Young black woman is victim of racism for not accepting romantic advances

After rejection of correspondence, young white male made several racial slurs

Nicolie Caroline Pereira, 18, copied conversation with racist comments and took it to the police                    

An 18 year old woman was a victim of racism in the city of Timóteo (state of Minas Gerais), for rejecting romantic advances from a young man. The woman, Nicole Caroline Pereira, met Wallace Braga, 21, in a social networking site through the internet and started conversing.
After showing interest in the young woman and not being reciprocated, Braga insulted Nicole with racist abuse. She copied the conversation and said she would go to the police, but the youth continued with insults writing that he would not be punished.

After rejecting Braga’s advances, the conversation went as follows (translation of photo above):
Braga: I have white skin, straight hair and green eyes. You’re nothing more than a dark-eyed, nappy-haired black. Black is all shit.
Nicole: Prejudice can lead to jail, did you know that?
Braga: I’m scared to death of you
There are a few things to note from this brief exchange from the land that everyone insists is not as racist as other countries. First of all, the young man’s advances speak to the belief that racism doesn’t/cannot exist in Brazil because of the relatively high rate of interracial dating, relationships and marriages. But after the young man’s advances were rejected, he immediately went into racist insult mode demeaning the young woman’s race. In Brazil, many social scientists point to a common proverb that speaks to the issue of race, sex and social hierarchy: “White woman for marriage, mulata women for fornication and black women for work.” In this sense, a sexually attractive woman of African ancestry is deemed worthy of sexual activity but not the full involvement of a relationship. While no one can say for sure what this man’s intentions were, he obviously saw the young woman as being inferior because of his being white and her being black. After all, if he saw her as an equal in the social hierarchy, why the need to insult her race? In my view, his words and actions can be summed up this way: “Well, she’s black, but she’s cute. She doesn’t want me? Oh well, she’s just a black chick; I only wanted to (fill in the blank) her anyway.”
The next thing to note here is that the young man clearly recognized that Brazilian society places higher value on persons of “white skin, straight hair and green eyes” as he proudly stated. As we have seen in many examples on this blog, the privileged position of a European phenotype is clearly evident in Brazil and, as one can note from the countless insults, attitudes and confrontations, the premium placed on a more European appearance is not lost on the population, both from the perceived superiority of those who possess this standard of beauty as well as an assumed position of inferiority on the part of those who do not fit this ideal.
The third thing of note here is that the young man seemed to know or at least believe that his actions would probably not be punished, another sense of privilege that those possessing a European phenotype have noted and/or accepted in the maintenance of an unequal society based on race as well as class and the inextricable connection between the two. Many proclaim that racism is punishable by law in Brazil, and while this is legally true, the reality is that 1) many Afro-Brazilians don’t pursue cases of racism due to the belief that nothing will be done in these cases, 2) racism is often hard to prove, 3) accusations of racism are subject to interpretation.
The woman involved in the above case, Nicole, printed the conversations from the internet and presented them to the Civil Police. According to the police chief that handled the case, the police department will initiate an inquiry into the complaint, which at first should fall into racial insults and defamation category. 

Source: R7
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  1. To insult back as you stated Noble, the young lady would have demeaned herself. She acted correctly. The legacy of slavery is still affecting the descendants of the former slaves. We are no longer physical slaves, but we are mentally enslaved. Our male ancestors' manhood was almost totally destroyed by our former slave masters. They had no ability to protect their wives or children. Some of our female ancestors willing had sex with Caucasian males as a strategy to protect themselves and their children. They knew that there was safety and protection in being with any Caucasian male rather than a male from their own ethnic group. Also another major tool for keeping our ancestors under control was/is the psychological enslavement that came from worshipping an image that was supposed to be the Creators' son (sic) that was/is in the image of a Caucasian male. Now look at how our women have been aping Caucasian women for over 100 years. It has become a normal thing to see the majority of our women wearing hair weave, chemically straightening their hair, and dyeing their hair yellow, red, brown in imitating Caucasian women’s hair. A great African American religious man once said that "our women don't belong to us, they belong to Caucasian men." The beauty standard that was set by Caucasian males for their women is being imitated by our women. They are not trying to please us by what they are doing to their hair but subconsciously they are really trying to please Caucasian men. Many times I have heard our women complain about "black" men chasing after "white" women. This has happened because our young men from an early age has seen his mother, sisters, aunts and every other "black" women imitating the beauty standard of Caucasian women. So when he comes of age why shouldn't he strive to get one of the women that the women of his race have wasted so much money trying to imitate. Sisters please give us an image of yourselves that we can be proud of. Not an image of a woman trying to see how close she can look and behave like a Caucasian woman

  2. I stand by what I said. Regardless of how much "THEY ALSO SEE HOW THEY WORK HARD/ SACRIFICE A LOT OF THINGS TO TRY TO RAISE THEM WITH OR WITHOUT A MAN IN THE HOUSE DESPITE THE CONSTANT RACISM AND SEXISM." The men of African descent will still be sexually attracted to Caucasian women because the whole world has proclaimed (through their mental enslavement) that the Caucasians are the most beautiful race. Whenever there is a world beauty contest the only time a woman of color can compete or even win is based upon how close she resembles a Caucasian woman. Women of African descent must stop making excuses for their slavish imitation of the beauty standards of Caucasian woman. Show some strength and be proud of the natural beauty that G-D has given to all women regardless of their ethnic group. The appreciation from men of their own ethnic group will not happen instantly, but a woman who knows why she is not imitating others will not give a damn what any man thinks about her appearance.

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