With two dramatic penalty saves by goalie Bárbara, Brazil’s women’s futebol team defeats Australia and advances to the semi-finals!

Brazilian goalie Bárbara

Note from BW of Brazil: Sometimes you have to feel for goalies in the game of futebol. If the game ever comes down to penalty kicks, this player alone must face the task of guarding a net that is 24 feet wide and 8 feet high. One would have to agree that the striker attempting to kick the ball past the goalie is at a huge advantage. Said player knows where he or she will kick the ball and the average goalie is, even being tall, usually around six feet tall. So when a goalkeeper manages to guess/calculate correctly and made a save against such odds, it should be considered nothing less than spectacular!

Such was the case in a dramatic game between the Brazilian and Australian women’s futebol teams last night. In a nail-biter that end in a scoreless tie at the end of regulation, Brazil pulled out a victory on penalty kicks after two huge saves by goalie Bárbara. And while this is the women’s competition, after Bárbara’s performance, some spoke of the vindication of black goalies on Brazilian National Teams, a sort of taboo ever since the defeat of the Brazilian men’s team back in 1950With day after day of defeats mounting, the women’s team is one of the few remaining hopes for Brazil to secure another gold medal at home. So far, only judo artist Rafaela Silva has managed to claim the coveted gold. Below are the details of an incredible game. 

A picture is worth a thousand words! Brazilian goalie Bárbara celebrates as Australian player agonizes in defeat

Bárbara shines, girls from Brazil defeat Australia on penalty kicks and advance to the semifinal

Brazilian goalkeeper made two saves and kept the dream of an unprecedented gold medal alive

Courtesy of Peixoto Online

Goalie Bárbara pumps her team up

The Brazilian women’s futebol team advanced to the semifinals after a tight duel against Australia late Friday night (12). The match ended scoreless and was defined by a duel of penalty kicks after two beautiful saves by Bárbara.

For many years considered the best female futebol player in the world, Marta dazzled once again but didn’t manage to score

All of the first four kicks by Brazilian players Andressa Alves, Andressinha, Bia and Rafaelle were converted. On the fifth kick, Marta had her penalty kicked blocked, but goalkeeper Bárbara saved the green and yellow team.

Midfielder Formiga (in blue) battles an Australian player for control

After no player missed on the next two alternating kicks, it was Bárbara’s turn to shine and make the defenses that kept the dream of an unprecedented gold medal for Brazil alive.

With Bárbara’s dramatic saves, Brazil celebrates its advance to the semi-finals in the 2016 Summer Olympics

In regulation time, the match ended goalless despite widespread the domination by the team led by the five-time Brazilian world champion, Marta. In extra time of the second half of the match, the goalkeeper of the Australian national team, Lydia Williams saved a ball kicked by Brazilian Andressa Alves.

Brazil’s goalkeeper and hero in victory over Australia, Bárbara Micheline do Monte Barbosa

The Brazilian team continued to play better during the two extra times, but failed to make any successful finish. Marta also had a clear chance in the final minutes, but was halted by the Australian goalkeeper.

The Brazilian women’s team celebrates victory

With the classification, the Brazilians will now take on the Swedish team that knocked off the powerful American team on penalties in the semis. In the first phase of 2016, Brazil’s girls thrashed the Swedes by a score of 5 to 1. The other semi-final will be decided between Germany and Canada. Both games take place on Tuesday (16).

Source: Peixoto Online

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  1. Go head girl! It’s great to see that the female talent of Brazil has not (yet) been sold to the highest bidder in another country! She harkens back to the time when Brazil was able to retain it’s most talented athletes and use their talent to represent Brazil, rather than some lame European team!

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