Welcome to 2019!! But before we move on, here’s a recap of the Top Ten new stories at Black Women of Brazil of 2018

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WELCOME TO 2019!! Hard to believe (as always) but yet another year has come and gone. And here at the BW of Brazil blog, we have a lot to celebrate. It was another great year as the numbers continue to show that there is a global interest in what’s going on in Brazil from the perspective of race. In 2018, I came to know a great list of people who were interested in my work here, including university professors, authors, Ph.D candidates, filmmakers and radio hosts. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to 2019! But before I move on, as I usually do, I want to re-cap the top new stories of the last year. I say new stories because every year, posts from previous years continue to rack up impressive numbers. As such, the Top Ten stories of 2018 include on material that was published between January 1st and December 31st of 2018. The stories  were varied, from the exciting and inspiring, to the shocking and sad. All stories that provide insight into what it means to be black in a country like Brazil. So whether you would like to remember the release of a blockbuster, international film with a mostly black cast, mourn the loss of a rising political figure whose murder galvanized activists worldwide, or you just want to remember the stories that prove how Brazil treats and envisions its black citizens, there’s a little here for many interests. And also remember, these stories are just the Top Ten. Since November of 2011, BW of Brazil has published thousands of stories that provide a glimpse into the existing racial politics of Latin America’s largest country. So be sure to check out the vast archive of material and stay tuned as we continue to keep you updated in 2019. And as always, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

black panther

1. From north to south, Afro-Brazilians organize all-black viewings of “Black Panther”; black community in São Paulo expecting huge turnout on Saturday


2. The whitening process and transfer of ‘black money’ continues – 76% of Brazil’s World Cup stars marry white women: Is love really color-blind?

dressing up

3. Why dressing up as the big d*ck “negão” is racist; New Year’s Eve party causes firing of Brazilian worker, director and president in multinational company


4. “I didn’t mean to offend anyone”: In the city of Natal, mother dresses her 9-year old as a slave with body makeup, chains and a substance used to imitate whip scars

marielle protest

5. Tens of thousands take to the streets in several capital cities throughout Brazil in protests and memory of slain councilwoman Marielle Franco

slavery doesn't explain

6. (Only) slavery (doesn’t) explain the current situation of black Brazilians

black lawyers

7. One black lawyer handcuffed in court, another shot at point blank range, both at the hands of government policing agents; Adilson Moreira explains why blacks get no respect, regardless of status


8. Coming to terms with female palmitagem (preference for whiteness): “Deeply hurt and exploited, I no longer want to be used as a sex hole for white boys”

marielle assassinated

9. Rio councilwoman Marielle Franco assassinated with four shots to the head; in execution style murder, assailants also killed the driver of the vehicle

teacher requests

10. Teacher requests that mother tie down, braid or straighten child’s hair so that classmates accept her; isolated by other children, girl usually plays alone

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