White women for marrying and the Brazilian solution to race: the elimination of the black race

Musician Jair Oliveira with wife Tania Khalill and child
Musician Jair Oliveira with wife Tania Khalill and child

Note from BW of Brazil: Below is a piece written by George Oliveira that takes yet another look at interracial relationships in Brazil and a short analysis of some of the reasons for the increase of such marriages over the past few decades. To have an idea of this sharp increase, in 1960, interracial marriages represented only 8% of all Brazilian marriages (1). This percentage had increased to 19.5% in 1987, to 22.6% in 1998 (2) and, today, according to the 2010 census, this mixed marriages represent nearly one-third (31%) of all marriages (1). Now before moving on with this discussion, it is necessary to state that this article doesn’t aim to denigrate interracial marriage, but rather share and broaden the discussion of the phenomenon as it pertains to the situation in Brazil.

As has been covered on this blog in two previous posts (here and here), opposite to what happened in the United States where the black population was purposely segregated from the white population in order to eliminate or significantly diminish the possibility of racial mixture, in Brazil, the goal was to encourage inter-mixture so that all traces of the black race would eventually disappear from the country within a period of about 100 years. With this in mind, this article and the comments that follow, are similar to the discussion of a previous article in that this “is not about love”. Although there will be individuals quick to read this article and make comments like 1) “You are attempting to spread reverse racism in Brazil like it is in the US” (3), or 2) “Love has no color”, or 3)  “There’s no problem with interracial relationships in Brazil” or other arguments along these lines.

But if people were honest about this discussion rather than reactionary, they would look beyond the surface of the topic and analyze it a little deeper. In reality, many Brazilians already note something “not quite right” whenever they see top black soccer players with white women. The simple fact that this is a common discussion on Brazilian blogs, social networks where Portuguese is written or comments sections shows many people see this question as more than simply “falling in love”. Brazil’s very history was constructed upon the disappearance of the black race thus the deeper question is why does it seem that so many black men are so eager to participate in this racial genocide? And quiet as its kept, this is not simply a question of black men in Brazil. One will note that a number of prominent black Brazilian women featured on this very blog are also married to white men.

As such, I would ask the following questions: 1) Why has interracial marriage in Brazil jumped  23% since 1960? 2) Do black men/black women prefer white women/men in relationships? 3) Are these marriages between BM/WW due to love, socioeconomic interests, the “trophy” syndrome,  the lack of available BW in certain social circles, socially constructed self-hatred of blackness, a combination of all of the above or other reasons? 4) Do black Brazilian women marry white men for the same reasons mentioned above or is this a case of so many black men pursuing white women that they must open their options or face the possibility of solitude?

This article doesn’t plan to answer these questions but rather stimulate the debate. With that said, read on…

White women are for marrying

by George Oliveira

Here I make an invitation for a brief reflection on racism and interracial marriage. Where does one begin a discussion so serious, so delicate and so controversial? I chose a path and I hope it’s on point. I chose neither to present statistical data nor historical facts. The proposal here is to present a point of view, dialogue and provoke reflection.

Love at first sight is for the weak.

People more romantic than I can think it’s absurd to discuss relationships “of others.” They can even say that love is blind, asserting the existence of a perfect chemistry between amorous unions or when cupid makes a choice, it’s no use trying to escape. They are in search of the “other half of the orange”, the “pot lid” and enchanting princes and princesses.

The talk here is serious. It’s about racism, but it could be about social issues, sexism, religion or education and so many other things that can help or hinder the relationship “of two.” The free union of people in Brazil should not be disassociated from these issues. These feelings and the various issues are present in every type of couple.

Singer Alexandre Pires and wife Sara Campos
Singer Alexandre Pires and wife Sara Campos

White Passport

Does racism “shape” the interest of a black man or black woman when making the choice for an interracial relationship/marriage?

Then came the memory of an old saying: “Branca para casar, mulata para fornicar, negra para trabalhar (White woman for marrying, a mulata to have sex with, a black woman for work).” According to (well-known anthropologist) Gilberto Freyre, this saying was quite popular in his time and reflected the role of women in Brazilian society.

Late, great Afro-Brazilian actor/filmmakerZózimo Bulbul and wife Biza Vianna
Late, great Afro-Brazilian actor/filmmakerZózimo Bulbul and wife Biza Vianna

I also remembered the “white passport” which is a term used by a militant of the Movimento Negro (black movement) to talk about interracial relationships in which social mobility must be postmarked or “rewarded” with a white partner. For what? To show society that one is well off. A bank account and diploma does not call as much attention as strolling hand in hand with people considered “beautiful”. Those people that look like the hosts of children’s programs.

National craze

When reading about the virtual absence of (black) soccer coaches (the topic of an upcoming post), I came across a text archived since December 2012 at the end of Brazilian soccer championship. At the time, I selected the ten top goal scorers and their girlfriends, fiancees and wives. Looking at each, all (were) white. That was the best way I found to talk about the subject, reflecting that the national craze is racism. You are mistaken to think that it’s soccer.

Each person with whom you share the idea of ​​a text makes suggestions that you may or may not accept. In a conversation with a friend through a social network about the idea of ​​writing about interracial relationships, he tells me something that hit me like a punch in the stomach:

“I think that to speak only of the players is very worn out. It’s the “Pelé syndrome” that everybody already knows. Now you talking about this in the new black middle class is another thing, it applies to everyone who knows and accepts this.”

Indeed, many people have talked about this. Then this same friend, who is married to a black woman, said a few days ago that he was talking about this issue with his partner and five key words came up to further enhance the discussion and complicate my situation of talking about a controversial topic in few lines: “Probability, Militants, Political Stance, Eugenia and Self-destruction.” But this is for an upcoming chat text. For now, stay tuned.

George Oliveira
Militant of the Movimento Negro
Master’s Degree from CIAGS/UFBA

Comments on the article

Comment by Flavio M. Oliveira

It is very ridiculous the insistence of some people that have this cute vision of Brazilian miscegenation, as if it were a bed of roses, which makes even more important discussions on the topic.

Still there are blacks who involve themselves with black women, but they are increasingly rare, and if they improve their socioeconomic status they exchange her for the “trophy blonde” without the slightest ceremony, moreover, the white women know these deformed desires of black men and know how take advantage of this very well.

Likewise, the white man knows that most black women still suffer from a certain self-loathing, which feeds the desire to rid the descendants of the stigma of blackness. I have no doubt that many of them take advantage of this! So it’s not hard to understand why there are more black women alone, and raising a pardo/mulato (brown) and bastardized child than white women in the same situation.

Former 'Globeleza' dancer Valeria Valença, husband Hans Donner and children
Former ‘Globeleza’ dancer Valeria Valença, husband Hans Donner and children

I don’t say that all Brazilian miscegenation is motivated by the problems of identity of African descendants, but most of it is surely a result of what was planned long ago, so although we have already left the nineteenth century a long time ago, the poison that was spread there in the past remains in the minds of men and women of African descent today. It is the ideology of miscegenation! It is this mutual contempt between black men and black women! This shit has been perpetuated through generations, but there are people who still turn a blind eye to it all and make an apology to miscegenation as if it is the solution to the ills of Brazil.

In an attempt to maintain the Status Quo, they still try to distort our reality talking about how racism manifested itself in other countries where they didn’t resort to miscegenation as an auxiliary force to exterminate black people and our identity, as has been happening in Brazil.

Incidentally, the source of these “modern” theories about miscegenation in Brazil is the old theory of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, generically known as “praise for miscegenation” that basically proposes the “dilution of races,” assuming, devilishly, that there might be some sort of gain from this.

It’s worth remembering that, in Nazi propaganda, the German state was based on the invented superiority of one race (also invented, the Aryan race) to justify the genocide committed against the Jews. On the other hand, the ideology of mestiçagem (race mixture) promoted in the early twentieth century by the Brazilian elites (which, interestingly, did not practice miscegenation) sought the “extermination of difference” by miscegenation, instead of encouraging respect for differences and the human right to live worthily with the characteristics it had.

Conclusion: While the Nazis preferred holocausts and genocides to eliminate unwanted people, the ideologists of Brazilian miscegenation tried (and still try) to exterminate blacks by standardizing the populace physically and culturally around a fictional mestiça (mixed race) identity.

Comment by Flavio Martins de Carvalho

‘Natural’ is the engagement between two people free of complexes that can influence in their choice of partners, and it is evident that the ‘complexo de negritude (complex of blackness)’ of most blacks and black Brazilians ends up reflecting in their choices and leading them to reject persons of the same ancestry. Therefore, I agree with Flavio Oliveira, despite the insistence of some in ignoring this reality, prejudice of Afro-Brazilians is against people of the same ancestry, and not against other people, much less against whites with whom they are so keen to amalgamate.

