Funk Singer MC Carol Says ‘I Wouldn’t Accept a White man’

Funk Singer MC Carol Says ‘I Wouldn’t Accept a White man’

Funk Singer MC Carol Says 'I wouldn't Accept a White man'
Funk Singer MC Carol Says ‘I Wouldn’t Accept a White man’

Note from BW of BrazilRegular readers of this blog may be aware that the issue of palmitagem (the preference of many blacks in choosing whites for relationships) has been a topic I’ve covered for some time. But even with the numerous texts composed by black women sharing their feelings about the romantic choices of both famous as well as everyday black men, I must say that the recent controversy involving rapper Karol Conka and her new boyfriend has attracted more attention on the subject in the mainstream media than any other accusation and debate on the topic. Not only was the subject of Conka’s relationship with a white man a top trending topic in social networks, it also spawned a number of reactions by other famous black Brazilians.

Shortly after the reaction of Conka’s fans, Rico Dalasam, a rapper who is both black and gay, as well as an activist of LGBTQI+ causes, addressed the possibility of any future relationships of his own with whites. Via his social network profile, the rapper wrote, “Look if I show up with a namorado branco (white boyfriend) don’t come getting on my case because it’s cool getting a boyfriend of any color! Thank you!”

Rico Dalasam
Rapper Rico Dalasam weighed in on the recent controversy involving rapper Karol Conka

One comment criticized the a rapper’s stance, replying that “every day (they are) making excuses to palmitar”, and the rapper replied: “Every time this theme is raised, it is never reached at the foot of the production of knowledge about racism or depth in the theme of interracial relationships, and everything stays on palmitaring or not palmitaring. Jokes aside, if we are to talk about it then let’s talk…”.

Stating her opinion on the subject, MC Carol, who has made a name for herself for her music as well as the sharing of her bold opinions, managed to defend her one-time collaborator (Conka) as well as express her own views on dating white men. For me, perhaps the most revealing part of the article below is the opinion of MC Carol’s manager, who confirmed something that I’ve been saying for a while: Palmitagem is not just a thing of rich, famous and/or upwardly mobile black Brazilians.

Funk Singer MC Carol Says 'I Wouldn't Accept a White man'
Funk Singer MC Carol Says ‘I Wouldn’t Accept a White man’

Funk Singer MC Carol Says ‘I Wouldn’t Accept a White man’

After the repercussions on the subject, the funkeira (funk singer) who already collaborated with Karol Conkashared her opinion. MC went on to defend her colleague and extol her qualities

Courtesy of iG

In recent days Karol Conká has been the target of criticism on the Internet for assuming a relationship with a white man. Knowing about the imbroglio, MC Carol, a funkeira who has collaborated with the singer, talked about it and said that “I wouldn’t accept a white man.”

Funk Singer MC Carol Says 'I Wouldn't Accept a White man'
Rapper Karol Conka became the center of controversy with fans after going public with her new relationship

Before talking about herself, MC Carol showed admiration for Karol Conka and defended her: “She’s a sweetheart, she doesn’t deserve to be attacked for liking someone. I don’t think it’s cool with these attacks on her, actually, I don’t think it’s cool with anyone,” started the funkeira.

Then the MC remembered a conversation with her manager, in which she talked about the situation and had the opportunity to deconstruct it: “I have a song called “Palmiteiros”, which talks about the fact that the black man, when he grows up in life, only wants to know blonds. So I said to my businesswoman, ‘I’m a cool artist, if I was on top and full of money, I wouldn’t accept a white man.’

“Then my manager said: ‘It’s not just the rich black who chooses the blonde, the poor black also sees the white woman with the light colored eyes as a trophy. So it’s not logical for a black woman not to accept a white guy,” she said, implying that everything has two sides and that love, in the end, is what matters.

Speaking of how the conversation changed her, MC Carol admits: “It’s hard to see a black couple on top, yet the black woman has to choose who she wants. I’m open-minded now, it’s always nice to talk.” Then she further re-affirms: “I particularly think black men are beautiful, they’re the ones that attract me.”

Source: iG O Dia

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