‘I prefer that the blonde serve me’, says customer to black attendant in a restaurant – Are you sure we’re all still equal in Brazil?

e28098prefiro que a loira me atenda  diz cliente a atendente negra em restaurante
e28098prefiro que a loira me atenda diz cliente a atendente negra em restaurante

‘Prefiro que a loira me atenda_, diz cliente a atendente negra em restaurante

Note from BW of Brazil: Another day, another example of why Brazilians are not “all equal”. It’s just funny that perhaps millions of people around the world wouldn’t assume that such blatant, open displays of racist sentiments occur in a place like Brazil. Well, how much more evidence is necessary? And for all of those Brazilians who continue to insist that “somos todos iguais” (we are all equal), I would LOVE to know why someone would refuse the service of a black woman in a restaurant and prefer to be waited on by a blond, I mean, if you, in fact, DO believe that we are all equal? As bad as the blatant prejudice in this case was, that’s not even the worst part. That lies in the fact that the victim of discrimination didn’t seem to realize that had been discriminated against and didn’t want to take any action!

One of the main reasons that Brazil was allowed to skate unnoticed in the world of racist countries is because millions of black Brazilians themselves were convinced that racism didn’t exist in their country, even when they were victims of it (see here, here and here). This is the reason why this blog focuses so much on the development of black identity and consciousness. There are still black Brazilians who have don’t seem to understand what racism is, but there are a lot fewer these people nowadays. And that’s a good thing!

‘I prefer that the blonde serve me’, says customer to black attendant in a restaurant

After being taken care of by the white employee with blonde hair, the client didn’t make any more demands

By Leonardo Guimarães

A supposed case of racism happened in a Paranaíba restaurant

A woman refused to be served by a black female employee at a restaurant in Paranaíba, located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul on Monday (7). According to information from a source close to the case, the mulher, branca, (woman, white), accompanied by her husband and son, also white, said she preferred to be served by another attendant, pointing to a blonde employee of the establishment. “No. No, no,  young lady. I prefer the blonde to serve me,” said the customer.

In a conversation with JPNEWS, a witness, who declined to identify herself, said that the employee who was discriminated against did not understand what was happening at the moment, addressing a colleague and asking her to serve the woman instead. After being served by the white, blonde-haired employee, the customer made no further demands.

According to the witness, when paying the bill, the cashier of the establishment who is also white and blonde, disgusted with the situation, aware of the case and in order to challenge the customer, questioned whether the first employee who had served her, in the case the black girl, had treated her badly, and because of this she would have refused to be served by her, the woman replied that it was a matter of taste and that she preferred to be served by the blond attendant. “No. It’s just that I preferred to be served by the same blonde,” said the woman.

The witness still reports that while she was close and following the fact, she noticed that the girl, the victim of racism was disoriented and didn’t understand what had happened. The witness reports that she noticed that the other staff of the establishment was revolted by the situation, but the girl who had been discriminated against preferred not to take any kind of action at the time.

The colleagues asked if the young woman knew the woman and if there was any kind of disagreement between them in the past justifying the action, but she replied that she had never seen the woman, making it clear that the main suspicion would be racism.

Asked if she knew the author of the comment or if her face was familiar, the witness said that she had never seen her family anywhere else in the city either.

“If the situation was revealed and the other clients realized what had happened, surely everyone in the restaurant would be going to the defense of the employee,” the source told JPNEWS.

Source: JP News

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