Youth accuse Rio’s Military Police of torture and sexual abuse

jovens acusam policiais militares de tortura e abuso sexual na noite de natal
jovens acusam policiais militares de tortura e abuso sexual na noite de natal
Jovens acusam policiais militares de tortura e abuso sexual na noite de Natal
Youth show cuts that were made by UPP police from the Santo Amaro community

Note from BW of Brazil: So what else is new? As we said once before on this blog, it would be entirely possible to focus a blog on just rogue cops in Brazil with enough material to make updates several times a day. I can’t say that I was shocked by the story below but it’s still repugnant. Every time this topic is covered here, it’s the same thing. Police caught doing something evil, the officers are suspended or taken off the streets pending investigation. Same story different day. With the Olympics coming up one can only imagine what else is going on in Rio. Stayed tuned for a report on that…

Youth accuse Military Police of torture and sexual abuse on Christmas Eve

Courtesy of O Dia

17 year old teenager says he was forced to perform oral sex on a friend in the street while Military Police recorded everything

By Alexandre Brum

The Civil Police are investigating further a complaint of abuse of power involving police of a Unidade de Polícia Pacificadora (UPP or Pacifying Police Unit). Four young people were returning from a party in the community of Santo Amaro, in Catete (Rio de Janeiro), in the early morning hours of Friday (December 25th), denounced at the 6th Precinct (Cidade Nova) that they were tortured and robbed by eight MPs (Military Police) of UPP Coroa, Fallet and Fogueteiro. They were returning on a motorbike in Santa Teresa. The blitz ended with a woman being shot. The MPs were arrested administratively.

Two brothers, 23 and 20, showed injuries on their legs and arms at the police station, according done with a hot knife by police. Both reported receiving punched in the nose. A 17 year old said he had his hair burned with a lighter, his scrotum burned with a hot knife and was even forced to perform oral sex on a friend while an MP filmed the scene on the street.

“They approached us aggressively, heated up the knife and cut us. They burned his hair (the 17 year old) and forced two friends to make an explicit video. They recorded it laughing and cursing. They said when they catch us on the street again they’re going to kill us. All because didn’t have a helmet on the bike. They claimed they were angry because they had to work on Christmas,” said the young 23-year old.

According to them, all were forced to stand naked on the street and the police even slapped the ears of a 13-year old boy, who also testified, and the chest of a fifth boy, 21, who went to a hospital with breathing problems. The young people said the case took place on Prefeito João Felipe Street, and that they returning home in Rio Comprido.

The command of the UPP Coroa, Fallet and Fogueteiro determined that the agents were presented to the police station. The names of the MPs accused were not disclosed. According to the Coordinator of Pacifying Police, after providing testimony, they were arrested administratively and are at the disposition of the UPP command. The weapons of the MPs were presented to the police chief. A brief investigation was opened to ascertain the facts.

Young people had more than R$400 leaving the dance

The young people told O Dia (news) that they had money and belongings stolen by the police. “They stole my R$470, our sandals, caps and my necklace,” accused the 20 year old. “They took R$400 from ‘X’ and his chain, my cap, their caps and from the other guy who went to the hospital,” said the 17 year old.

The victims reported that a policeman shot when the motorcycle went speeding by. The Civil Police confirmed that a woman was shot, helped and testified after being discharged from the hospital. The shooting circumstances were not revealed. The 6th precinct reported that the victims were sent for forensic examination and the weapons of the police seized for examination. On Friday afternoon (25), agents took steps in search of information and security camera images.

Relatives afraid of reprisals

A cousin of the brothers of 20 and 23, the computer technician Carlos Henrique Araújo, 32, said the boys are afraid of retaliation. “The police said that even if they went to the police station, they would kill them,” he said.

According to Araújo, all the boys live with their parents and none of them had any prior records with the police. The Civil Police declined to confirm whether or not they had any priors in order not to provide information of the victims.

In front of the 6th precinct, a man who identified himself only as “Geraldo, deputy commander of the UPP Coroa”, photographed with a cell phone, the O Dia staff while the young people granted an interview. He said it he would “qualify”, or check out the reporters.

SourceÚltimo Segundo

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