Actress Adriana Alves and husband Olivier Anquier
Actress Adriana Alves and husband Olivier Anquier

Black men and black women need not condone miscegenation because they ARE NEED OF EXACTLY THE CONTRARY, incentives to value each other and free themselves from mental slavery that has remained with them since the days of captivity.

Comment by Flavio M. Oliveira

That’s it Marilene, the word ‘self-destruction’ applies very well to the text. Incidentally, this word reminded me of a painting called ‘A Redenção de Cam (The Redemption of Ham)’ (5). In this screen we see a very dark skinned grandmother; a mother who is also black but already shows signs of miscegenation (mixing) because of the lighter skin (“parda” or mulata/mixed race), and the child in the center of the screen that looks more like a European, it is the result of crossing with a white man. The most revolting thing of this scene is the black grandmother with an expression of tremendous satisfaction, and a gaze directed to the sky with her hands raised in a gesture of thanks to God for the white grandchild.

The 1895 painting 'A Redenção de Cam' which represents the Brazilian ideology of 'embranquecimento' or whitening
The 1895 painting ‘A Redenção de Cam’ which represents the Brazilian ideology of ’embranquecimento’ or whitening

This scene of (painter) Modesto Brocos was painted to promote our extermination and give strength to the ideology of miscegenation, created and promoted by intellectuals, artists, politicians and writers who believed in white supremacy, and who preached that blacks could be eliminated from Brazil through intense mixing and massive European immigration. Brazil would then become an increasingly white country.

We need to overcome this ideology that was disseminated among us and that is perpetuated through generations. All stereotypes that cause us shame and suffering were intentionally implanted in the national imagination to generate feelings of low self-esteem in the black population. The elites have been using this cowardly strategy (creating discriminatory values​​) to induce black men and black women to flee their ethnic origins and reproduce the dominant ideology of “whitenening” Brazil.

Note from BW of Brazil: The process of miscegenation in Brazil easily recognizable in many families, particularly in prominent black public figures. Below are just a few of literally hundreds of example. Please keep in mind that some of the third generation of children presented below don’t necessarily look completely European but the pattern and progression toward whiteness is clearly evident. 

A few examples of the “whitening” process in Brazil

Singer Wilson Simonal (1938-2000)
Singer Wilson Simonal (1938-2000)
Son of Wilson Simonal, Simoninha and wife, Camila
Son of Wilson Simonal, Simoninha and wife, Camila
Simoninha with children Tom and Gabriel
Simoninha with children Tom and Gabriel
Singer Djavan, cerca 1980s
Singer Djavan, cerca 1980s
SInger Djavan (right), with son, musician Max Vianna (center) and grandson Gabriel
Singer Djavan (right), with son, musician Max Vianna (center) and grandson Gabriel
Samba singer Jair Rodrigues on LP cover, cerca 60s/70s
Samba singer Jair Rodrigues on LP cover, cerca 60s/70s
Samba singer Jair Rodrigues, with wife and children, singers Luciana Mello and Jair Oliveira
Samba singer Jair Rodrigues, with wife and children, singers Luciana Mello and Jair Oliveira
Singer Jair Rodrigues's children, singer/musician Jair Oliveira (brown jacket) and singer Luciana Mello (in pink) with their partners and children
Singer Jair Rodrigues’s children, singer/musician Jair Oliveira (brown jacket) and singer Luciana Mello (in pink) with their partners and children

Source: Correio Nagô


1. “Estudo de professor revela aumento de casamentos inter-raciais”. FGV/EBAPE – Fundação Getulio Vargas/Escola Brasileira de Administração Pública e de Empresas. May 14, 2013. http://ebape.fgv.br/noticias-destaques/estudo-professor-revela-aumento-casamentos-inter-raciais

2. Petruccelli, José Luis. “Seletividade por Cor e Escolhas Conjugais no Brasil dos 90”. Estud. afro-asiát. vol.23 no.1 Rio de Janeiro Jan/June 2001.

3.  In regards to the first accusation, Brazil’s own collective black civil rights organizations, the Movimento Negro itself once advocated the growth of more black men/women relationships based on the following. According to historian Petrônio José Domingues’s research, the Movimento Negro developed “a political campaign against miscegenation, presenting it as an alienating ideological trap. The assessment was that miscegenation would always have a negative role of the dilution of black identity in Brazil. The mestiço (person of mixed race) would be an obstacle to political mobilization of that segment of the population. According to this generation of activists, miscegenation historically been in the service of “embranquecimento” (whitening), and the mestiço would be the first step in this process. Therefore, it condemned the official pro-miscegenation discourse. Instead, it defended endogamous marriages and the formation of the black family. The black man would have to inexorably marry the woman of the same racial group and vice versa. For this design, interracial marriage produced the phenomenon of miscegenation which, in turn, would result in long term, ethnocide. The national pro-miscegenation discourse was thus conceived as a strategy of the ruling class to trigger the “genocide” of blacks in the country.” (4)

4. Domingues, Petrônio. “Movimento negro brasileiro: alguns apontamentos históricos”. Tempo. Vol.12 no.23 Niterói 2007

5. This painting and the accompanying ideology of embranquecimento (whitening) was also discussed here.

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  1. When I met the late Abdias do Nascimento in 1968, he had organized a theater group, T.E.N., working to stop this genocide. I remember that Pele was reported not to be able to enter Rio’s most important hotel by the front door though his blonde wife could. It has been the Portuguese way.

  2. I think racism in Brazil is more harsh and complicated than in the US: The North Americans have used a totally different race model than the Brazilians. In America a person with “a drop of Black blood ” is considered “black”. You find a lot of racial pride among American Blacks, and most important: Solidarity! A solidarity amomg the darkest and lightest of all type of black people.The contrary happened during the Brazilian history. The Black Brazilians tended to admire everything European and denigrate their African roots. All important Blacks from Brazil marry white ladies espcially those from the south with un- diluted European roots. Race is an economical thing in Brazil. Take for example the case with the Black football player the Gaúcho Ronaldinho who spoke about his past as a child and young man in Rio Grande do Sul. He spoke about a time when he was “black”..(!) So here we could use the old Brazilian proverb: Money whitens ..(!) But the funny thing is : Although race is very complex and a complicated issue in Brazil, and academicians like to discuss who is Black and who is not, – the national Brazilian police does not seem to haver these kind of problem!

    • Paul, it is not true your comment…the reason samba is here and capoeira is here…we are proud of African roots….Brazilian slums are full of those solidarity and proud you spoke about…..but in slum you can find a blonde blue eyes, a Japanese descendant , Portuguese descendants and African descendants and indigenous descendant….all suffering from poverty, segregation and lack of education…

      Ask any white football player who were poor and became rich they all say the same…it is not only race what condemned him…but low social status …. You can’t look only race.

      This is different from USA….always surprise me all black actors marry black actors….we mix, we are fine with that….rich black guy has more social respect than a white poor guy….this is capitalism…

      • Again, you have simplified the issue. Why would compare a rich black guy with a poor white guy? The fact is, many black Brazilians of class A and B with education, good jobs and salaries continue to complain that they face discrimination. There are articles online that show that white Brazilians are not happy about seeing the rise of the lower classes, which is primarily black. If you have two rich men, one black and one white, and the black man has to prove his status, this is not a question of class. The question of racial mixture…again…There is nothing wrong with mixed marriage, but for the objective of the disappearance of afrodescendentes, this is NOT fine. Now, if you’re a person who is hoping and praying for a white baby with blond hair and blue eyes, you will not understand this and this is discussion wouldn’t make any sense to you…

      • Look I agree racism is here in our society, please don’t take me wrong.

        I don’t want my baby with blonde blue eyes. I am half japonese and half black. I am a African descendant look and I am japonese and African descendant culturally.but my point is we don’t see any Brazilian saying: wow look my baby has an amazing African hair.

        I do love my hair, but you only hear people saying wow, when the baby shows some level of white genes. This is racism…this is the white wanna be syndrome which I think kills more than the racism it self.

        Look Japan and china, almost all the middle class girls do the eye surgery to look mixed race with white …

        We have everywhere those constructions of denying what is not white being.

        Look Mediterranean people – they all do nose jobs, straight their curls and became blonde….on the same time they hate westerns….what? They are totally westerns wanna be.

      • I am comparing the educated black guy with the poor white guy, because I don’t think we can address race without class system. Those things come together. I am sure the poor black is in the worst place- but rich black guy it is not in the worst place.

