When Brazilian guys blow up online for being ‘hot’, why are they always white? – It’s really not hard to tell in EuroCentric Brazil!

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Note from BW of Brazil: Today’s article is actually kinda funny because it touches on the reality  of race from another angle that the “we are all equal” discourse doesn’t allow Brazilians to be admit is true. This blog has actually touched on this issue in a number of previous posts, but let’s get to today’s story before I weigh in on what’s really going on here…

Black civil police officer with athlete’s body doesn’t understand why he was never called “hot” on the internet

A story by Sensacionalista

A Civil Police officer for five years, “Jorge Queiroz”*, 34, felt invisible every time a new ‘gato’ (literally meaning ‘cat’ but slang for ‘hot’) character appeared in the media. Since the emergence of the ‘Mendigato’ (hot beggar guy) from the city of Curitiba, the Sapateiro Gato (hot shoemaker) from Tijuca (north zone Rio de Janeiro) to the Gari Gato (hot street sweeper), the dedicated police officer was bothered by the sudden fame of these characters reaching sub-celebrity status.

But it was the media appearance of the Hipster da Federal (Federal Hipster) that became a celebrity in a few hours during the arrest of former Deputado (Congressman) Eduardo Cunha, who stirred the feelings of the Rio-based policeman Queiroz. A decorated policeman, he is very much dedicated to caring for his body, eats healthy, is always well dressed, and therefore doesn’t understand why he was never called ‘gato’ on Facebook or received any flirtations in his Instagram account, which in fact, has few followers.

“I won’t deny it. All this messes with my dignity and my self-esteem is low. I keep asking myself what I did wrong not to please society in general. I take very good care of myself, I’m always neat and have never been called a ‘gato’ in social networks,” sighs the policeman, who also holds a degree in Letters and Political Science from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

When not working or taking care of his body in the gym five times a week, the policeman is also dedicated to reading his favorite authors: Lima Barreto (his book O Triste Fim de Policarpo Quaresma is his favorite) and Machado de Assis (both famous Afro-Brazilian authors).

“They are incredible writers who certainly faced self-esteem problems at some point in their lives. I’ve read all the books of both. The staff at work calls me ‘policial intelectual’ (‘intellectual cop’). It gives me a certain pride, yes,” he says.

But the police really dreams of a chance of fate to perhaps finally be recognized also for his other qualities. “If I have the good fortune to hold a top hotshot position in Rio maybe I’ll also get my space, be recognized as a policial negro gato (hot black policeman) or policial gato de Copacabana (hot policeman from Copacabana), who knows…,” he concludes, Queiroz, who has won the title of Policial Simpatia (genial policeman) of Copacabana, an election done in the neighborhood.

Note from BW of Brazil: Now before we get into analyzing this piece, we must first inform you that the above article is fictitious! HAHA! Yes, it is a work of fiction, but even so, it touches yet another aspect of Brazil’s clear aesthetic preference for whiteness. Over the past few years, we’ve covered numerous articles on how a European physical appearance bestows numerous privileges in Brazil. In the selected article below, we’ll show how whether the above article was real or not, it still begs the question as to why all of the so-called Brazilian internet “gatos” always seem to have something in common physically. First, take a look at the photos from a few screen saves of recent posts on various websites and see if you notice he pattern…

calls it-samu-medical-cats-and-saw
“Call SAMU (Emergency Medical Unit)! Hot doctors become stars on social networks making fans faint”
Know the cat-that-were-famous and
“Check out the hot guys that became famous on the internet”
cats-the-web-looks-of-funkeiras-and-style-of-Zilu and
“Hot guys of the internet, looks of the funkeiras (funk singers/fans) and Zilu style…See the highlights of the fashion world”

Just to delve a little further into this, I will use ore photos from the post above entitled “Conheça os gatos que ficaram famosos pela internet” just to present more evidence of an obvious standard. 

Know the cat-that-were-famous-collage
Photos from “Check out the hot guys that became famous on the internet” article

Now just to take this yet another step beyond, I remembered a story from June of this year that announced the “Mais belos do Brasil serão escolhidos no fim de semana em Florianópolis”, meaning ‘the most handsome men of Brazil will be chosen on the weekend in  Florianópolis, capital city of the state of Santa Catarina). I actually wanted to do a piece on when I saw it but never got around to it. Since we’re on this topic, it’s the perfect opportunity to feature this article today. The piece was about, basically, a beauty contest for men from all over the country that was to take place in southern Brazil. 

