What is it to be a black woman in Brazil? Part 4

black Brazilian women
Eneida Barbosa, agent, 44, from São Paulo
What is it to be a black woman in Brazil? At all times you have to show that you are much more than ‘samba and ass.’ You have the need to always be alert and ready, because any mistake is much more of a burden for us. It bears the stigma of inferiority, although we know that we are capable and the potential that we have.

We are obliged to accept quotas in universities and in advertising as if it this was giving us a favor. It is rightfully ours! To complete this discrimination, we are only lacking a reserved seat on the bus and the subway (laughs). Being a black woman in Brazil is having, above all, a story to tell, be well versed in the root of our origins and a mission to fulfill. This mission is to teach our children to be proud to be black, of having a past – although with much suffering the struggles, victories and realizations, and not let the prejudice poison our lives and trivialize our culture.”

Translated from the Portuguese from Raça Brasil magazine, Brazil’s only magazine dedicated to the Afro-Brazilian population.

Source: Black Women of Brazil
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