        I am sure they suffer racism, but they have tools, and money to pay lawyers to punish the people who abused the power in the racist way.

        I will say again, I can’t be deeper here. Unfortunately it is a chat.

        Please I am not offending you and being unpolite, it is not because Brazilian value blonde hair and blue eyes – I do wish this. I couldn’t care less. In fact always make me laugh of this superficial value as so many others in Brazilian culture.

        I am here using arguments against this article of mixing race married, which I don’t agree. Only that. Why do you think afrodescendants will disappear?

        Seriously racist your thought.

      • How is it that MY thought is racist when the Brazilian plan was the disappearance of the black race (including the mestico)? Mixed race based purely on mutual respect and love is one thing; but the need to whiten so that your kids have “cabelo bom” or because you don’t want your kids to experience discrimination has nothing to do with love.

      • Why do You think that was THE PLAN? Why would a white person would give up of white privilege to mix with African descendants? Has no sense in the whitening theory. The reason people mixed in Brasil is because we never segregated by Law. Working class people have always been more mixed less worried about the upper class protocol.

        I am sorry none need to mix to have cabelo Bom ( good hair=straight hair), I must say I know very few African descendants in Brasil and abroad who doesn’t straight their cabelo ruim ( bad hair =any wave, curl, or African hair – remember this is not an anti blackness but anti Mediterranean hair as well).

        I will leave here the talking, it has beautiful things the blog, but you are totally American doutrinated. Nothing against but this rethoric I have read a lot.

        We non white Brazilians MUST recreate our struggle, give voice our struggle. Not repeating American thinkers and take them for granted.

        All reflections must be done deeper…..the wish of white Brazilian of being an white European it is the same wish for some African Brazilians have to became the African American.

        Lets stop to be a copycat.lets think with our legs our own, mulato, mameluco, caboclo, struggle.

        But let’s learn with Americans and be political!!

        Lots of love to you and your journey ….

      • Does it surprise you when white actors marry white actors? Or does it only surprise you when black people have pride in their (supposedly inferior) race?

        Anyways, the truth is that black people need overt racism. If whites pretend to accept them, they will simply self-genocide while the darkest among them continue to suffer from covert racism while being powerless to fight against it because of the false narrative that society has transcended race.

    • ugh, What a bunch of Crap. There is no such thing as Brazilian National police. Perhaps Mr. Bogholm was referring to the Brazilian federal police? or the military police (state administered)?
      I have never heard about the Feds targeting racial groups in Brazil as they do not deal with city or ordinary drug crimes in the favelas, etc… his comment shows why foreign narrative has been completely disregarded by brazilian politicians in regards to brazilian racial issues.

  3. This is very interesting. I also find it rather laughable. But hey if black people in Brazil believe that white is better then so be it. People all over the world have different religions and believe in different things. Obviously Black Brazilians religion is to have ether white children or grandchildren and worshiping everything white. At any rate who are we to criticize their practices and beliefs? If it works for them or they don’t know any better so be it. Many religions in the world don’t make sense. But it is what they believe in.

  4. In addition to marrying a white woman to increase their social status some of these black men might see having a white wife as a form of conquest over something white men value, ‘taking’ ‘their’ women.

    We see some but not as much of this in the U.S.

    The blog entry states:

    “As has been covered on this blog in two previous posts (here and here), opposite to what happened in the United States where the black population was purposely segregated from the white population in order to eliminate or significantly diminish the possibility of racial mixture, in Brazil, the goal was to encourage inter-mixture so that all traces of the black race would eventually disappear from the country within a period of about 100 years.”

    ^^^ This is a very odd statement from an American perspective. From an American perpective, a nation as another poster pointed out, still retains in the minds of many, the old Jim Crow anti-micegenation one drop rule, that one drop of dark skinned African ancestry makes you ‘black” many American blacks and many paranoid whites still adhere to this old political concept reach an opposite conclusion: that inter-mixture does not lead to all traces of the black race disappearing it leads to opposite, the white race dissappearing.

    However the truth is in somewhere the middle, perhaps both so called ‘pure’ ‘races’ dissppearing. As the world’s populations increases and mobility increases there will be a tendancy in this direction.
    But most American blacks don’t see it that way.
    They see it as a net gain in numbers which also translates to voting power in a nation, the United States where blacks are estimated to number 13%.
    “Mulatto” has not been an official recognized category in the U.S. since before the 1870s Jim Crow racial laws.
    Before that time “mulatto” was an officially recognized category and creoles of Lousiana in particular were gaining status.

    So we see the power of the census and other government record that includes ‘race’. It sets the tone.
    Today in Brazil and other latin countries mulatto or pardo are offically recognized categories of “mixed race” but in America they are mainly not recognized.
    In Brazil such people are a much larger portion of the population than in America.

    Which is a better system in regard to this issue?
    I racial purity important?

    • Sorry to interrupt, but as an American black, we see intermixing as a threat. I can tell you that “the one drop rule” is no longer law. ” Biracials” (as mixed race people are called) are considered a separate race under U.S law. There are people still holding on to the old “one drop rule.” But most have begun to see biracial people as threats since they are often anti-black and often intermarry with whites. Many American blacks are waking up to see these people as threats, along with black men who seek only white or non-black women. They are people who are working to make the black race extinct & the dissolution of black culture. In a nation surrounded by “other than black” dying out is real. Those who racially intermix voluntarily work toward the disappearance from the nation which is a form of genocide. There is a realization in the black American community that the “black family” is facing extinction and that it must be supported, promoted & preserve. Else black Americans will perish. Single parenthood is in most cases. a big failure. But right now its the only thing sustaining the black race. High unemployment, crime, sexual diseases & more plague black America. These are symptoms of being economically powerless, politically irresponsible tolerating leaders who work against black people for money and being ignorant of one’s history and contributions to the nation world to uplift the people. Many black Americans have abandoned their faith in GOD and the results are self destruction. Many black Black American males are against black women & will not get married & form proper families. There is a growing group of black Americans who practice and support homosexuality and are raising damaged children in these extremely perverse lifestyles that have proven damaging to children. Black America is a mess! The black pride & cultural heritage have fallen apart. Most of the single mothers teach their children nothing. Raising a child alone is hard & not enough in most cases. Black children of these single mothers are up for adoption, having no homes under the care of others when the mothers prove unfit. Many of the older generations are doing all they can to hold the black families together by a thread. The situation is dire.

      • Sorry Fed Up but as a young Black American woman married to a white man, I DO NOT see intermixing as a threat at all. I don’t believe at all that the black men/women having biracial children are attempting to dissolution the black race (honestly were not looking that deep into it). Nor did I ‘desire’ to go out and find a white husband to marry. I just so happen to come across white and various other races of men in college but guess which race of men was rather scarce on campus?? The fact of the matter is, there are very few black men to go around & I don’t mean Ray Ray from around the block. I mean educated, working, felony-free black men who are proudly willing to stick around & raise their children from birth to adulthood. Sadly, somewhere along the lines (likely well before I was born) the idea of being family man, supporter diminished in the black culture. Not all, but many black men now see this, as being ‘soft’ or ‘punks’ and think that the women seeking companionship and a man who can essentially bring home the bacon as a ‘gold – digger’. This notion is even glamorized in today’s rap/r&b. I’m not placing all blame on black men because most were raised by their single black mothers but women, try as hard as they may, can not teach a man to be a man. What sickens me most is that black men (especially older black men) are most offended by my relationship but a lot of them are men who were not present in their own childrens lives and didn’t have a present father themselves. So what are we to do? Keep pro-creating with absentee fathers and just ‘hope’ black men will do what they’re suppose to all in an effort to keep the black race ‘pure’ and ‘alive’? Or no, how about we just wait to have children until we find a black man who is actually educated or at bare minimum has a decent enough job and wants to be a regularly present HUSBAND/FATHER…pretty sure our uterus’ would dry up by then. Yes, Whites were our oppressors, no black person can deny that, but take a long, hard look at the makeup of the ‘black american family’ today & for the past 30+ years and you’ll clearly see, blacks are doing a damn good job oppressing themselves. Instead of the older generation crying foul, how about they offer REAL & VALID solutions on how to fix the problems that plague the black community.