What did those men look like you might ask? Check ’em out!







So tell me, do all of these men have anything in common? Well, of course, many females who may be attracted to men regardless of race or color may say that they’re ‘hot’. But, besides that, did you notice anything else? Did you just happen to notice that they’re all either white, tanned or light-skinned? You didn’t? Well, go back and take another look. In fact, look at ALL of the photos besides the one of “Jorge Queiroz”. I mean, maybe if you didn’t notice it at first glance, it wouldn’t be so unbelievable as to why “Queiroz” also didn’t know why he has never been seen as a ‘gato’ by female audiences online. I put “Queiroz” in quotes because, as I informed you, his story is fictitious. 

Even s0, this topic has been covered on a numbers of previous posts including many in which black Brazilians questioned why it always seemed that they were passed over in relationships or even in job positions by persons with white/r skin and how this often puzzled them, so this shouldn’t be shocking or even surprising. Whiteness as the superior aesthetic is so widely accepted in Brazil that one hardly even notices and this applies equally to women, men, business, politics, media, etc. And the rule even applies in the world of those who are down and out. We saw it when the homeless beggar in southern Brazil became an internet sensation because, even as a bum, women still judged him to be a ‘gato’. We saw it when the model descended into crack addiction but was still dusted off, cleaned up and presented to a TV audience. We saw it by simply doing a Google image search with certain key-words. We saw it in the disappointment when followers discovered that a popular white YouTuber presented her boyfriend to her audience and he wasn’t the (white) Prince Charming they expected

Now before anyone should come with the point that at least a few of these men are not exactly white, I would argue that it doesn’t matter because even if a few of these men have traces of non-European ancestry, their light skin doesn’t really escape the standard aesthetic as can be noted in the saying “tall, dark and handsome”. In other words, a tan or skin darker than the average Englishman or German remains within the standard and is even desirable as long as the man in question isn’t “too dark”.

Some have accused this blog of supporting the infamous “one drop rule” that applies to racial classification in the United States. I will state again, just for clarity, I have NEVER supported the “one drop rule”. If a person looks white, it would be utterly ridiculous to classify them as black because they may have a few drops of African ancestry. In the above photos, besides the few men who one can note are not exactly white, due to Brazil’s long history of miscegenation, any one of these men could have African ancestry but, again, this doesn’t change the fact that most of them look as if they came straight from Europe.

One may argue that this blog has stood steadfast in classifying pretos (blacks) and pardos (browns) into a single group as representative of Brazil’s black population, and, as such, wouldn’t acknowledging that a few of these men are not exactly white contradict this idea? No, because this is Brazil: the country where persons of mixed race can be accepted as ‘socially white’ and where darker-skinned blacks can define themselves as pardos and morenos (brown/mixed). The fact is that, even if one were to classify the men in the photos as not exactly white, this still wouldn’t undermine the standard of whiteness. Why? Think about it this way…

Let’s imagine that in Brazil there were no darker-skinned blacks or very pale skinned whites. Imagine the whole country being completely mixed. Even in this situation, there will be darker-skinned persons of mixed race and lighter-skinned persons of mixed race. If white supremacy still reigned supreme, the lighter-skinned persons of mixed race would still have the upper hand over their darker counterparts. If we considered a few of the men in the above photos as mixed or non-white, we would still have to ask why there are no darker-skinned persons of mixed race.

In the end,  I’m sure many black Brazilian men have pondered the reason why it seems that men who are judged to be “gatos” by thousands of women, even though the answer should be pretty obvious. Due to the European standard of beauty that dominates in so many countries around the world, the general reality is that a black person can be intelligent, qualified, good in bed and even pretty/handsome “for a black”, but in comparison to even average whites, they remain black.  And if you’re still not clear about this, Brazil also participates in this ideal. 

