Lovely actress Erika Januza, protagonist of TV series Suburbia, shows off the color of summer

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The actress, who brought life to the character Conceição in the Globo TV Suburbia series poses in a photo shoot in blue, one of the best bets for Brazil’s hottest season of the year.
Although the TV series Suburbia that was promoted here and which ultimately fell victim to cliches and stereotypes about black Brazilians and the areas they live, that doesn’t change the fact that Erika is a definite stunner! Even if you know nothing about the series from last fall, you can still appreciate these very vibrant, classy photos of the starlet newcomer!

One of the best bets of the designers for the summer of 2013 is the blue Klein, a dark tone, portrayed by French realist painter Yves Klein, on the screens of the 1950s. The color has been used to create dresses, trousers and also for shoes and handbags. At the invitation of the EGO website, actress Erika Januza, the protagonist of the Globo TV series Suburbia, posed with some of these pieces that promise to be successful this season.
From Contagem, a city 13 miles (21km) from the capital and largest city of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Erika left her job as a secretary of a school to become the protagonist of the show Suburbia by director Luiz Fernando Carvalho. In the role of Conceição, Januza’s body dressed in micro-shorts and skirts, the only accessories of her wardrobe in common with the character were the high-heeled sandals that soon she plans to retire. “Oh, I have to be simpler in the day by day, right? Besides that, walking with high heels in excess is not good for the spine or legs,” says Erika.
In the actress’s wardrobe, little dresses occupy a privileged space. Not bad for someone who owns a nice pair of shapely legs with the help of weight training and dance. The daughter of a locksmith with a maid, Erika never took specialized classes. Her dance teachers were Xuxa and the Paquitas (1), who watched on television with her grandmother in her house in Contagem. “She was a fan of Xuxa and everything that the Paquitas did I imitated. I always liked to dance and I am self taught,” says the girl from Minas Gerais in justifying the stage performance of the Conceição character during the funk dance scenes on Suburbiais a gift from birth.
Erika’s path to protagonist of the Luiz Fernando Carvalho production is enough to leave Cinderella dead of jealousy. For years, she found all doors closed to the artistic career. When she had given up on being an actress, an audition changed her life. “I sent my photo to a casting call and they sent me to make an audition video at Praça da Liberdade in Belo Horizonte. There, I recorded my name and said what I did. A few days later, they called for more audition stages, which lasted at least a month.”
The future star wept with happiness. A trip to Projac (2) to learn her new job and the director Luiz Fernando Carvalho was a dream come true. Visiting Rio five years ago, Projac was in the script of the sights of the city that she would come to know. When trying to enter the studio complex of the Globo Network, she was stopped by security. When she finally walked in through the front door as an actress, she broke into tears again. “I called my mother who was in Minas (Gerais) and we cried a lot! It was proof that God helps those who believe in their dreams.”
Erika’s biggest concern in the early recordings was Conceição’s dramatic scenes. She wondered how she could make the tears come as an actress. However, concentration and memory of her father and grandmother that had already died helped to give veracity to the pains of character. “When I needed to cry, I remembered them, who always supported my decision to become an actress. It was at my grandmother’s side that I watched soap operas and programs of Globo. Their absence makes me very nostalgic and emotional because I wish they were here to pulsate with me. Today, I only have God to thank.”


1. For a detailed understanding on the influence of TV host Xuxa, her dancers and TV show, please see the article Short film explores race, exclusion and the deferred dreams of black children living under Brazil’s “dominance of whiteness”

2. Projac, an abbreviation of Projeto Jacarepaguá (Jacarepaguá Project in English) is the main center of television production of the Organizações Globo and Latin Americas largest audio-visual production center.It opened in 1995, and is located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Source: Ego

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  1. This sister, Erica is my total vision of what the standard of beauty look like to a man. She is eye candy galore. She give rise to the moment, what pleasure we could share everyday if only God would bring us together. Final word is WOW!

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