      • Your article is half truth my friend. There are lots of African women are craving to be with a otber races than their own so you don’t talk about but the same old blaming black men and this is why your black women are losing them. From research and experience the black man have more difficult in america than the woman. Who do they attack the most? Your easily get position of power over the man and then deny the man of economic power they make your look down on the black man. Now they marrying you and you having their babies but you dont want to admit it. So you are condition to hate your man as well . Hollywood promote black women to white guys are you mad about that? No more sugar coating. Your want the truth? Let’s talk about it because I know america don’t want the truth. Post racial nonsense. My situation in america I prefer my African women even if this will make me single forever but will keep trying until I find the right one. We are the inly people on earth that never learn from the past and god is tired if us and he will never send another prophet due to our refusal to listen

      • White supremacy us an illusion. It doesn’t exist. Do you think the north Korean or Chinese believe that nonsense? Your believe it that why it exist. Its about mindset. The ancestors are calling your but your caught up in nonsense that got your blind

    • In the terms of human history, no racial purity is not important. As you correctly brought up the concern here is the continuance of either pure Blacks (Brazil) or pure Whites (America) as both feel threaten by race mixing for opposite reason.

      Then dark skin Blacks in America scream “unfair” when lighter skinned Blacks are considered for acting roles or other social representations of Blacks.

      That is the same concern of dark skin Blacks in Brazil and frankly the rest of Latin America.

      While Whites in America are NOT the net beneficiaries of racial mixing due to the old one drop rule.

      There is cause for concern but not alarm/panic because only 8-9% of White women (about 300,000) are married to Black men. While 4-6% of Black women are married to White men.

      The real –

      94% of White women are married to White men and 90% of Black men are married to Black women.

      • Great points on the percentages. I have communicated similar numbers in the past as well. I find it funny that people go “chicken little”, screaming the sky is falling because small percentages of black men and women married outside their race. In the U.S., a large percentage of blacks have some admixture anyway. In the end, I think as long as you are following your heart, it’s going to be alright.

  5. By far the greatest diversity of human DNA resides in the black African community. All the other races are essentially inbred as a consequence of the relatively small population that left Africa to populate the world. Thus mixing with the African blood is (in the long term) a biological necessity for the other races.

    Also given the financial and other limitations the Afro people seem to be over represented at the top of sports, music and dance with a rapidly growing wealthy class of blacks hinting that there may be some benefits to being black!!!

    • Interracial children can NOT have organ transplants, or bone marrow or other procedures. GOD hates such bastards from adultery- adultery means to change and destroy.

      J EWs control entertainment and promote negroes but in reality, whites own 26 Boxing belts, almost all MMA and All Powerlifting including Worlds Strongest Man for over 40 years.

  6. How about this…. American Black Men like my boy Sam who “Likes” you Facebook Page and LOOOVES Black Women, goes to Brazil and you make sure he gets hooked up to an attractive Afro-Brazilian.

    Do that with several Million disaffected Black men who pine for Afro-American women to “act” right and stop procreating with athletes, thugs and criminals.

    My boy Steve (Afro-American) lives in Salvador and is married to an Afro-Brazilian woman.

    IF this is a REAL concern, there’s an EASY answer to this.

  7. Very interesting article. I am Brazilian I totally agree racism over here it is blur, not black and white as in American culture and I would go further not like anglophonic experience of segregation.
    I do think the article choose to show the mixed race couple from famous people.
    It is important to remind most of the couples up there are white French with a black Brazilian, white German with black Brazilian. It has a lot of this phantasy westerns have of the Brazilian lover.
    Going back to race, if race it is only a social construction and mixing can disarticulate racism why not?
    I remember when I was young watching those Americans tv program’s …I wonder those white people don’t have any black friend? Any Far East friend? Then came the Cosby show…I thought goodness me all that black people don’t have any white friend? Every family in Brazil has a different spectrum of skin colour….in the end of the day they are very proud of their babies blue eyes or their babies blonde eyes…. I think as most of colonised places the heritage is the whiter is more beautiful. Not surprise so many women straight their hair, die it blonde, thin their noses….it just look whiter….like beyonce did, like JLo did….it is not a Brazilian privilege to suffer from the white wanna be syndrome….why Obama children straight their hair? Those issues are almost universal. In the end of the day brazil respect more the diversity and don’t encourage communities to be segregated.

    Best wishes to you all interested in the. Subject.

    • Hello Julia: While I DO respect your opinion, you greatly simplified the situation. The object of Brazilian elites not imposing strict segregation at all levels of society was EXACTLY to cause the disappearance of the black race. People often try to make this question as simple as saying “Brazil is not the US”, which is not at all the debate here. The point here is that racism in Brazil is FAR more efficient than that in the US, which makes it harder to point out and identify. When the objective is the disappearance of an entire race, the objective hides behind the smokescreen of “diversity”. But where is this diversity in the upper echelons of power? Where is this “diversity” in the media? Even US president Theodore Roosevelt agreed that the Brazilian plan for blacks was a better plan.

      • Hi gatasnegrasbrasileiras, I do agree it is simplified perspective. We can’t be very deep in few words….I would love though .

        . I want to remind brazil is not usa and not anglophonic culture. It is relevant as far as we write in English. For an English speaker audience who grew inside an American ideology and ideology construction of race.

        It is impossible to deny the Americanism of race inside Brazilian Afro movements. I have to say: I love African movements and I do think it is very important to address those issues. I love the fact we have quotas in our universities. I love the fact we start to value the African hair.

        But I disagree with the article where it criticises in some extend the inter race married. Why a white person would procreate with a black person? To have darker skin babies? Because you look to one perspective but has two….if in one hand the bay is born lighter skin in other side of the family is born darker. I do think genuine they fall in love. Luciana Melo date for a long time a African Brazilian man, because she end up marrying a white Jewish man she wants to lighter the skin of her family? Why would the Jewish man wanted an African blood in his baby? Could not be the fact they love each other? Nowadays we are free to love!

        I agree we don’t have a dark skin representation inside Brazilian media.

        We don’t have races,, we social create them. My Ugandan friend always laugh of the look of African Americans because for her they look too white and behave too white….we are not making black race disappear. We are a group of people living together.

      • If you are a group living together why is it that the fairer skinned people of a more European appearance protest against the quota system? Why do they speak out when the Brazilian portrays Brazil as if it is Rio Grande do Sul? The same fairer, whiter Brazilians ALSO see a contradiction when so many black folks pump their chest and scream “eu sou negro” but then marry white. See the article about Vagner Love on this blog. There are thousands of these types of comments online, thus, it is not simply my opinion that sees an issue here. In terms of interracial marriage, the problem is not in these marriages per se; the problem, as elites predicted in the early 1900s, is that the negro tends to disappear. If you disagree, show me a prominent black family (historical figure) whose descendants today are black.

      • The fairer skin people will protest because their losing their privilege.

        Brazil is racist from top to the bottom in all institutions I never said the opposite.

        But I would love our fight to be our struggle. Not the American.

        I will read Vagner Love blog and thank to to recommend.

        The black tended to disappear because had ended the slave trade, so the black people had two options became a working class with other working class people – meaning mixing (as we were never segregated by law after the abolition of course)The other option live segregated to ‘white civilisation’ apart from some quilmbos most black mixed, as did some white.

        I don’t buy the whitening theory, I think this was the perception of Foreigners when looking at Brazilian perspective.

        Why a white person would give up their privilege to mix with black?

        Not because the upper class or the working class had a plan.

        I agree we don’t have a preeminent black family in Brazil, as Americans didn’t have either. It is the first time we conquer rights and we discuss about white privilege.

        Of how white constructions denial to the NONWhite being.

        I do understand your perspective but for me it is the anglophonization of a lusophonic experience.

      • I just read the Vagner Love post in the blog, I understand your point….but I think we can’t remove from history the word mulato as we can remove the N word from anglophonic cultures. It is the way it is. But I think we can use it to articulate and engage in the politics we all dreamed off.

      • Question: If two sisters are born to the same two parents and one looks like Gisele Bunchen and the other looks like Adriana Bombom, which one will be receive the adoration and advantages in Brazil? They are both “mixed” but who will be treated better? This is the basis of the how race is perceived on this blog. I await your honest response.

      • I love your example.

        I think shows the commodification of the women body.

        To be a women in Brazil means you must be sexy.

        We don’t encourage women regardless their skin colour to be leaders thinkers activist; the only thing we are all trapped is to be sexy, beautiful …..

        Otherwise you are nothing.

        doesn’t matter if you are black or white but you must be sexy and slim this the beauty fascism ….a very serious trap against the feminine body.

        ..going to race, we know probably the whiter skin.

        But I never said Brasil is not racist. I agree deeply with this problematic in our country.

        My point is we Brazilian must find our path with our struggles not be a copycat.

        We are not even mentioned the indigineous who has no representation and not even in the commodification of the feminine body.

