Wolo TV, the channel that streams original content targeting the Afro-Brazilian population, to debut a new talk show featuring black personalities

Wolo TV to debut a new talk show featuring black personalities

By Marques Travae

Wolo TV, the streaming channel dedicated solely to content targeting the black population that debuted last year, is steadily extending on its variety of content. The channel has already created its first sitcom, broadcast popular content producers already on YouTube as well as original films. The channel has now announced plans to release its second original production, the talk show Gerúndio! The platform’s first venture into the talk show genre premiered Thursday, August 12.

Juliana Motta, who came up with the project’s concept, also acts as the host of the program, which discuss the works and interests of each of its guests. The inaugural season will feature an impressive lineup of guests, many of whom have followings in social networks. A few of these guests include popular Instagram user Suellen Massena, Illustrator Juan Calvet, diversity and inclusion specialist Ian Nunjara, digital marketing specialist Maya Franthesca, diretor, actor, writer Rodrigo França, designer Felipe Abreu, food engineer Lorena Coimbra, photographer and social influencer Roger Cipó, DJ Miria Alves, author-cartoonist Gillian Rosa and founder of the consulting firm Indique Uma Preta, Verônica Dudiman

On Wolo TV’s website, Gerúndio! is now available for free.

The unique thing about this new production is that, while it does include interviews with well-known public figures such as Rodrigo França, Roger Cipó, and Amanda Dias (founder of “Grana Preta”), it also presents stories of entrepreneurs from Brazil’s periphery communities such as Sami Oliveira, who started out to sell candy door-to-door and would later go on to open her own e-commerce store.

Licnio Januário

Licnio Januário, who is one of Wolo TV’s founders, talked a little bit about the new talk show:

“For me, Gerúndio is a project that took me back to Angola, where I saw black hosts giving visibility to renowned black personalities in society to show that beyond all their traditional trajectory, they also had a human side that the public very much identified with! Ju Motta has a unique sensibility and mastery in conducting the program. This is very cool, because today in the internet era, we follow a lot of people, these people become our references and Gerúndio brings the human side of these people”, said Licínio.

Ju Motta

Ju Motta talked about the significance of Gerúndio’s debut and its format:

“It is a dream come true to see Gerúndio on Wolo TV! For a long time, I didn’t have many references in the media in general, and I believe that many black people didn’t either. To empower black, peripheral, and other social minority groups’ voices is very important and significant! Our idea is to provide a new way of communicating, where it is not just me there talking all the time, but there is an exchange of ideas, because that’s how we grow. In short, Gerúndio is a conversation without standards, and I believe that this is why many people will identify with the program,” said Motta.

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