Actress Aparecida Petrowky been’s rockin’ her ‘fro since April! "Women have to appreciate the black race and stop straightening their hair". See the gallery here!

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Petrowky: “Women have to appreciate the black race and stop straightening their hair”  
We had a little fun on another post following actress Aparecida Petrowky through her various hair phases. But in April she did a photo shoot to introduce the world to her curls. We posted one photo of her new visual a few months ago. Below are a few more. If you’re not familiar with Aparecida, learn a little about her as she talks about her pre-fame life that could easily be turned into a Brazilian novela!
 “Felipe calls me my little black angel”, says Aparecida about her husband, singer Felipe Dylon
“It was difficult to convince Aparecida to change her look,” says Flávio Priscott, the stylist responsible for the actress’s new look
 “I feel more powerful”, said the actress about her new look
“I wear a lot of hats, hair bows and scarves. I think it looks chic and lends the hair an air of an older era”, says Aparecida
 Petrowky becomes a diva with her new ‘do
Aparecida took on her new afro, or “black power” as its called in Brazil, back in April

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