    • Mixing does not uplift black people and it never will. Disappearing from the planet is not uplift for any people. Have native indigenous peoples experienced uplift from race mixing? Large scale race mixing has no benefit for any race. Weak races intermix and like animal species will find themselves extinct. The stronger race will in time absorb and gobble up the weaker race. The fact that black would desire such a thing as mixing with their oppressor everywhere on the planet is a sad thing. My people are throwing up the white flag—the death rattle. The white race has dominated, and whipped black people in every way a person can be beaten. Globally, as a race, black peoples don’t have functioning minds anymore! The war is won—-its over. The white race is now master of the world dominating the world and has utterly conquered & demolished the black races through an unbreakable, unyielding ability to unite against the black race and all others. During this age, the white race has also achieved world domination of most races through smarts, brilliant tactics, extreme cunning and a blood thirsty, aggression. The game is over for the black race. The once glorious,race that raised the mighty pyramids, invented architecture, mathematics, astronomy, trade, military alliances & navigation is broken, a useless slave in mind & body. A people reduced to white worship of their oppressor. Game over. Next up the Chinese. Maybe the Asian race will prove a more worthy opponent.

      • I know I’m late but yes….it is game over…As a Black woman I say we Black women are cursed if we choose to be…..for our (Black women) safety…..physically, mentally, psychologically, spiritually, etc we must get away from Black males.

      • LOL, as soon as I read your first post I just KNEW you were one of those frustrated afro-centric idiots who think the ancient Egyptians were black and that sub-Saharan Africans had a super advanced sea faring culture that allowed them to reach South America even before the Vikings reached modern day Canada.

        Ancient Egyptians weren’t black like sub-Saharan West Africans, booboo.

      • LOL…Always amazes me that people like you can’t even consider the idea. And when you cannot consider the possibility of something, who in reality is an idiot? Egypt IS in Africa. I fully acknowledge that Egypt was later invaded and became more mixed but the original Egyptians, the verdict is pretty clear. No time for debate on this topic, but you go on believing what you will.

  8. Although I wouldn’t waste my time with Julia for her denial approach on the issue, I think she has one genuine point. Why would the whites accept to marry blacks and darken the skin colour of their descendants? Are they from a lower socio-economic status than their partners, and therefore personnally benefitting from the relationship? Do you have any direct documentation of the conspiracy to eliminate the black race in Brazil?

    • On the plan to eliminate the black race in Brazil, the sources are abundant. Please see two articles on this plan on this blog, I will post them at the end of this comment. Also, studies show that in black male/white female marriages, the black male usually earns more money and has more education than his white partner. Please see these three articles:

      Documentation of the plan for the whitening of Brazil can be seen via Portuguese elites as early as the 18th century. Portugal itself also had a history with slavery in the 15th century that ended with the black population disappearing into the much larger white population.

      On the question, “Why would the whites accept to marry blacks and darken the skin colour of their descendants?”, often times, the mixed race offspring are encouraged not to marry black and the darker parent either willingly accepts this or has the ideal that “race doesn’t matter”.

      Please DO see the articles and comment. Looking forward to your dialogue!

    • Pa Forba, you are clearly not Brazilian person.

      Otherwise you would be able to see the Americanisation of race discussions in brazil. This is probably your denial and most of people here.

      Unfortunately English is the the white supremacist language – which now articulate and diffuse black studies ( black studies according to usa/ uk/ oz/ nz – all ex colonies from uk with a very similar experience of race)I don’t need to say to you who domains language – domain power and keep power.

      The Brazilian elite never had a plan to eliminate blacks as the Argentinians – they murder almost all the slaves.

      The Brazilian elite had always the presence of mulatos. Not because we were not racists. But the Portuguese crown didn’t care much as far as the person was working for the crown.

      Machado de Assis our best writer is afrodescendant. Who never got political engaged. He wrote about love. Why do you think that happened?

      We don’t call him Afro writer. We are afrodescendants even in our elites.

      Brazilian elite abandoned the black community after giving the abolition.

      You can read a sociologist called Renato Ortiz. He talks about 4 thinkers from the nineteen century who blame the underdeveloped situation of brazil because we were a mestizo country.

      If we were pure we would be more developed. Theses guys studied in Europe. And just kept the coloniser discourses of race.

      Gilberto Freire is the first Brazilian thinker who writes something against the European/ later American academic domain – on that time they were talking about the problematic of racial segregation. So his Phd comes as a different way of living with different races.

      In Columbia university where he complete his Phd people loved his original thoughts, very critical to this idea of pure races; which was the academic main stream ideas.

      Then later come the black movements (from Usa) who argue gilberto Freire was in denying of the terrible racism black people and indigeonius had suffer. ( he never said they didn’t suffer, much more the opposite he argues how sadist were all those farm children as they could abuse and take advantage of all the black children they played together. He argue how much the slavery over stimulate sadist personalities to be exposed to such a barbarie as a normal thing) this part of his book is denied by the race studies.

      Now it is everything about the American blackness and how Afro American know how to be political how to gain rights. ( like Europeans – they always thought they knew and the other civilisations and people didn’t) these group of Americans want us to be American activists.

      Here you are saying I am denial. Which denial am I? I would like to understand.

      I can see the anglophonic denial. I can see the anglophonic ideology teaching the South Americans – because in the end of the day the black American know the Brazilian don’t.

      This constructions doesn’t remind you of colonisation? I am the white man who knows and you don’t.

      My point is since the colonisation started we have been copy cat about what was mainstream in the western academy.

      If you ever come and live in brazil, please do. Don’t live in rio or Salvador because might be relevant the USA experience. But chose a different city.

      You might start to understand how different it is a place which never ever had red neck culture x black culture. We don’t fear to eliminate black. For my Uganda friend all of us in Americas are not black anymore. In brazil we are proud of being mestizo. Something impossible for you to understand. You who celebrates beyonce, rihana or Halle berry as black artists. We just think they are Pardas.

      Again it is important to understand our history our values and costumes to understand our society. Not simply applying USA experience and academic knowledge. As Edward said said this became a Orientalism, I can call here the brazilianism.

      I never denied racism in brazil. Racism is everywhere. But we mix, we marry each other, we are neighbours from differents cultures, we are friends. We all have Japa friend, or Negao friend, alemao friend, Turco friend. My friend called me Japanega, because I am half japonese and half black. We just don’t care. All those nicknames are said with tender and love. It is hard for people who had lived of generations and generations of segregation or creating tabu words as N word. We don’t get it.

      Saying N word is the same as saying the word.but according to American culture and now anglophonic culture and soon perhaps invading most of the countries. Because USA decided this is rude.

      This is all complex. I think some authors just want to find what we call pelo em voo ( hair in a egg) has many articles here which are beautiful and to the point. But some like this one push to prove the anglophonic gaze.

      • Agreed, it is a distraction. Take it from me, out of the businesses I have owned, the majority of my customers are not Black; why? Because wealth creation is not at the forefront of discussion inside the Black Community, I call it “not having two nickles to rub together”.

        Black women buy German and Japanese cars, buy hair products mainly from Koreans and scream at Black men for not “stepping up”. Yet somehow manage to have children out of wedlock 70% of the time with I would argue the same men as many Black men take advantage of the high rate of unmarried Black women by having several in the rotation.

        Lots of Black men are the blame for their own social and economic problems. They value sexual conquest too highly and it prevents them from solving the problems that desperately need solving.

        So my solution is to selectively socialize with Black people in general. There is no talk in my social circle of how obese Black women are attractive, none of us have children out of wedlock and made it well into our 40’s without marrying any woman for the wrong reasons.

        I don’t do things to appease Black people so I am called corny or White washed.

        Oh, I date all sorts of women, just not American Black women, terrible.

      • Look, I am an American and although I hear what you are saying, I can also say with confidence that your perceptions of who you are are just as much a matter of social construct as the perceptions of who we (African-Americans) are here in the United States. Granted, your country reached where you see yourselves today in a much different manner than African-Americans, but the truth of the matter is, ideas about race are truly based on conceptual constructs so it is not surprising. My two cents worth.

      • Hi Julia, you seemed to be very knowledgeable and wise about this topic. I’m conducting a comparative study with Brazilians and Americans and I would love to have your input.

        Please email me at akreidlusc@gmail.com

    • This is the proof that is in front of your nose: Whites are at the top of the social order. Whites control all the wealth. Wealth that they do not share or equally distribute to blacks. Most blacks in Brazil are poor because whites do not share power & privileges with blacks. The ruling elite are WHITE NOT BLACK!!!! THE proof is right before your eyes yet you choose to be in denial.

      • The Ruling elites are J EWs. They are not whites, though some appear to be. They have their own genetic disorders as well like Tay Sachs.