The last thing I would like to address about the fictitious article is the affect that white dominance in the media can have on the self-esteem and dignity of people who don’t fit into this standard. In numerous past articles, many black women have also admitted how Brazil’s standards of beauty have made them feel unattractive and how men, both black and white, have treated them as mere bodies for sexual enjoyment and not much more. This reality is yet another reason why Brazil’s particular brand of racism is so powerful. Because Afro-Brazilians have been denied the opportunity to establish their own separate standards of beauty away from the depreciating comparisons of/with Eurocentrism, the struggle for self-esteem, value and pride has been a very slow process in development, and as long as these standards prevail, this deep low sense of value will continue as persons affected by it continuously seek acceptance and recognition from a white world that has never truly accepted them. 

This is why projects such as yesterday’s feature AfroTranscendence, films such as K-Bela, events such as Feira Preta and independent black literature are so vitally important. On a global scale, black people living under systems of white supremacy have not learned/been taught to truly love themselves or see themselves in the same fantasy-driven ways in which we have been trained to see whites (for examples). This is a lesson that needs to be learned before any black man can begin to understand why he will probably never be the latest ‘gato’ in social networks. After all, these are the everyday benefits of whiteness that millions of black Brazilians suffer from everyday. 

Source: Sensacionalista, UOL, Gripho BlogR7

* Fictitious character

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  1. I have to add that all of the “hot” white/light-skinned dudes on here also have that gay/slightly effeminate vibe that a lot of Brazilian women seem to like. Also, the only pic of Mr Queiroz we can see here shows him looking kinda sweet and innocent, and we can’t see his body (not from the pics we can see here anyway). In addition, all the white dudes in the pictures posted here sort of all look the same: fit bodies, average to slightly above average faces, gay vibe (like Cristiano Ronaldo), and that rich white boy “look at me, I’m so pretty!”, thing that is very strong in Brazil. Hopefully Mr. Queiroz will find other platforms to share his photos on, so that more than just white girls from the south will be judging him!

  2. The complex is heavy in you. Interesting that you see yourself as “whiter than the whites” because you are supposedly educated. Also very interesting that you identify as a “Danish gaucho” rather than a “Nigerian gaucho”. In your book, I hope you will explore why you do not identify with your Black heritage as readily as your white heritage, and why you think that being educated is exclusive to white people.

  3. Sounds like you are trying very hard to 1) deny your Blackness and 2) insist that you really don’t have a “complex”, though you clearly do. In fact, you are neither Danish, nor are you Nigerian, you are a Brazilian who appears to want to be anything other than BLLLLAAAAAACCCCKKKK!!! Your coming to peruse this site, however, does seem to suggest that you are at least beginning to wake up to your Blackness, so that counts for something, right? Good luck on your journey, Nigerian Gaucho!

  4. I haven’t defined you sweetie. It was YOU who said that you had a Danish mother and a Nigerian father, and it is you who have said that you are doing research into these issues. I am merely giving some tools to help you with your journey 🙂 That is, no matter how much you want to deny the fact that you are half Black, that is exactly what you are. You say “half white/Danish”, and I say “half Black/Nigerian” – it really is as simple as that, Nigerian Gaucho! The fact that “you never heard about Brazilians who want to be Nigerian,” really doesn’t change the fact that yo Black *ss is STILL half Nigerian, now does it? As I said, good luck on your journey!

  5. Your son’s white. Your black father diluted his blood with whiteness, and you have diluted your biracial blood with even more whiteness, thus creating a white child.
    Actually, I disagree with Bamabrasileira, you’re a mixed race European of Nigerian and Danish ancestry. You are neither culturally nor fully ethnically Nigerian.
    It’s kind like when the Black American community was offended by Tiger Woods calling himself “Cablinasian” and not just Black.

    • LOLOL! Tiger Woods found out he was just a rich ni*gga when the white American media found out he cheated on his white wife with a bunch of white hookers! the drug his ass for 2 years , he lost millions in endorsements, and he is just now beginning to recover his image. Lots of “mixed” Black people who are physically dark or have obvious Black features eventually find out that they too are just Black – no matter how much they wish to deny it 🙂

  6. Wow! Your complex is DEEP Bruh! That’s ok, let it all out! All of our references to your Nigerian-ness and your Black-ness stems from when you wrote this:

    ” My mum is Danish with the typical Nordic features: blonde and blue eyes! My father is black man from Nigeria. I have ended up with visible African ancestry”

    It also stems from the fact that this is an Afro-focussed site where these issues are discussed. It is run by people who identify as Black. It is always fascinating to watch people like you work yourself into knots to try to be something other than a Black man who comes from a place that is overwhelmingly Black. 😀 But again, Nigerian Gaucho, I wish you luck on your journey!

