Video by Angolan stars features Brazilian actresses Cris Vianna and Érika Januza in second day of recording



Note from BW of Brazil: Actresses Cris Vianna and Érika Januza are two examples of the talented, beautiful, Brazilian women who are on the browner side of the country’s color continuum that favors those of lighter skin. In recent weeks, Vianna became the latest example of the racist manner in which black women are treated in Brazil becoming victim of an ongoing problem of expressions of racist sentiments in social networks. Cris has been featured in a number of previous posts here as has Érika whose first big break came with her starring role in the critically-panned 2012 Globo TV series Subúrbia.

Regardless of the ups and downs of the entertainment business, it’s great to see an ongoing cultural bridge being constructed between Angola and Brazil, where half of the five million Angolans that were shipped to the Americas during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade ended up. In 2013, we saw actress Sheron Menezes visit Angola to participate in an international event sponsored by Globo TV and last year saw the debut of the first Angolan novela (soap opera) shown on Brazilian television. We look forward to more collaborations between the two Portuguese-speaking nations as one could say that, due to its literal blood and culture, Angola has had a huge influence on Brazil. We must also recognize the fact that two popular Angolan singers chose two brown-skinned Brazilian women to star in their production. In a culture in which women of their appearance have long been undervalued, the selection speaks volumes!

Video by Angolan stars features Brazilian actresses Cris Vianna and Érika Januza in second day of recording

Courtesy of Surgui Entretenimento

Actresses Érika Januza and Cris Vianna recently took part in a music video by Angolan singers Adi Cudz and Big Nelo

Across the African continent Adi Cudz and Big Nelo are idols of the multitudes, of great shows to packed stadiums the singers are references in Angola, in all of Africa and the musical style of Kizomba and Zouck in Europe, Adi Cudz for example is at the top of the charts in Italy with the song ‘Essa Mboa’, sung with Nelson Freitas. With the title of the sexiest African on the continent, Adi Cudz invited some Brazilian women to participate in his videos, as was the case of Bianca Leão in the music video ‘Vou Te Usar’ and, with the former Panicat Aryane Steinkopf with song ‘Já não quero olhar’.

Angolan stars Adi Cudz and Big Nelo

Adi Cudz, who is a singer, songwriter and also owns his own production company, Coisas Doces, decided to choose for his video Brazilian actresses Cris Vianna and Érika Januza for two reasons, not only for their beauty but the singer followed in his country the repercussions of racism suffered by various personalities in the country.


“I never expected to observe such racism in a country that is considered the face of black culture outside of Africa. There is no place in Brazil that has no black DNA but it seems this is not enough. It seems only that being black is only good when one scores a goal or carries an Olympic medal. But I don’t want to define Brazil as a prejudiced country. I have many white Brazilian friends and I love being with them and in our nucleus this doesn’t exist. Black goes with everything.” Adi Cudz.


Érika Januza revealed having an admiration for singer Adi Cudz and his music:


“I love this musical style of Adi! I listen to a lot of Zouk. Including that it was the rhythm that I chose to dance to in the novela (soap opera) Em Família. It’s good to see their affection for our country and seeing this Brazil/Angola integration.” – Érika Januza


Adi Cudz’s song with special guest Big Nelo is called ‘Tu e eu’, meaning ‘You and I’, with the participation of Brazilian actresses Érika Januza and Cris Vianna.

Source: Surgiu Entretenimento!

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