        Sorry, youre excuses wont work.
        Africa is THE home for blacks and the entire continent is mineral rich beyond imagination yet it remains terribly impoverished. South Africa now under black rule, has to import food for the 1st time in 300 years!
        See videos of Liberia and General Butt Naked. It will give you a glimpse.

  9. Who in their right minds would actively choose for their offspring to be stupid and unattractive to the world? Why would anyone willingly lay with a negro?

    • Another white trash cousin fucker on the Internet. LOL, what else is new?

      Go play in your trailer cesspool of morons, please.

    • Whites have been having sex with blacks for centuries. Yet they give them nothing but pain, misery, grief and oppression. They steal from blacks, cheat them, overwork them, poison them, brainwash them and abuse them. I don’t why any black/negro would willing lay with whites who are evil, degenerate, perverse, wicked & immoral. Whites are the devil. Liars whose word is something you can wipe your butt with.

    • Bitch go ask the whoring kardashians. Cause they sur enuff enjoy sexibg blk men and creating a whole new race. The lit us obsessed with blk imagery/phenotypes and blk dick.

  10. Julia is proof in the pudding of the Brazilian plan to eliminate blacks.

    The reality is that mulattos/pardos always psychologically identify with the WHITE father over the BLACK – typically the mother.

    So the plan of encouraging race-mixing was simply a plan for WHITE SUPREMACY.

    How ? race mixing really means: white men shall have sex (NOT MARRY) black and mulatto women and produce mixed raced confused bastards who would identify with the father’s race against the mother’s race. Of course, these white men would only MARRY white women – in order to have legitimate heirs to whom to pass on their estates and who would have the resource to perpetuate white supremacy.

    Do you get it now JULIA ????

    in Brazil the saying is:” black woman for work, mulatto for sex, white for marriage” – isn’t it ???

    what you fail to see in that saying is that how does a mulatto come into existence but for sex between a black and a white ???

    So that saying really means: “white men shall have sex withe black women, the females produced by those unions (mulatto), and white women: BUT white men shall only MARRY white women – i.e. legitimate heirs are to be white and hence recieve the inheritance/status etc.

    So, Black women remain on the bottom and get sexually exploited
    Mulattoes remain on the bottom and get sexually exploited, but get to have the psychological benefit of having a White father and perceiving themselves as better than the blacks ( i.e.”I’m pardo not black) and Whites stay on top and white supremacy continues.

    Do you get it JULIA. It is NOT complicated as you keep saying. BRAZIL is a state based on WHITE SUPREMACY. The whole “pardo” thing is simply a ruse to make you feel better and to marginalize blacks – i.e. to cement White Supremacy.

    • It makes no sense to say that a White person mixing away their race is a sign of White supremacy. When a White has a child with a Black, the White is gone and the child always looks like a negro, even after repeated race mixing to “Whiten,” the child never looks like a White Nordic for instance. That White is then no longer White. It’s gone. How is that White supremacy? Brazilians may have European blood, but they are not White. They are now a mixed race.

      Earlier a woman said: “When do you ever hear anyone say they want darker babies and kinkier hair? This is symbolic of the very issue that is the point. It is called white supremacy.”

      No, this is called black inferiority complex. Love your race. Who cares what other people prefer. And ofcourse a White would want their child to have silky blonde hair. They’re White afterall. Don’t you want your child to look like you?

      In America, they’re pushing White women to be with Black men and have children. Turn on any new TV show. This is genocide for all races, both Black and White. Miscegenation is good for no race long term. Diversity means preserving all races, not blending them out. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

      It’s pathetic that people blame Whites for everything and never look at their own issues or actions.

      Lesson to be learned: multiculturalism failed.

      • Yep. Very true.
        GOD also hates such children as no organ transplants can be performed on one from an interracial abomination… Black or white or asian. Once you mix you adulterate and destroy.

  11. As I said in my earlier comment. African American men need to stop complaining about the bad behavior of African American women and seek Black women overseas, Brazil being only one of several places to find Black women within easy reach of the United States.

    Medium to Dark Skin Blacks always seem to the most butt-hurt, Likely because they suffer the brunt of racism and White Supremacy. That’s understandable but no reason to bring up conspiracy theories from elites in Brazil’s “Master Plan” to blaming Margaret Sanger for the reason Black women in America having abortions at a high rate.

    This sort of talk only comes out of Black enclaves. Since I don’t live in one, by choice and wasn’t raised in one, you could say I am disconnected from the experience of those who have grown up in Blakc enclaves which are usually dominated by high unemployment, gang activity; high rates of incest, rape and teenage pregnancy.

    There is very little effort to change these social ills, Black people in America spend the majority of their time being mad at sports team owners, ranting about LBGT rights and Interracial marriage, when overall marriage rates are lower than any other ethnic group in America.

    I don’t see mixed race people as a threat, I see Blacks being a threat to themselves!

    The things I didn’t mention before are –

    Obesity, Heart Problems and even sickle cell anemia are still alarmingly high.

    Blacks don’t invest in Black businesses, perpetuating wealth inequality by forcing Black businesses to close from lack of customers.

    This i why I believe blaming interracial marriage for the ills in the Black Community (what community?) is just a canard to prevent the real discussion about wealth creation which would start the healing process, not asking the Government for a handout (reparations) or histrionics by race mixing.

    • I agree with some of what you are saying but a great deal of it also comes across as stereotypical and self-loathing. Before you get it twisted, I am a Black man, and an American. I grew up in both East and West Harlem, without a silver spoon I might add, and somehow I turned out alright. My younger brother attended Columbia University and I graduated from the University of Maryland, and Ottawa University.
      There were others from the neighborhoods I grew up in who, although they did not attend college, ended up doing just as well as my brother and I. How do you think that was possible? Well, mostly it was because we were well grounded and we had strong, supportive male and female role-models in our lives. Keep in mind, I came from a single parent home. In fact, my mother passed away when I was just nine years old. In the end, the formative years of my life were completed under my older sister’s roof, ditto my younger brother.
      Look, in the end, you have your narrative and I have mine. The one thing I have that one-ups your narrative is the fact that I grew up in the environment you are admonishing. By your own admission, you were never exposed to “Black enclaves.” That makes you infinitely less qualified than me to speak on them. As I said earlier, some of what you talk about is true, and I have personally witnessed it. But I also know that it is not the overwhelming reality, it generally tends to be the exception rather than the rule.
      If you ever want to put some statistical data out there to support what you are saying, I would be happy to eat crow. But, I can tell you from experience that any data can be manipulated to make it say compelling things that support your dialogue. The truth is almost always somewhere in the middle or left/right of center. Peace.

  12. I used to be suggested this web site by my cousin.
    I am no longer certain whether this post is written by way of him as nobody else recognize such precise about
    my trouble. You’re incredible! Thanks!

  13. Well, strictly speaking if this so alleged plan works out, it will not only extinct the black race, it will also extinct white… The arguments of race extinction used here have also been used by white supremacists concerned with the extinction of the white race. I hope you see the irony.

    By the way, I think whites marrying blacks can also be accused of “blackening”…..

    Racism in Brazil exists, sure, but speaking against mixed marriages is not really a step in the right direction.

    In your webpage background you put photos of Camila Pitanga – which is the most white “black woman” (seriously, look at her hair and features …) I’ve seen. She is a perfect example of the “whitening” (or again, of blackening) you are speaking against. Yet, you don’t seem to have a problem to use her as poster girl…

    • People can STILL EMIGRATE Tyler. It doesn’t take more than approx 3 generations to breed the African out of a person. That’s it. After that, the offspring won’t have any visible African ancestry. So as long as you keep the flow of “fresh whites” steady, there won’t be no “blackening” at all, the ultimate result being that the mulatto race will become assimilated into the white race, or at least marginalized.

      That being said, why an African would ever breed with a two-legged dog beats me. It’s flat out disgusting.