  7. @Paul Remi: I’ve been sitting back watching this whole discussion go down and I have to say, WOW! Intriguing, to say the least. You have the choice of identifying yourself however you wish, but it’s funny; your view fits in perfectly with all of the confusion that is Brazil in terms of the race issue. Why do I say this? Let me address some of your comments.

    “I don´t see why you can judge others as complex just because they don´t want to be associated with their ” blackness”

    So, here, you’re actually admitting here that you that you don’t want to be associated with your blackness? Or did I interpret that wrong? Of course, that is your choice, but this idea of wanting to distance one’s self from blackness or Africa is part of the problem of black Brazilians being able to organize and advance their interests. Maybe you weren’t born in Brazil, but you attitude fits in perfectly with a very deeply-rooted “anything but black” attitude that many Brazilians of visible African ancestry have.

    “Nigeria is an empty entity in West Africa constructed by British colonialism.

    Yes, modern day Nigeria is still experiencing the aftermath of British colonialism but it always amazes me how people always want to discuss the history of African starting from European contact. The region that is today Nigeria had an incredible history that even the stunned Europeans had to acknowledge. As long as we continue to discuss Africa from the persepctive of the European, we can NEVER discuss the greatness of Africa BEFORE a white face infiltrated.

    “I have never heard any talking about a ” Nigerian gaúcho!” “But I have never heard about socalled Nigerian ” gaúchos, but black gaúchos, yes indeed!”

    After reading your story, I understand that as you weren’t born in Nigeria, in terms of nationality, you don’t claim Nigeria. But simply because you weren’t born there doesn’t mean you can’t identify with Nigeria. The overwhelming majority of African-Americans weren’t born in Africa nor have they even set foot in Africa, but adapting Afro or African links them to their origins. It also signifies that African-Americans have their own historical legacy and due to this legacy, they are treated completely different from persons of European origin. As such, you, having a Nigerian father, could in fact define yourself as a Nigerian Dutch or Dutch Nigerian, both as your comments clearly show, you want nothing to do with Nigeria. Again, that is YOUR choice but you cannot say that you can’t identify as Nigerian if you so chose to do so.

    “a typical aggressive form for North American style black political activism- far far away for the indolent blacks in Brazil.”

    It’s funny how you point to “indolent blacks in Brazil” but at the same time insist on defining yourself as “Dutch”. Identity is one of the main issues discussed on this blog and the growth of Afro-Brazilians assuming a black identity as a means of empowerment. You weren’t born in Brazil, but your distancing yourself from Nigeria is the precise issue at hand here. You call black Brazilians “indolent” but, your choosing to emphasis your Dutch ancestry is a form of the same problem.

    “I have been to Nigeria many times: And sorry : No, I don´t identify myself with such a country in such a sad mess”

    In saddens when people speak of countries such Haiti, Jamaica or any country in Africa and speak on the turmoil and instability of those countries without recognizing how they became what they are. White skinned peoples go in an impose their standards on another people, mess everything up and continue to invisibly control countries from outside but let the world believe that it is the fault of the colonized peoples. The same can actually be said about Brazil. And as the global collapse comes ever so closer and Europe is slowly destroyed, it would be interesting to see where place such as the Netherlands will be 50 years from now. Perhaps it will be in the same situation of the Nigeria that you look so down upon.

    “the usual ” docile ” Afro- Brazilians with all their racial complexes.”

    The racial complexes come from having colonized minds that indoctrinate people into distancing themselves from groups that are deemed “inferior”. How do point this finger when you, apparently, want nothing to do with Nigeria?

    “I have never heard about Brazilian who wants to be Nigerian.”

    So? What does that mean? You have a Nigerian father and you also don’t want to be Nigerian.

    “Sorry, but my pasport says, that I am Danish born in Odense”

    Exactly my point.

