What is it to be a black woman in Brazil? Part 6

black Brazilian women
Eduarda Santos, 17, student, from the state of Espírito Santo



“I was raised in an environment that provided me with no interest in solving the physicaland psychological abuse that I suffered. I constantly heard thenicknames and nasty jokes. At school, I only spoke to confirm that I was present, my eyes, when they were looking downward, were fixed on the blackboard. Fun, I only had at home 


Teachers did not develop projects with the black cause in mind. My parents had no opportunity for a moreopen dialogue. I resided in acircle of fear, where I would close myself to allthat came from outside of it. I couldn’t find a means so that I could be seen and see beyond what was contained within this circle.


I started tochange and build my own ideas when I developed my intellect. I decided to open my mind to the world so that I could have the perception that black people can also (do things), we are part of history! Being a blackwoman is knowing how to value our achievements, it is to believe and fight for equality, it is to add values ​​of conduct in our actions, exalt the beauty of the intellect and not just the physical. It is to occupy places and positionsof prominence showing the world that we are not just Carnival; we are black female executives, entrepreneurs and, above all, proud and conscious of the “love and self-affirmation of being black.”
– Translated from thePortuguese from Raça Brasil magazine, Brazil’s only magazinededicated to the Afro-Brazilian population.
Source: Black Women of Brazil
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