Woman dies after reckless police action in the Cidade de Deus region of Rio de Janeiro; Marisa de Carvalho Nóbrega took a butt to the head from a rifle

woman dies after clumsy action in the cidade de deus 2
woman dies after clumsy action in the cidade de deus 2

Woman dies after clumsy action in the Cidade de Deus.2

Note from BW of Brazil: The brutality and total disrespect for human beings continue.  It’s only been a few days sent this blog presented an article on the armed force occupation of Rio’s poor communities. Now, I present to you another face, another victim of the brutal police tactics that go down in the ‘hood. As far as I know, there is no video footage of how this senseless event took place, but as the description is pretty vivid, you can sort of visualize how it happened in your mind. I might ask how this all even started. Well, in fact, it started because of stereotypes. You see, in Brazil, if you’re black, male and well-dressed, people will assume a number of things. You could be a futebol star. You could be an Evangelical. Or, you could be the local dopeman. But there’s there’s no racism in that…right?

Woman dies after clumsy action in the Cidade de Deus
Marisa de Carvalho Nóbrega, 48, died in police action in Rio de Janeiro

Woman dies after reckless action in the Cidade de Deus

After a confusion with the son of the victim, the woman received took a butt from a policeman; was taken to the hospital but could not resist.

Courtesy of CDD Acontece

An action at the least disastrous of the Battalion of Special Police Operations (Bope) caused the death of Marisa de Carvalho Nóbrega. The 48-year-old woman, a resident of the Pantanal, in the Cidade de Deus region of Rio de Janeiro, died Monday morning at the Salgado Filho Hospital in Méier. On Saturday, Bope police officers, who were operating in the community, approached Marisa’s 17-year-old son who was with his girlfriend and assaulted him, claiming he was a drug dealer because he was well dressed. The information is from CDD Acontece, an informative organ of the Cidade de Deus.

Woman dies after clumsy action in the Cidade de Deus.3
Marisa de Carvalho Nóbrega died after taking a butt to the head from a police rifle

Watching the situation, relatives were called. In the confusion, they were all beaten up and Marisa received a butt on the head with a rifle by a policeman. Immediately, the relatives took her to the UPA (Emergency Care Unit), from where she was referred by ambulance to Salgado Filho Hospital. There, she died.

The family is devastated, seeking help and guidance, and asking for justice, even though they are afraid. The funeral of Marisa will be this Tuesday (10), at 4 pm, at the Cemitério do Pechinch (Cemetery of Pechincha).

Source: Revista Fórum

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