A mother’s pain: ‘You destroyed my life,’ says mother who smeared the blood of her child on her face after he was killed in a clash between police and drug dealers



Note from BW of Brazil: Sometimes a photo and a headline says it all. That is clearly the case in today’s story. Sad to say that this happens far too often for one blog to even cover. As we reported only a few days ago, in Brazil, a black youth is killed every 23 minutes. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that it doesn’t seem that the general population bats an eyelash when yet another black body falls to the ground. I won’t even get into the politics of the ultimate causes of another victim of the so-called “war on drugs”Condolences to yet another black mother. 

‘You destroyed my life,’ says mother who smeared the blood of her dead child on her face

By Marcos Nunes

A mãe de Carlos Eduardo, Sheila Cristina Nogueira da Silva, chora próximo ao corpo do filho
Sheila Cristina Nogueira da Silva cries near the body of her son Carlos Eduardo

Sheila Cristiana Nogueira da Silva, 45, still struggles to bury her son, Carlos Eduardo Nogueira da Silva, known as Dudu, 20, who died last Friday after being shot during a clash between police and drug dealers in the community of Fallet, in Santa Teresa, in central region of Rio de Janeiro. On Monday, she vented:

“The people of the community said that the one who shot my son was an MP (Military Police soldier). I want to know who started the shooting and who the person was who shot him. I want to look at the person who took the life of my son. I would say, “Thank you very much, you destroyed my life,” said Sheila, the mother of 14 children, three of them already dead.

Sheila, with the blood of her son on her face (Photo: Pablo Jacob)

The family is struggling to make a burial. They managed 60 reais from residents to pay for a ticket and went to Medico-Legal Institute (IML) of Nova Iguaçu, in the Baixada Fluminense region. They ended up getting a ride. Once there, Carlos’s relatives received the news that the body went back to the IML of Rio. Sheila and other family members are at the location. Carlos’s body was already recognized by photo.

“Now, I’ll run to get a bag to bury my son. Since Saturday I’ve gone without knowing what it is to eat,” Sheila said.

She again denied that her son had involvement in drug trafficking:

“My son was not a traficante (drug trafficker). He was an innocent. If he were a dealer, would say, ‘He was trafficker. Even being the pain of a mother, but I lost a son because my son was in the wrong life.’ But my son was not in the wrong life nor was he ever. So much so that he was in church. The people who went to the police station were my daughter and two gentlemen who are from the church; the same church that my son attended. I want justice.”

She described Charles as a boy “calm and playful.”

“He was never abused, never had a police record or involvement in trafficking. He liked to create passarinhos (dance steps). The hobby he had was this. In addition to flying kites and going to church,” she said.

Carlos Eduardo

The police chief Fábio Cardoso, head of the Homicide Division (DH), investigating the case, said he would officiate the Military Police to confirm whether there was operation in the Morro da Fallet, a neighboring region to Querosene, on the day of the young man’s death. The specialist plans, then, to hear the agents involved in the action. The goal is to understand the dynamics of a possible confrontation and determine where the shot came from. He didn’t rule out the possibility of conducting a simulated reproduction.

Recall the case

Carlos Eduardo was hit by a shot in the head while sitting on a ladder in the community of Querosene, at around 2pm. He was drinking coconut water and had just come out of a church when he was shot. On the same day, the Batalhão de Operações Especiais (Bope or Special Operations Battalion) was operating in Morro do Fallet, which is across the street from Rua Itapiru (street). Shocked by her son’s death, Carlos Eduardo’s mother, the day laborer Sheila Cristina Nogueira da Silva smeared her son’s blood son on her face.

mother Sheila
Sheila Cristiana Nogueira da Silva, 45

According to residents, the youth worked delivering snacks and attended an evangelical church that is within the community. He is the third person who has died in a family of 14 siblings, but the first one that is a victim of violence.

The Civil Police reported that, in the regional office of Polícia Técnica Científica (PRPTC or Scientific Technical Police) of Nova Iguaçu, the body that would be that of Carlos Eduardo was received on Friday. “The technical inspection has already been done and the IML awaits the presentation of the original document by the family for confirmation of the victim’s identity.”

Suffering and deaths of her children

Before Carlos, Sheila lost two other children. Natasha died with one month of life, choking her own vomit. Max died at age 12. The boy fell from a tree and died at the Souza Aguiar Municipal Hospital with lung problems.

Source: Extra

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  1. Kinda suspicious that her son would happen to be at a place that does drug trafficking. I send my condolence to the mother and family but don’t be naive.

      • No, my dear, you’re the freaking idiot if you honestly think he wasn’t a drug trafficker because like you said he’s from morro carioca which means 9 out 10 he was a drug trafficker.

  2. So she 14 children, none of whom probably pay any taxes or contribute in any. Why is she being criticized for that? These people aren’t always victims.

  3. LOL! You’re is simply pathetic – what the hell are you doing in this blog anyway? Look, I know that in Disneyland where you live you imagine the “place that doe drug trafficking” some scary hideout with people dressed as ninjas – in reality though these “bocas de fumo” are in the open and many people couldn’t avoid passing them even if they wanted to. A “boca” just exactly next to a church is a perfectly reasonable place. And despite what your ignorant view of people living in the morros, the vast majority are workers with zero relation with drugs trafficking and they are also the ones who must suffer with it. Not to mention that morros are like small cities where EVERYBODY knows who is involved and who is not . you simply can’t get into this business without people knowing. If nobody could testify that guy was involved with drugs chances are almost certain he wasn’t.

    • I’m here because I am half Brazilian, specifically Afro-Brazilian, and I want to give my opinion…Idk why you wrote this long paragraph when you can ignore and move on, but to make this simple what you wrote is some bullshit. In Morro Carioca, you either sell drugs o you on drugs. If I’m ignorant then clearly you are very naive and living in “Disneyland” all high. Crime is very high in Morro Carioca due to drugs and gun violence, so pretend in your “Disneyland” head thinks it safe in Morro Carioca.

  4. How cute, you’re HALF Brazilian? OK dude, since you actually never been to a morro (maybe you’re Brazilian mummy or daddy told you scary stories.. I get it) . I never said that crime is not high in morro – that is a straw-man argument. I will just repeat that “someone being next to a place that sells drug” means jack shit in a morro. The “bocas de fumo” are usually next to “asfalto” so that the white playboys can get their drugs easily enough – which means that a great deal of people not involved with it in any way are likely to get caught in the cross fire and they do. I can go on and school you in Brazail matters but you really should get a bit better informed first and not spill your ignorant shit here. Than come back.

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