    ” What about the huge community of Lebanese people, who stopped in Nigeria, on their way to the Americas? Are they ” black ??” They have lived in Nigeria now for many generations”

    Ridiculous argument here. Why are trying to mix up race and nationality? I don’t think anyone here is confused about that issue.

    “Why Brazil is so obessed with ” racial issues?””

    Well, it seems to me that you have chosen not to deal with racial issues by defining yourself as Dutch. In making the comparison between the Netherlands and Nigeria, besides the question of nationality, you have clearly chosen to emphasize your connection to Netherlands rather than Nigeria. The root of racial issues in Brazil, if you didn’t already, is basically the same thing. Brazilians being taught that all European/white is better than African/non-white. Your comments, at least to me, would put you in the same boat. Again, your choice. But don’t sit there wondering why Brazilians have “racial issues” when your whole attitude is full of “racial issues” as well.

    “I am just telling you, that you can forget everything about Pan – Africanism in relations to black Brazilians!”

    I disagree. Brazilians identifying with Pan-Africanism or embracing a connection to the African Diaspora is still small, but after almost 500 years of brain-washing, breaking the shackles of mental colonialism cannot be broken in only a few decades. But the articles on this blog clearly show that this shift is happening.

    “I told the Brazilians many many times, that yes Bundchen is very very attractive”

    I never understood all the fuss about her. She’s not ugly, no, but she’s no different from an average European woman.

    “If one can anything special Nigeria is known for in comparasion with Brazil, the US, Denmark or France, please do so!”

    So you’ve spent time in Nigeria and you see nothing special about it? Again, it’s all in your demeaning attitude. I know at least three Brazilians who have traveled Nigeria and they LOVED IT! On the other hand, I know Americans who have visited Brazil; some have lived here for extended periods, some just visited for a few weeks. There are those who love it and others who would NEVER want to live here. As such, your views about a country are just that: YOUR views. But to say there is nothing special about Nigeria comes across as personal prejudice and, again, it fits in with the typical view of a Brazilian about Africa. It’s a shame; you have a direct connection to the country and you still hold such a condescending view.

    “my son came out with blue eyes, fair skin and blonde hair and no visible African origin”

    Congratulations on your contribution to the process of “embranquecimento”! I’m sure you didn’t plan it, it just came out that way!

  8. I don’t appreciate your descent into insults. Your comments on :”Negroid features: Fat lips, big lips, and dark skin” come across as racist and your views are no longer looking objective but very anti-African.

    If we cannot be civil here I would have to kindly ask you not to make anymore comments here. I’ve seen this problem various times where people simply state an opinion that seemingly means no offense, but as these people continue making comments their derogatory beliefs slowly begin to come out, which is what I’m sensing in your case.

    And in terms of Brazil being 80% European, I’ve read those reports and, for me, they are bullshit. Those reports don’t explain how you can have such a high proportion of European DNA after long periods of mixture between people of the original three groups without massive floods of European people after about 1940. Clyde WInters wrote a series of reports in how misleading those DNA studies can be. And numerous other studies have shown that percentages are often wrong, give different results when measured more than once and even don’t accurately reflect where someone’s ancestors are from.

    As long as European origin people continue to dominate the sciences and the results of these “sciences” CAN influenced by the who funds the project, we should study ANY report with logic and common sense. Brazil has always wanted to present itself as European nation so what better way than to use “science” to try to prove it?

    • Gatas – For some reason, people think that the existence of European DNA inside a person cancels out the African DNA and dominant Black genes that ALSO exist in that person. Black Americans also have a lot of European DNA because of slave rape, and we still Black folks!

      Also, Black people who wish they were not Black get frustrated when you show them the obvious. Anyway, your commentary is spot on!

    • “And in terms of Brazil being 80% European, I’ve read those reports and, for me, they are bullshit”

      It’s not bullshit that the average Brazilian is genetically a lot more European than Sub Saharan African. What did you think the average Brazilian looks like Lupita Nyong’o and Akon?

      If most Brazilian women looked as African as Lupita Nyong’o Brazil would not be a popular sex tourist destination for foreigners.

      After all countries where the vast majority of the population are unmistakably Black and would never be mistaken for being racially ambiguous like Haiti, The Congo, Nigeria, Jamaica, Senegal, etc get nowhere near as many sex tourists as Brazil.

