Popular YouTuber Júlio Cocielo loses corporate sponsors after racist tweet about French futebol player Kylian Mbappé; busted, he deletes 50 thousand tweets



Note from BW of Brazil: Nothing shocking here. I look at it this way. If a master chef made a great pot of spaghetti and onions were one of his ingredients, chances are, if you help yourself to a serving of this chef’s dish, you will most definitely be eating some onions as well. It’s part of the dish. It would very difficult to eat this pasta without eating the onions as they are thoroughly mixed in with the spaghetti. Such is racism in Brazil. Of course, this is not to say ALL Brazilians are racist, but if you hang around long enough you will definitely come across thoughts and jokes such as those connected with this YouTuber.

I admit, I’d never heard of the guy, probably because I’m just not into those type of YouTube videos. But my thing is, he had probably been making racially insensitive comments for some time and no one checked him on it so he kept on with it. If he deleted 50,000 tweets, I’d say that’s most likely the case. It’s always funny to me how many of these clearly non-white Brazilians feel so comfortable making racist jokes about people whose African features are more prominent than theirs. Better stay in Brazil, because in other countries, he definitely wouldn’t get a “pass” and people wouldn’t mind reminding him of this!

Youtuber Júlio Cocielo

Well done! Racism of Youtuber-Influencer Júlio Cocielo shocks his sponsors

By Laísa Gabriela de Sousa

Youtuber Júlio Cocielo, formerly known for his “funny” way among teenagers, was unmasked last week on the 30th during the France vs. Argentina World Cup game, when he expressed his racism in a tweet saying: “Mbappé could do some top arrastão on the beach, huh.” Cocielo was of course speaking of the stereotypes that people who like Mbappé are very likely to cause confusion by organizing snatch and run robberies of middle class residents on the beaches of Rio.

O jogador francês Kylian Mbappe
French futebol player, Kylian Mbappé

The post referred to the French player, Kylian Mbappé, and caused uproar in social networks. Soon people started to question Cocielo for what was said and he claimed it was a “joke”, related to the “speed” of the player and not a racist comment. After the controversy, the YouTuber deleted the tweet, but then others were discovered.

More “jokes”: “Brazil would be more beautiful if there weren’t so much coldness with racist jokes. But as this is prohibited, the only solution is to exterminate blacks.” – “In Africa there are only 6 capital sins because committing the sin of greed there is impossible.”

After being unmasked by the public, Cocielo erased more than 50 thousand tweets and users of social networks began to demand a positioning by the brands that supported him, such as Coca-Cola, Submarino and Banco Itaú. The Youtuber is among the ten video personalities that most influence young people, along with names like Flavia Calina, Felipe Castanhari and Felipe Neto, according to Google’s survey, published by the Meio & Mensagem site.

In a note sent to Meio & Mensagem, Coca-Cola, who had Cocielo as a publicity boy at the 2016 Olympics, said it has no more connection to the YouTuber and has no plans for any future partnership. “Respect for diversity is one of the main values of our company, in our campaigns we celebrate the differences and promote unity. Biased manifestations are not tolerated. We reject any form of racism, machismo, misogyny or homophobia,” the statement said.

After Cocielo’s comments were reported, corporate sponsors quickly began cancelling their deals with the YouTuber

Itaú said in a statement that it “repudiates all forms of discrimination and prejudice. We expect that respect for diversity always prevails.” Until Saturday, the 30th, the bank showed a video for the Cup in which Cocielo appeared, which has already been replaced.

In an interview with Meio & Mensagem, Danilo Strano, director of planning for the influential marketing platform Tubelab, explains that the case brings lessons in the relationship between brands and influencers and that it is important the perception as public figures, who must filter the comments concerning any subject.

“This type of controversy reinforces the need for brands to realize the history of content creators, even to weigh the connection of the influencer’s comments with the values of the company. When Júlio Cocielo made his first comments, in 2010, he was at the beginning of his career; therefore, posed no great danger to any brand. Today, any comment he makes can pose some sort of threat, especially when it comes to socioeconomic aspects,” he analyzes.

Source: Mundo Negro

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  1. Clearly a self hating and jealous fool.

    It is obvious that he has at least one or more BLACK grandparents……

    • I totally agree Al, this dumb fool couldn’t pass for being white if given multiple tries. He’s just picking up their bad behavior.

  2. I cannot believe someone who looks like Jughead Jones has anything negative to say about anyone. He really deleted 50k tweets? That must be a record for twitter. What a complete and utter loser.

  3. Arrastao has to do with criminals, regardless of any biological traits. It is a disgrace to see people making this seemingly direct association between arrastao and race. This is blatant racism.

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