  14. White people already voiced that they see mixed people as a problem and plan to get rid of them after they have served their purpose. In this one minute clip I am about to show you from a Movie called “rabbit Proof fence”, a white man stands in a room before other whites explaining to them how to fix the negro problem, and why they shouldn’t fear the “Unwanted third race”(mixed people) as a threat to their own race because they would eventually integrate into the white race with the constant infiltration of white blood. (Meaning that the mixed children will be encouraged to loath blackness, and gravitate towards whites, most likely marrying to a white person producing a child that’s even whiter. This patter continued generations to come, there will be no traces of black ancestry in the person’s face. Think of all those white people like Abraham lincoln Who have black ancestry, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at them. This is successful whitening of a race). I think the only way to combat this is to play them at their own game. In their propaganda notice how they never promote two brown people mixing together. It’s always white with said undesired race that they hope to breed out. At the end of the say… They’ve won. People saying “racial mixing will eventually blend us all together and eliminate racism” are fools. That blending together is no threat to whites, when they blend together, in the future the only people successfully eliminated will be blacks. Just as the blending together of native people in Australia and whites didn’t blur any racial lines, whites know how to keep themselves in the majority status, that only hurt the native people. The only people convinced that mixing with whites would result in one race single group of people were the natives in Australia. The whites in Australia already had a plan for how to increase their numbers while depleting the number of native Australians, using the mix children’s self loath and insecurity as a tool to ensure the mixed children procreate with whites, creating whiter offspring. Whites have been playing this game for centuries, do you seriously think that they haven’t perfected this tactic yet? What one commenter said about the mentality of mixed children in the united states is sadly very true. They are very self loathing and the great majority of them think themselves above blacks for having white blood, they believe themselves to be superior, yet still very insecure about themselves. Their own self loath matched with this sense is superiority is what will push them to mate with whites, caring out the original black of eliminating blacks and preventing an unwanted third race of browns in between. They are exploiting our insecurities as a people to push us to destroy ourselves. Furthermore, notice how their propaganda while uplifting black men, attacks black females furiously. This not only has caused a gender war, but they have exploited a point in our race that is already very weak.

    I also wan’t to point out how in their propaganda they never promote two brown races together. They focus in their media on black men with white females. Why not black men and Asian females? Want to know why? Because promoting two brown people to mix together is counter productive to reaching their main objective which is decreasing the amount of brown people in their countries, and what mixed blasian child out of self loath and a sense superiority will integrate into the white race? They are more likely to gravitate towards black heritage or Asian heritage, not white, which is truly counter production to the elimination of Brown people if two brown people are getting together making brown babies that will increase the numbers of bother brown races in the long run.

    This is how we need to combat this propaganda. Promote more race mixing… But not with just whites and blacks. The same way they push black/white racial couplings so furiously in media, we need to push brown people together as well (Asians/blacks ect.), because if you are “for” IR mixing, and there is no sinister agenda behind your propaganda, then why not promote all pairing and not focus so heavily on just one?

  15. The fact that black men marry white women does not only happen in Brazil, US everywhere! In the UK there is no day that I do not see black men with these white women! If someone says that there is nothing wrong,I am honest I do not like interracial relationships between whites and blacks !Some people have told me I am a racist!
    I guess you haven’t lived until a white person dares call you a racist for telling them the truth about their history, behavior, and actions over time toward Black people and other people of color around the world.
    They don’t want to hear how their ancestors enslaved, raped, pillaged, displaced, exploited, disrespected, and violated the basic rights and human dignity of people of color! Black women have always been outraged, humiliated in every shape and I can not seem to accept as do black women to be happy with these white men?
    When white men with black women are racist, despising our beauty and considering us as prostitutes because white mind see black women like this!
    Because for them these interracial marriages and do mixed children way of saying sorry for what we did in the past and what they continue to do to black people!
    My friend she is Brazilian and she has indignantly me with her racist statement like: “I am happy that my daughter is white and not black like me!
    She means to born black person is something to be ashamed! Just because we are victims of discrimination!
    Not only are these black people are racist with themselves but they are with the same black community!
    The whites know that the black mind is weak and easy to influence!
    If as you say between 100 years the black population will be extinct but no only in Brazil also in the world, after the white supremacy has achieved its purpose, I hope that they will kill each other! Because they want do gods and play on people’s lives and to judge who deserves to live in this world!

    • Hey hey I’m here brothers to fight back don’t worry. there are lots of black women who marrying Asians, Latinos and white woman? Your aren’t helping the solve the problem. There are books teaching your how to meet different races other than your own and your reading those books. Your black women are part of the problem andyour sugarcoat the real issues at hand and more your do this the more your lose men. When your going to wake up?

  16. I’m brazilian and black and I never see a famous black person having sons with another black person, the exception is the footballer player Ramires, I feel proud with him

  17. This is a very interesting subject for me,black people all over the world need to realise that we have been under White dominance for centuries ,our culture , religion ,history SENSE OF SELF etc have bin so destroied and distorted that ist almost impossible to recover . Everything that is White is elevated ,apreciated and put in a pedestal ,while everything that is black is degradeted ,ridicularized,inferiorised,almost to the point that ist almost a sin to be black AND BLACK PEOPLE GROW WITH SELF HATE AND INFERIORITY COMPLEXES I ALSO THINK BLACK PEOLE SUFFER FROM WHAT IS CALL STOKOLM SINDROME. Personally im not against interracial relationships (love ,afection,undrestanding can happen and you can really develop very deep ,truthfull and strong relationship with a partner or friend from another race).But unfortunatly we dont live in a” rainbow world “.Im very awere that many blacks wanting to desperatedly marry or have mixed children and whiten their lineage is a clear reflexion on their self hate ,that cames from slavery ,colonization and White supremacy thats a fact .Im a black africAN GIRL ORIGINALLY FROM WEST AFRICAN DARK SKINNED AND I ALREADY EXPERIENCE RACISM AND BULLY FROM ANOTHER BLACK ;CALLING ME THINGS LIKE COCA COLA LADY OR YOU ARE “TO DARK”,IT SEEMS TO EXIST A ANTI AFRICAN ,ANTI BLACK FEELING ;ITS ALMOST LIKE BEING ” PURE ” AFRICAN AND STAND PROUD OF YOUR LAND ; CULTURE AND WHO YOU ARE IS WRONG… WHY FAMOUS BLACK MEN AND WOMAN MARRY WHITE ?BECAUSE THEY WANT WHAT IS ACCEPTED AS THE SUPERIOR BEST ;THEY WANT TO RUB IN THE WHITE MAN FACE THAT THEY ARE “FUCKING THEIR WOMAN”;THE AND TO HAVE CHILDREN WITH LIGTH SKIN ;GOOD HAIR “BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN”.ITS VERY IMPORTANT THAT BLACK PARENTS TEACH THEIR CHILDREN TO LOVE THEMSELF ,BECAUSE WE LIVE IM A CULTURE THAT IS VERY ANTI BLACK .THE ONLY DIFERENCE IS THAT TODAY ITS NOT SO DIRECTLY AS IT USE TO BE .WHY SAME BLACK WOMAN LIGTHEN THEIR SKIN USE WEAVES ETC ?BECAUSE THEY WANT TO LOOK WITH WHAT IS ACCEPTED AS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IN OUR SOCIETY AND WHITE DOMINATED WORLD WHITE WOMAN.BRASIL AIN THE US HISTORY AND RACE RELATIONS IS VERY DIFFERENT,BUT I THINK THE BRASILIAN WAY ITS MORE MALICIOUSE AND DESTRUCTIVE AND RACIST AS ALL AND PROVOQUE MORE DAMAGE TO THE PRESERVATION OF THE BLACK RACE .

  18. Putz ! Que artigo mais racista !! E querem sempre afirmar que são os ´´ brancos “ que odeiam os ´´ pretos “.

  19. Quanto ódio , quanta estupidez. E mais : quanta submissão cultural . Por quê não utilizar nosso belo idioma?
    Warum nicht auf Deutsch?

  20. No one posted about the pink elephant in the room.

    Is The Caucasian Race Dying?
    White, European And Endangered
    By Karin Friedemann
    Khaleej Times

    Demographic predictions of increasing de-Europeanisation are becoming
    realised in playgrounds throughout America, Europe, Australia and
    New Zealand.Some call this creeping multiculturalism “a Genocide
    against the White race.” While globalist strategy does appear to
    undermine local social cohesion first by encouraging immigration and
    then by whipping up anti-immigrant hysteria, such analysis ignores
    personal choice. White people have not been reproducing at replacement

    “Around the time that President Kennedy went to Germany and gave his ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ speech, Europe represented 12.5 per cent of the world’s population. Today it is 7.2 per cent, and if current trends continue, by 2050 only 5 per cent of the world will be European,” states Russell Shorto in the New York Times.

    “We start to wonder about our identity at the moment when we are about to lose it,” notes Tom Sunic in the Occidental Observer, but the Pan-European identity is something quite new in history.

    “Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a Colony of Aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanise us instead of our Anglifying them?” Benjamin Franklin complained in 1751.

    “In the early 20th century, federal immigration officials classified the Irish, Italians, and Jews as separate races. Yet today all these groups are viewed collectively, and benignly, as ‘white,'” writes Jeff Jacoby in the Boston Globe.

