“With the résumé I have, I would be a millionaire, maybe if I wasn’t black”: Actress Cris Vianna gets real about being black in Brazil’s entertainment industry

atriz Cris Vianna
atriz Cris Vianna
Actress Cris Vianna

Note from BW of Brazil: Well, for sure, there are probably plenty of folks out there who are saying, “Oh, she’s whining! We’re all equal here in Brazil! Stop with this besteira (nonsense) of racism. If it were racism, you wouldn’t be on TV at all.” Not even gonna address this sort of thinking here. The point is, I’ve covered realities like this for years, so only those who don’t wanna see the truth will make these sorts of arguments. We KNOW that a racial hierarchy exists in Brazil, so why would it be anything shocking that there could be a difference in salary based on skin color? In fact, we’ve already seen various reports in Brazil’s job market that proves this beyond a shadow of doubt. We’ve also seen how white women singers in the state of Bahia, the blackest state in the country, have based their careers on appropriating black cultural inventions. We just saw this pop up again with Daniela Mercury declaring that “Wakanda is in Europe”, all the while using the Afro-Bahian rhythm developed by black groups and songwriters of the region. Anyway, the subject of today’s post, actress Cris Vianna, one of my favorite actresses, and one of Brazil’s prettiest women I might add, but also a woman who is not afraid to say what’s on her mind. And she most def turned some heads with her brute honesty about being a black woman in Brazil’s entertainment industry. 

Cris Vogue TV
Actress Cris Vianna made a recent appearance on the Vogue Brasil YouTube channel

“The black woman doesn’t get rich fast,” says actress Cris Vianna about her profession

Courtesy of DCM

Cris Vianna opened up his heart to her personal life!

With the end of the Globo TV novela (soap opera) O Tempo Não Para, the actress is enjoying her days off. Between one event and another, Cris participated in an interview with Matheus Mazzafera on TV Vogue to talk about what’s happening in her life.

During the chat, the actress opened the game about her financial situation. With participation in 12 novelas, many believe that Cris is rich, however, she denied this thought. “I’ll tell you something very sad to hear: a black woman doesn’t get rich fast. With the résumé I have, I was supposed to be a millionaire if maybe I wasn’t black,” she said.

The information made the journalist enter into a little discussed subject, racism. “Do you think that if you were blonde with blue eyes you would already be there?”, Mazzafera wanted to know. In all sincerity, Cris answered and threw the real to Mazzafera. “I don’t know if blonde, but white for sure,” she said.

Of the characters she’s played on TV, she said that she has already introduced in her life some proposals of looks that were for her roles.

“Within the ones I’ve done, what they always presented to me and I had to adapt was the flowery, the colorful. I had to learn how to wear it. I never liked flowery, it sounded strange until I adapted. There’s that thing that Cris wouldn’t wear, but the character does. Today I’ve already put it in my life, I choose those that look good on me,” she explained, who quoted Beyoncé as a very well-dressed woman.

About a trait of her personality that she thinks the public doesn’t know, the Globo actress cited her good humor.

“I think I’m funny, friends who go to my house say I’m funny, that they wanted me to do a character like that. That’s cool,” she said.

Source: BOL, DCM

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