“You’re black! You can’t afford it!”: A music executive and actress demonstrate, once again, that be it America or Brazil, black people are treated the same



Note from BW of Brazil: It’s so funny to me that, for decades, Brazilians have insisted that racist absurdities only happen in the United States, even with the vast amount of evidence that racist thought and action happens every day across Brazil. It sometimes happens that similar events will take place in the US as they happen in Brazil, and make headlines at almost the same time. When I read a recent case involving an African-American man at an airport in the US, I thought, “Didn’t something like this just happen to actress Erika Januza?”

In both countries, the mental racial hierarchy that places whiteness on the top while maintaining blackness at the bottom cannot imagine that black people have the financial conditions to be able to purchase, well…anything. Again, everyone proclaims again and again that, “We are all equal“, but repeatedly show that they don’t truly believe this. In shopping malls, in fancy cars, restaurants and airports, this plays out as, “he/she is black, and thus obviously cannot afford to __________.” 

As I have documented for more than six years now, Brazil and the United States are more similar than citizens of each country would believe. First, I present exhibit A, in the US. At Ronald Reagan airport in Washington DC, a man named Emmit Walker shared how a blond apparently didn’t believe that a black man could afford to be in the first class section of a flight. The conversation went as follows:

Emmit Walker details his experience at Ronald Reagan Airport in Washington DC

Her: excuse me i believe you may be in the wrong place you need to let us thru. This line is for priority boarding

Me: priority meaning first-class correct?

Her: Yes…now excuse me they will call y’all after we board

Me: *shove first class priority boarding pass in her face* you can relax ma’am I’m in the right spot, been here longer, so you can board after me

Her: *still won’t let It go* he must be military or something, but we paid for our seats so he still should have to wait

Me: nope to big to ever be in anybodies military. I’m just a nigga with money 💰 🤷🏾‍♂️ Everybody waiting in line: starts to clap lmao 😂

Note from BW of Brazil: Now for those who would insist, “See? That type of thing only happens in the US,” I present exhibit B, which took place in Brazil, probably somewhere in Rio de Janeiro. 

Actress Erika Januza shares her experience in a store



Actress da Globo reports racism in store: “Did you see the price?”

Courtesy of Revista Fórum

Erika Januza, who plays the character Raquel who also suffers racism in the Globo TV novela a O Outro Lado do Paraíso

Actress Erika Januza

The 32-year-old actress from Minas Gerais, Erika Januza, who is in the Globo TV novel, O Outro Lado do Paraíso, reported on her Twitter profile a case of racism she suffered while shopping. “Today I went to a store, I had already chosen the product and the spoke to me this way: ‘Did you see the price?’ He pointed the price tag at me. Then I said, ‘Yes!’ He: ‘Will you want to pay in four installments?’. I said, ‘No, I’ll pay cash.’ Am I crazy? I think so …”, posted Erika.

In the comments of the microblog, Erika received situations experienced by other black people. “I’ve been through it, I chose the product and the seller thought it expensive, then offering me a cheaper one. I just said, ‘I want this and more of that, ah, and in cash’. When I made the payment, I separated what I chose first for myself and gave the second gift to her. I think she understood,” an Internet user reported.

“I had already ordered wine and the waiter “warned me” that it was expensive. I ordered a more expensive one yet! Ah … I always pay for my purchases in cash! And store stories like that, I have collected some! But racism is mimimi (whining), isn’t it, Brazil?!” another said.

Many followers were outraged and sent several messages to the actress. “And you bought the product from the store? I wouldn’t have bought it. I’d have gone to another store,” said another girl. “Oh, I bought it! I bought it and paid cash! And thanked him!” replied Erika.

The actress still received messages like “there are disgusting people in the world … and there are people who say that this does not happen”, “difficult to live with this type of people!” And “this is very embarrassing. Sad to know that the world is full of people like that.”

Note from BW of Brazil: The moral of the story here is actually a warning. If you’re a black Brazilian traveling to the US, or a black American traveling to Brazil, don’t think that your passport and VISA will automatically override the color of your skin. 

Source: MetroRevista Fórum

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  1. The moral is ask to speak to a manager, share with the manager what you were going to do, show the money and decline the service for a store that can at least respect the color of your money.

  2. Go to You Tube. Listen to Mr. Neely Fuller. The planet Earth is controlled by White Supremacy and, has been for many centuries. People of Color have just recently gained some semblance of Independence; some more than others; however, the effect of white supremacy residuals shows in their level of development. For example, China, most Asian nations were considered 3rd World during 1900 to 1960. India in that same category; although India’s fate was similar to Africa’s in many ways…other than, Britain colonized them, but did not find them useful as Slaves…they were still considered-niggers. This is documented in literature. Africans got the worse of it: slavery, abject torture and inhumane violence…ongoing up to this day. African countries/states just recently garnered quasi revolutions/independence in the early 1960’s; but, most natural resources were still controlled by Europeans. Africans in the diaspora: Brazil, US, Canada, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Columbia, Venezula, etc., and, Indonesia…West Papau, many parts of Asian…Cambodia etc. still are treated as if: We remain in a Caste System. The system determines the percentage of blacks who can have good jobs, and overall economic security.

    To answer your questions: Yes, Brazil blacks, and American blacks are very similar. However, the situation is Brazil is more dire, dreadful, worse. In America, we have assimilated and gained Civil Rights and have a healthy assimilation of elected officials in all segments and levels of government….Brazil blacks do not have that. We can vote and obtain any governmental office….Brazil doesn’t have that. When I say “doesn’t have that.” I mean, the Brazil government ran by a Minority of whites use the military/police force and long standing policies to keep blacks, the majority, out of the mainstream by limiting their participation with by not letting blacks have equal opportunities in education pursuits, economics, politics etc. The list is long.