    Yet White identity has largely been defined collectively as the opposite of benign because it comes with the historical baggage of Southern Slavery, Segregation, Apartheid, and Colonialism. Throughout the Western world and its former colonies legal systems had separate laws for Whites and non-Whites. Even when such discrimination has been eliminated from codes, complaints persist of unfair enforcement and unequal protection alongside continuing structural inequalities.

    “Whiteness” has been used as a weapon against non-Whites by the bankers and proprietors of capital to prevent working class solidarity, while simultaneously White Christian middle and upper classes have been subjected to decades of what Prof. Kevin MacDonald calls the “culture of critique emanating from the most prestigious academic and media institutions.”

    Blogger Christian Lander summarises: “As a straight white male, I’m the worst thing on earth.”

    In college I actually told my American history professor, “I wish I could rip my skin off.”

    Jews are always exempt from collective White Guilt as their involvement in Bolshevik massacres, the American slave trade, and the conquest of Palestine is never mentioned at any level of the US public educational system while the Holocaust is taught starting in Kindergarten.

    Although White Christians have been demonised as the Oppressor class, poverty is not specific to race in the United States. Representative Cynthia McKinney in a Congressional report concerning Hurricane Katrina points out: “In the greater New Orleans area, 65,000 minority residents lived in poverty before Katrina, compared with
    85,000 whites.”

    Sinister plots to reduce non-white populations and sometimes white Muslim populations through promotion of birth control, instigating warfare, starvation and disease have however constituted a recurring feature of international politics.

    In 1974, the US National Security Council under Henry Kissinger released a memorandum on the “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth” claiming that population growth in Lesser Developed Countries was a dangerous threat to US national security.

    It has even become popular to view mass death as something positive. Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, leader of the World Wildlife Fund said, “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels,” according to a 1995 American Policy Center report.

    Neoconservative commentator Mark Steyn writes in America Alone, “If you can’t outbreed the enemy, cull ’em.”

    Likewise, abortion has been promoted as a way of reducing the population of the poor. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and member of the Eugenics Society wrote in 1922: “Those least fit to carry on the race are increasing most rapidly Funds that should be used to raise the standard of our civilisation are diverted to maintenance of those who should never have been born.”

    Despite disproportionate use by African Americans of abortion services, their birth rate remains higher than replacement level while European Americans’ population continues to decline.

    Similar disparities exist in Europe. In 2005, 64,000 children were born in Norway of two foreign-born parents in comparison with only 13,800 children born to native Norwegian parents. Immigration in combination with higher non-European birth rates has resulted in projected transformation of majorities into minorities.

    Journalist Eric Walberg blames the downfall of Europe on neoliberalism while author Michael Hoffman blames moral degeneracy. “The non-reproducing (i.e. self-exterminating) Whites of Europe and America live for luxury.”

    Yet, Europeans have always been a global minority. Even pre-Christian Romans often recommended later marriage as a display of patience and chastity while in other cultures women typically produced their first baby at 14 or 15. In the 17th century, advances in medicine and hygiene resulted in increasing European populations. Other nations are now catching up.

    Those who are panicked about disappearing European Christian culture should strive to address the socio-economic and emotional factors that discourage those of European ancestry from
    having children.

    Karin Friedemann is a Boston-based political analyst. She is Director of the Division on Muslim Civil Rights and Liberties for the National Association of Muslim American Women

  21. Most comments sniveling injustice of the losers of history wanting To emulate the victors no matter the cultural Marxist propaganda White, European features always will be sought after. :))))))))

  22. black women in brazil have illegitimate children with white men more than the reverse? It’s the opposite in the US.

    Are there any articles or reports describing this trend?

  23. Black people everywhere are stupid. They think having MIX race children will give them equal opportunity in racist places Luke Brazil and the u.s. they forget that mixed race children are use against darker people. This what took place doing slavery when white, light skin and dark skin were put in different categories. The goal is to get ride melaninated people. Your African refused to gain knowledge on knowledge on why out of a sudden the Europeans want black baby when 40 years a black person could be killed just dating a European. God is tired of black who continue to be stupid and don’t question anything. Good luck with that. Being born in Africa andlive in the u.s I clearly see there is no love interracial marriage. Black men and women are so blind to the point that they fall for anything . I don’t sugar coat the truth that’s they don’t like me here in u.s. truth is the real religion everything else is nonsense. They love you so much then why refused to let yoy participate in economic progress? That’s your home work to do:-

  24. This problem exist everywhere though, it’s not a Brazilian problem. It’s a socio-political problem, people will try to breed out what they view as inferior, this self-hate prevents the development of a black elite group in any of these countries where this occurs. Mixing in of itself is uneven as well, in North Afrika where the mixing has been going on for several hundred years you see the lopsidedness with mulattoes mixing with whites and becoming absorbed by whites but not so much with blacks. The same occurs in Brazil and America for idiots trying to say they are so different, in Brazil do whites not remain a large population, mixed does but black is tiny compared to 100 years ago, look at the descendants of most black Civil Rights leaders in America.

    Where are the black elite, not mulatto elite in Brazil, the USA or North Afrika, that has remained black are all these years? Much of the mulatto elite end up after several generations as white elite, the only one gaining of this is whites. Mixed people ALWAYS have the highest rate of mixing,anywhere, Brazil, UK anywhere, but they ain’t mixing with black people.

    • There are many black elites in America. You don’t know them because they just aren’t in the media. Most black elites marry within their race.

      • The richest of rich is the elite who own monopolies and conglomerate set most of the governmental agendas. No doubt there are rich middle class black neighbourhood in America and dozens of upper class neighbourhoods with black couples galore but the richest of the rich are breeding out like crazy. This attachment to whites will massively hamper any way of breaking free from them. Most of the very richest blacks are not entrepreneurs or businesspeople; meaning they do not own companies which fund government to make a functional nation state.

        Robert F. Smith richest Afrikan American man his wife is Hope Dworaczyk a white former porn star, this also shows the low calibre of white woman usually taken as a wife even by rich black men.

        African Americans do tend to stick within their own race regardless of class despite the media lies. The only problem is mulattoes have been misidentified as ‘light skin people’ as black in America so when they say African American anything it can rarely be accurate as mixed people claim they are black too.

  25. Hello everyone, I know I’m late to this particular discussion but I’ve been involved in the topic of discussion for quite some time. I’ve read the article and I’ve read a few of the comments below. Some of you are on the right track but many seem to forget the most basic facts of science. I’ve studied biology, chemistry, genetics, embryology, economics, sociology, history, evolution, and many different cultures of the world. Luckily, I’ve traveled to various countries around the world and unfortunately, like one of the commentors mentioned, white supremecy is worldwide. Every culture has been white-washed into believing that having European traits and characteristics is what makes one beautiful. Since they’re the ones in power right now, there’s no wonder why. Black traits and characteristics are a dominant feature of the human race. You can argue with each other for an eternity but mother nature knows what she’s doing, always has known and always will know. You can mix the entire planet but you will never end up with white, I guarantee it. If white were a dominant trait, Europeans would’ve fucked every other race on the planet out of existence during the time of exploration and their search for gold centuries ago, and believe me, they tried. Fortunately, their traits are recessive, the most recessive actually. Any race they mix with the offspring possesses dominant traits of the opposing race. They know this so the only way to survive extinction is to spread their propaganda of white supremacy. Education is the only way to stop this nonsense. They won’t teach it in schools. You have to learn it on your own. Knowledge of self is the key to freedom of self. Learn what they teach in schools but promote higher learning through continued reading about history, college, and traveling to different countries at an early age.

  26. When I see African Americans I see people who are Pardo. I really don’t know what they are talking about, honestly?

  27. So Black women and men ALL of the ancient civilization were BLACK African and they were BLACK and do you know what Exterminated those Black people and their civilizations: INTERRACIAL MIXING AND MARRIAGE. So please Black people STOP doing it and DON’T interracial mix and marry NO MORE before there are no more black people on this planet and it is NEAR that as the black race is NEAR Extinct NOW.

    • The MOST HIGH will never allow the edomites (Arabs) or the heathen (gentiles-whites) from eliminating the blacks (Judeans) Israelites in Brasil, or in the Americas!
      We are not to mix with them, but if a black man puts his seed in any other woman, he produces an Israelite child.
      If Israelite (black) woman allows seed of other man the child produced is of that man, NOT MIXED!


  28. As a Brasilian I will say that we just dont have this discussion in our country.
    We have past race half of our country is pardo(white, black an amerindian).
    We are just not as racists as you are.

  29. Whoa! Now a white and a black person cannot intermarry because it’s racism?
    They are married by love!
    By the way Abdias Nascimento (Sir) is very hypocrite. He married a white American woman an has an biracial son!

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