Woman gives birth on the floor in a hospital hall in Amazonas (northwestern Brazil); doctors were all sleeping

Woman on the floor of a hallway in a hospital in the state of Amazonas
Woman on the floor of a hallway in a hospital in the state of Amazonas

Note from BW of Brazil: This blog has already featured a few other stories of miraculous or unfortunate incidents involving childbirths (1), but the circumstances of the following incident are disgraceful. Emergencies happen all times of day; what type of hospital orders ALL of its doctors to take a nap at the same time? With such scant details on the incident it’s impossible to ascertain all of the facts at this moment so perhaps this question is unwarranted. But based on what has been revealed, there is simply no excuse for this. 

Woman gives birth to baby in the middle of the hallway in Manaus, Amazonas (2)

The images were taken by an amateur cameraman. Under the direction of the hospital, the doctors on duty were sleeping. In the video starting (starting at the 10 second mark), you will see people helping the woman deliver on the floor of the hallway.

The nurse in the video cut the umbilical cord and is then seen holding the newly born baby. Fortunately, the mother and baby are both doing fine.

Nurse holds newborn baby
Nurse holds newborn baby

The Secretary of Health revealed that there will be an investigation. The incident happened on July 5, but the images were posted on the internet on Thursday, August 1st.

Source: R7


1. There are a number of articles on childbirth and the question of health care within the links on the previous post.

2. Amazonas is a state of Brazil, located in the northwestern corner of the country. It is the largest Brazilian State by area and the 9th largest country subdivision in the world. The capital city is Manaus.

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