In video, Congressman Jair Bolsonaro, “the Brazilian Trump” and leading presidential candidate is shown wiping his hands after embracing a black man

in social networks jair bolsonaro is accused of wiping his hands after embracing a black man 2
in social networks jair bolsonaro is accused of wiping his hands after embracing a black man 2
In social networks Jair Bolsonaro is accused of wiping his hands after embracing a black man 2
In video, Congressman Jair Bolsonaro is shown wiping his hands after joking around with a black man

Note from BW of Brazil: So tell me, when was the last time you saw something that was so over the top, so ridiculous, so outlandish that you thought, this must be a joke, or that had to be staged? Yesterday, someone I saw this video in one of my networks, and as soon as I saw it was Congressman Jair Bolsonaro, I didn’t really even want to waste my time with the video. The video sat there for a few hours before I went ahead and watched. At first, as I was paying attention to the black guy, I didn’t even see what I was supposed to see. Then I read someone’s comment asking, “Did you see that?” And I was thinking, “See what?” Then I watched it again and focused on Bolsonaro and THEN I saw it! My first reaction? I actually laughed because of the controversial figure we’re dealing with here. If you’re not Brazilian and aren’t familiar with who they’re billing as Brazil’s answer to American President Donald Trump, you better ask somebody, or, just check out some previous posts here.

One thing is for sure, Bolsonaro is a very divisive figure. People either believe he is exactly what a very politically corrupt and morally vacant Brazil needs, while others have requested that anyone who supports him de-friend them in social media. Last week, after an article on the 2018 presidential candidate that over at The Guardian that linked to this blog, some folks were flocking over to BW of Brazil to find out more about the guy. I’m not really gonna trip too much over the video because, well, once you’ve become familiar with Bolsonaro’s antics, you’re really not shocked anymore. 

With this in mind, let’s discuss the video. There are a number of ways to look at it. So the politician is joking around with a black man, and considering his pasts comments about black people, this would appear to be his way of saying, “See, I’m not racist, I’m even hugging a monk…err, black guy.” But then he wipes his hand as if he had just taken out the trash. So, how do you see this? Well, just to look at this fairy, one, he could just be showing his real (racist) self. Let’s not be fooled into believing that there are no Brazilians who don’t want to touch, be served by or be in the presence of black people, because we see this type of behavior everyday. Two, well, maybe the man’s shirt was dusty and Bolsonaro got dust on his hands (naw, I don’t think so). Three, maybe he did this on purpose to, A) attract more press in the belief that any press is better than no press all or B) he’s sending out a message to other Brazilians (those who would vote for him) that also feel this way about black people. Please DO share your thoughts. I mean, he clearly sees the camera is rolling, did he just not give a single, solitary f*ck what people thought and wanted to be clear in how he feels about being around black people? This isn’t the first time he’s taken a photo with a black man, so, although I’m not gonna lose much sleep over this, I DO wonder how he would respond if someone asks him about this video. What are your thoughts?

Video was shared in various social networks

In social networks Jair Bolsonaro is accused of wiping his hands after embracing a black man; see the video

By Welhyngton Teodoro

The elections are here and one of the most talked about and considered candidates to assume the presidency of Brazil is the current Federal Representative Jair Messias Bolsonaro. He comes with maximum force for the elections of 2018 and brings a real legion of voters who agree with his ideals.

But ever since he has been much criticized and almost always his name is in the mouth of the people for something he did or said. Taking into consideration that he is seen as the only non-corrupt politician in this country, people constantly try to smear his name with lies.

He was often caught in videos where he showed impatience and an alleged lack of control, with an altered tone of voice among other details. One of his beliefs is that freedom of gender must not be included in the society.

Lies and truths, impossible to say for sure, but recently he was caught supposedly “wiping” his hands after contact with an homem afrodescendente (man of African descent, black) and the attitude of the politician went viral in social networks. One can note very well in the images that they are talking and after a mediocre embrace, he immediately wipes his hands and takes the smile off of his face.

The video is rapidly spreading in social networks and many netizens are outraged by the attitude of the member. One of them didn’t take it so well, even if they thought it was inhuman part of Jair Bolsonaro, pointed out that many “undeserved” people allow themselves to be used by the upper classes.

He said the following: “He wiped his hands and the smile he also has micro-expressions that leave no doubts. The question is: why blacks, women and homosexuals are being used for political marketing of the subject who wants to kill more than in the dictatorship and declared his disgust for the people.”

Another user has already been harder and didn’t hide his dissatisfaction, commented:  “Douche-bag! And the laughter, faker than a thirty real bill.” A third woman said: “How ridiculous, he wants to fool who? He threw crap on the fan now he’s afflicted, shit, the more he moves, the more he stinks, Bolsonasty”.

There were many comments slandering Jair Bolsonaro including another web user: “Wow! What a douche bag this guy”. The comments were made mostly by women, another compared him to an animal: “He is disgusting, an ass”.

Source: Fofoquinha

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  1. I can’t really believe this piece of white trash is a candidate!!! We need to stop this madness, before it’s to late…

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