      Most Brazilian women would not be considered too Negroid African looking to appear in a Ja Rule or Snoop Dogg music video.

      There is a reason why American rappers prefer to shoot music videos in Brazil over Sub Saharan African nations.

      The pure Black Sub Saharan African nations are not crawling with women who look like Adriana Lima, Anitta, Dira Paes, and Camila Pitanga.

      • Your comments are incredibly repugnant and I don’t even think they deserve a response, but I’ll go there anyway.

        “It’s not bullshit that the average Brazilian is genetically a lot more European than Sub Saharan African. What did you think the average Brazilian looks like Lupita Nyong’o and Akon?”

        I can agree that the average Brazilian is quite mixed; however I don’t buy the idea of 80% European and I’m quite aware of what Brazilians look like. And?

        “After all countries where the vast majority of the population are unmistakably Black and would never be mistaken for being racially ambiguous like Haiti, The Congo, Nigeria, Jamaica, Senegal, etc get nowhere near as many sex tourists as Brazil.”

        How repugnant and absurd this comment! You equate sexual tourism with what? So, because people want to come to Brazil and sexually exploit the women that is something to be proud of? Something Brazil should be known for? So, is this also what women are worth? Depositories for sex-craved tourists? Shameful that people can have such thoughts.

        “There is a reason why American rappers prefer to shoot music videos in Brazil over Sub Saharan African nations.”

        Another absurd comment. So because American rappers have just as much indoctrination of white supremacy that overvalues whiteness, this proves what? The whole world has been taught to despise Africa and its people and as it appears you have too, I have no other comment for on this issue.

        “The pure Black Sub Saharan African nations are not crawling with women who look like Adriana Lima, Anitta, Dira Paes, and Camila Pitanga.”

        I notice that you didn’t even mention any darker-skinned Brazilian women. You are EXACTLY the epitomy of racist indoctrination.

        Tell me, did you mean to expose yourself as a victim of white supremacist indoctrination or did you just forget to think?

  9. LOLOL! It’s just an indication that, in the grander scheme of things, you guys just don’t matter enough for anyone to care enough to get it right (as opposed to the absolute certainty with which people refer to “Americans”, “Brazilians”, “Britons”, or “Germans”). Your country is just a big ole city anyway – even if you add the rest of Scandinavia. Does it really matter? All of you have the same bland music, food, clothes, literature, and impact on the world anyway…

    • #Bamabrasileira

      You have a sense of superiority like those people from the Stormfront(White Supremacist Site), you spread Black Supremacism, like if the person don’t agree with you, then that person is inferior/wrong. I have a questions Why Africa still a underdeveloped Continent if since the 1950s and 1960s when these countries gained their independence, they still remain ruled by black dictators. Why the hate on Paul Remi he’s not Black he’s mixed-race, and why you are forcing him to identify as Black.

  10. LOLOL! Oh I am definitely not “anti-gay”. I just made the observation that many women here seem to find gay-looking men (i.e. hairless-except-for-a-beard, soft hands, gelled hair, and that certain “twinkle” in their eyes) to be attractive. Read: Observation not Accusation..

    Also, your indoctrination into true Blackness is going smashingly! FYI, Black people absolutely CAN use the word “n*gga” (as opposed to “n*gger”, but you ain’t American, so all is forgiven…) when we wish.

    Also, I don’t get this strange double standard you hold: you get to define the world as you see fit, but Black people who know they are Black, and not “something in between”, don’t get to have discussions about our Blackness as WE see fit? LOLOLOL! N*GGA (cuz that’s what ya is) PLEASE!!

    The only person who seems irritated is YOU! It’s ok, though. If you read more comment sections in these articles, you will discover the following:

    1. Black people of the world are not like the Borg on Star Trek! We have different opinions about things and often disagree with each other – particularly if we are at the darker/ more African-featured end of being “mixed”, and cannot completely or comfortable reconcile it within ourselves.

    2. Black culture ain’t white culture. If you want niceties,stick with your white half in Denmark! Nothing to worry about there! However, if you want to emotional, intellectual, psychological, and spiritual depth that can be explored in all it’s facets, continue to visit Black safe spaces (as you are currently doing).