    We had a Black president in Barack Obama, during his administration, he tried to help/ lessen the apartheid in Brazil…However, that government is like ours today, Right wing. As I speak, under the current US president, that administration is trying to take Black Americans back to pre-1950 days when we had no rights.

    We have a sordid history of abuse here. The court system is atrocious. Our prisons are filled with black men and women. It isn’t nice. The system now prefers black women to assimilate; but limits black males as much as possible. We do have recently in the last few decades got more television shows featuring blacks. A few quasi TV stations that show entirely black programing; many radio stations/newspapers.

    My point, in brief: This is not a Brazil…American black thing. This apartheid against our People is a World Wide purposeful war against Africans. The motherland/fatherland is continually under attack. China, India are the New…Neo-Colonialist….buying up control of precious Natural Resources. And, western powers still have their hands involved in ciphering wealth from those countries and, keeping the people divided and fostering Dictators over Leaders who strive to industrialize and invest in the precious resource…The People.

    As long as the Motherland/Fatherland remains ran by Dictators, and they let foreigners have control over all our natural resources, those of us in the Diaspora are doomed or, it just makes our fight for freedom that much daunting.

  3. Maurice you are so correct unlike youself whom travel the world( china,india and brazil). I myself don’t even have passport. The only source of info about brazil I have is this vlog and YouTube. Brazil economy top 10 in world before economy downturn 2008 to 2012 surpass engliand in 6 th economy in world.now ($8.649.95 gdp per capital dollar brazil) (china $8,123,18) (india $1709) popution of brazil 207 millions china 1.4billions india 1.3 billions. I per sonly don’t believe brazil is economy is that wealthy because I look at youtude everybody knows the largest city and capatal of brazil is rio re janireo from I tell from youtude it one big slum. Even though there is a larger wealth gap in USA between black and white then brazil. Unlike USA vast majority afro brazilian can never dream traveling by plane. Don’t even have car but travel by foot. Even though their are 2.3 millions black incarceration in USA naacp. numbers. compare 581000 that entire country white and black brazil. We had black president unlike brazil Obama who was not people president but black president had hundreds policy especially made for uplift black people in usa and Africa like. Getting rid of LibYa Gaddafi You right unlike USA we have laws to protect black people like bill of right an 13th amendment. For average african american racial incident in USA pretty rate occurrence that way make just big news here unlike brazil from reading this blog afro brazilian suffer racial incident everyone step out their shack that. Why it never make news in brazil it would be too many story. One day might be able to travel brazil the racist country of all-time to what really like so build my own opinion

    • Maurice black brazilian have no or never had right to vote that why brazil rule by white Portuguese elite. Obama pass all kinds of boycott laws on brazil that trump trying to get rid. African american need go down to capital of brazil rio uplift the people.

      • To all. I haven’t travelled outside of the US, but, I have studies our people throughout the diaspora and in the Motherland just about since I was a pre-teen. I’m retired now. When I was 17, Martin Luther King was assassinated. I was in the 8th grade when Malcolm X was gunned down. I was a teen when the Black Panther Party was active. My theme song was sang by Bob Marley: Africa Unite.

        I’ll repeat this again. Our liberation/freedom/respect for all of us struggling for equal human rights in the diaspora will come much sooner when the Motherland/Fatherland and, its Leaders recognize the same Exploitation will continue from Foreigners until the African countries/states amalgamate…become The United States of Africa…parallel to the United States of America…same Model/paradigm…but, with the inclusions of our culture. Financial, education, control of borders, resources, infrastructure; industrialization, world trade, military growth: building Army, Navy, Air Force…investing in the education of our people; advances in agriculture so we can feed our people, and health care, clinics, hospitals, and clean water, plumbing, and the eradication of diseases. The continent, like China under Mao, must: Do For Self!!!…We must invest in our people to go abroad to universities and learned all skills and, come back home to build Africa in all aspects. In this way, Africans in the diaspora can have a Homeland to come back too, and participate by bringing skills and invaluable expertise in that endeavor.

        This should be the new Narrative for the united leadership for Heads of State on the continent. If our leaders are courageous and principled and duty bound, outside forces may attempt; but could not stop the: Will of the People and the Heads of State.

        We have suffered enough. Sure, China builds factories; but, the skill of China’s labor and that know how; and the operation of those factories on African soils is for the benefit of the Chinese. They will manufacture African natural resources and make profits and, retain ownership. Africans in these scenarios only become buyers of goods and services. We want Africans to build their own factories and produce their own natural resources and show the Chinese and India and the French, England and others the door. Yes, we do need their help, but once you understand the blueprint you can trained your people to do the work.

        Did China ask any Africa country to send their citizens over to China to build the universities, highways, lay the foundation for grids for their electricity, build tall buildings? Heck no

        And, for those of us in all these countries: US, Brazil, Columbia, West Papua, Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Australia, Hawaii, Fiji Island, Puerto Rica, Virgin Island…wherever we are…and, we are every place, we must organize, and have vital communications with one another. There must be organization to the point that we can have leaders meet 2/3 times a year to address our Earth issues. and perhaps once in the Motherland.

        This is the century to do this. God Speed. Peace. The war is not between ourselves. The war cannot be won if all our men fight each other and sale illegal drugs and go to prison. Principle…Discipline. Pan-Africanism revision.

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