism: “And thank you to all who have moved the social networks sending me support, each fan, each artist and especially each black person. I’m back. And stronger. Merry Christmas to you! Love always.”

Last week, Ludmilla deactivated all social network profiles, worn out with another episode of racism – in June, the singer had already been a victim of crime. In a last statement, Lud had assured that she would stay away from the Internet, but would not fail to take legal action against all criminals.

“I’m taking prints of everything because this is a crime and they will pay one by one,” she said, at the time.

Several artists showed support for Ludmilla. Comedian/actor Paulo Gustavo, and actresses Cacau Protásio and Jéssica Ellen were just some of the celebrities who shared photos of the singer on their social networks, exalting her talent.

Note: One has to wonder why it is that Ludmilla is always targeted for such racist attacks. I didn’t do any deep research on this, but I DO wonder if Anitta’s fans, often at the center of these attacks, were behind this latest barrage of haterade. I hate the play the race, or better yet, color card, but this blog is in fact about race and color in Brazil, so I will go there.

As many have pointed out, Ludmilla is clearly a black woman while Anitta has a more of a mestiço/mixed look. The latter is often accused of being “conveniently black” while in Brazil or while filming her videos, often in a favela slum setting, often times with a tan, wearing braids or curly hair. On the other hand, according to detractors, when she makes international appearances, she presents herself as white as possible. Those are issues in themselves, but is Snoop’s role in all of this?

Well, in some ways, nothing. Snoop made a pretty penny by just spittin’ a few lines on the song and doesn’t play an important role in the beef. Too add to this, when I looked at the flyer, I noted that, at the bottom, the flyer reads “Follow us: Anitta Daily”, which makes me think that the flyer was created by Anitta’s people, her staff, fan club or whoever else is connected to her.

If this is the case, with an ongoing feud between the two singers, the exclusion of Ludmilla makes complete sense. But what I DO see as gross is that both of the these artists have made it clear that they would like to attain popularity outside of Brazil and at this point, Anitta is well on her way having already made various appearances in the American media and even having one of her songs actually crack the US Hot 100.

Snoop could be an innocent bystander in this. As an outsider looking in, I have to consider this perspective….

Wait!! Hol’up! This just in…

At left, Snoop’s original June post celebrating 95 million views. At right, a second post.

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time that Snoop has left Ludmilla out of a post he’s made celebrating the song’s success. Back in June, the rapper known as Calvin Broadus posted a flyer on Instagram celebrating the song reaching 95 million views on YouTube, and, in the same manner as the current controversy, he originally left Ludmilla off of the flyer with only he, Anitta and the producer appearing on the flyer. A short time later, perhaps seeing how it looked, he posted a second flyer with just him and Ludmilla. 

Based on comments on the topic, I can say that some black Brazilians did see Snoop’s actions as a sort of diss toward Ludmilla (see comments below) even apparently not being aware this is actually the second time. Again, I’m in no position to say why it went down this way, but I would most def like to know the deal. If this had happened once, I could see it possibly being a slip up, as I said, maybe Anitta’s people sent him the flyer. But now knowing this is the second time changes the whole debate. It’s as if Snoop knew what he was doing and simply didn’t care, or am I the one trippin’ here?

I’m curious to know if Snoop knows how Ludmilla is constantly the victim of racist assaults (some from Anitta’s fans) while many black Brazilians accuse Anitta of not only cultural appropriation but also of being “conveniently black”. Another question would be, if there were an artist in the US or elsewhere who faced the same accusations, what Snoop’s position would be, again seeing that he ocassionally speaks on issues of race. Ludmilla gets racist hate from people in her own country, and in a situation where she could get support from an internationally known and also black artist, she also gets snubbed. 

In reality, this isn’t really so much about the Snoop/Anitta/Ludmilla situation as much as it shows, once again, why black communities need to have global communication so that we know was’sup with our peeps around the world.


Vanessa: I confess that I was sad about this news. One black disregarding another. An exchange of what?

Bruno: The hype of Anitta and the other participation she has done with him must have given the notion that she is the one who was the more important one of the project. I don’t know if Snoop knows Lud. Even so that was messed up

Mariana: Bruno, the one who wrote the song was Ludmila, Snoop did a little rap and demanded half of the song (publishing) and Lud gave it to him, Anita is a motherfu**er.

Ronaldo: Snoop knows that Lud is part of the song, he put even Papatinho (in it) but he did not put the girl (in it). I think he doesn’t like Ludmilla.

Mariana: Ronaldo, the song is what Ludmila did, and that MF Anita got into Snoop’s head, another beating for Lud, I love her too much and she gets hit from every sides.

Gabriella: He already had more affinity with Anita than with Lud, so because of this bullshit, Anita must have his head.

Alex: I’ll tell you, this has ANITA’s finger in this story… Anita speaks ENGLISH very well and has contact from all over the world, and also, likes to ruim peopel’s reps. Ludmila needs to FOCUS more on her work. (Her wife) BRUNA sucks her dry… But that’s just my opinion! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

Juliana: I have already gone there to complain. What a joke. That’s why I reflect a lot about these militants. Snoop preaches a lot about black lives, and then doing this with an artist like Lud. Pitiful…

Source: Quem, Gaúcha ZH, Metropoles, TV e Famosos, B Charts,

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