    3. If you look like a n*gga in any way, shape, or form, you IS a n*gga!

    4. White ass Europeans (especially countries that are EXTREMELY white) are and have always been fascinated by all things Black, as long as there aren’t too many of us! In fact, many of us are fascinated by THEM because they are supposedly god’s gift to the world, but they are OBSESSED WITH US!!! They want our skin, our hair, our asses, our music, our dicks, our pussies, our artwork, our dance, our swagga, our intellectual property…you name it! And yet they are terrified of us in ways that are often tragic or commical, depending on the situation.

    5. You are correct, the media is free and I can use whatever words I like, unless the administrator asks me not to, in which case, I will respectfully use other words. 🙂

    • Oh SOMEBODY is projecting…Methinks it be YOU :-D! You are European and half white, so passive-aggressiveness and the inability to accept criticism or honestly consider viewpoints that are not consistent with your own world view have been bred in you since the beginning. Direct communication for Black people is not the same as it is for white people (who tend to view honest communication as “hostile”, “angry”, “overly emotional”, etc.). It’s ok, though, you are still just a Black puppy so all is forgiven!

      Still, though, it is good that you are letting your black have get some hang time in your life. As I have said before, Nigerian Gaucho, good luck on your journey!

  11. I agree with you – what a sad and pathetic human being. Though I would also add he’s also a victim of white supremacism. You can read how his rants oscillate from hatred for blacks to politically correctness. It’s no question this is a deeply disturb soul who hates himself and desperately trying to find/convince himself who he is. I suppose there must be days he is convinced he’s nothing but Danish – deep down though he knows he’s something else too and that is that other part, the one that he hates, how the rest of the world mostly see him.

    It’s a sad story, all too common in Brazil.

    • My 2 cents that NOBODY asked for: I have met a LOT of people like this confused man, trying to more deeply understand his Blackness as it relates to life itself. Many of them are similar to this one, in that they try to pretend that they have never been perceived as Black by anyone in Europe (and try to paint diverse places as racist hellholes). They express a lot of the same fears that this one has expressed, as well as having their latent inner racist ignited when some people hit a little too closely to the truth that sits within them. Europeans, in particular, are EXTREMELY afraid of what many Black people would consider simple self expression. They tend not to be able to do it unless they are drunk, on drugs (illicit and legal), or unless they have a therapist present. And you have ABSOLUTELY hit the nail on the head when you point out, basically, that he hates how the rest of the world mostly sees him.

  12. Paul Remi! DUDE! Haven’t you seen Tropic Thunder! Note to your future self… you should NEVER go FULL RETARD!

    • @ Bamabrasileira. You have said something that all black foreigners in the US must understand: “Direct communication for Black people is not the same as it is for white people (who tend to view honest communication as “hostile”, “angry”, “overly emotional”, etc.).” Particularly true in academia. Foreign students, be very careful!

  13. Remi pivoting to bring up more controversy on a subject that he feels more comfortable with now that his behind has been kicked all over the place. This is a black forum, not a religious one. Nevertheless, we salute the Malê Slave Revolt in Salvador which more black people everywhere should know of.

  14. @Realist – Oh honey, I KNOW (in relation to white people’s inability to communicate openly and honestly without therapy and/ or drugs 😀 ) I was raised around a bunch of them in the USA. I intrinsically understand their culture at this point, and know how sensitive they are all over the world. They are completely unable to communicate at levels that most Black people would consider kinda normal forms of expression. The always seem to have familial skeletons in the closet of some real basic shit that they have blown out of proportion and can’t discuss. They need therapy for the most mundane things because they can’t just talk to each other. They need to take drugs to blunt the pain of how boring it is to be white on the planet. They can’t have an argument with their kids without completely disowning them for some mundane offense. They go around shooting tons of people because the mailman didn’t deliver their mail on time. They hide their white Catholic priest child molesters around so that they can f*ck and fondle as many kids as possible. When they want to discover “who they really are”, they always go hang out with Black, Brown, and Yellow people just long enough to scratch the surface of how we communicate with God/dess, and then they sell it for millions of dollars to other white people. :- D 😀 :-DThey area truly scary-yet-fascinating bunch of people, and they are all alike wherever you go on the planet!

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