“Why wasn’t there a black Paquita?” – Host leaves TV personality Xuxa speechless after pointing out there were no black girls in her popular song and dance group


Note from BW of Brazil: I’m not gonna spend much time on this one but I had to least post it. Past articles have brought up the fact that many black women who grew up in the 1990s absolutely LOVED the Paquitas song and dance group featured on a popular children’s TV program hosted by the blond host Xuxa Meneghel. Such a powerful culturally iconic group left perhaps millions of black girls across the country dreaming of being a Paquita, but alas, the Paquitas were teenage blond girls. Today, Xuxa is the host of the Dancing Brasil show but she recently popped on another program but was left speechless when the host mentioned how black girls weren’t allowed to be Paquitas back in the day.

xuxa dancing brasil
Xuxa currently hosts the ‘Dancing Brasil’ TV program on Rede Record

The influence of the Paquitas was strong back then, that in recent years, filmmaker Juliana Vicente even shot a short film about a young black girl wanting to become a Paquita. I also point this out because, a few years ago, Xuxa was photoed wearing a T-shirt that read, “you don’t have to be black to fight against racism.” Xuxa, how you gonna struggle against racism and you can’t even respond to why your dancing/singing troupe didn’t feature even one black girl?

Fábio Porchat leaves Xuxa with no reaction when mentioning Marlene Mattos in interview

The tense moment happened when presenters talked about the absence of a black paquita

Xuxa has no reaction after Porchat cites Marlene Mattos – Reproduction

Xuxa and Geovanna Tominaga, winner of Dancing Brasil (see note one), participated in the Programa de Porchat on Wednesday night. The two were interviewed shortly after the final of the dance competition. As the interview happened live, with no cuts, there were some embarrassing moments. A moment of climax happened when the host quoted Marlene Mattos and left Xuxa with no reaction.

Bárbara Borges, Geovanna Tominaga e Raissa Santana
Geovanna Tominaga, Barbara Borges and Raíssa Santana were contestants on the ‘Dancing Brasil’ TV program

At one point in the program, Porchat noted that “Dancing Brazil” had a former angeliquete (Geovanna Tominaga) (see note), an ex-paquita (Barbara Borges) and Raíssa Santana, the second Miss Brazil black in more than 60 years of competition.


Bárbara Borges remembers the days of paquita, when she worked with @xuxameneghel #PorchatAoVivo pic.twitter.com/zxnOgnL2qV

– Porchat Program (@PgmDoPorchat) April 12, 2018

paquitas (1)
The Paquitas were a very popular song and dance group featured on Xuxa’s children’s TV program

“At that time, they didn’t allow it, right Raíssa? Thank God things have changed,” Porchat said. “What you said is ugly,” said Xuxa. “But it’s true … Marlene left having a paquita …” started the host, who was interrupted by a record sound playing backwards. “Look, Marlene replied there,” joked Porchat. Xuxa looked astonished and had no reaction.

Xuxa (right) shown with Marlene Mattos during her years as a children’s TV program host

Xuxa and Marlene Mattos (see note three) ended the partnership they had in 2002. Since then they have not spoken and there have been rumors that they had quarreled.

Source: O Dia


  1. Dancing Brasil is a Brazilian version of the American program Dancing With the Stars. Dancing Brasil is broadcast on the Rede Record television network and is hosted by long TV personality Xuxa Meneghel.
  2. Angeliquetes were the teen stage assistants of another blond TV host, Angélica, on the Clube da Criança (Children’s Club) program on the defunct Rede Manchete TV network.
  3. Some years ago, Xuxa attempted to pass the blame for the lack of black girls in the Paquitas groups on her program’s producer Marlene Mattos. See here.


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