Is this how to fight racism? Unsuspecting black children, a silent black woman, a white men with good intentions and the invisible racist?

crianc3a7as negras desavisadas diante de enganos platinados
crianc3a7as negras desavisadas diante de enganos platinados
Still from Globo TV segment of ‘Criança Esperança’ entitled “No one is born racist”

Note from BW of BrazilIn today’s piece, we re-visit a controversial presentation presented by Brazil’s top television network Rede Globo. A few weeks back, during the networks yearly fund-raising effort for its ‘Criança Esperança’ (Hope for Children) project for needy children. The near four-minute piece entitled ‘Ninguém Nasce Racista’, or ‘no one is born racist’, features several mostly black children being asked to read racist comments culled from the internet to a silent black woman. This blog already addressed this shameful piece on July 10th (video included), but we wanted to present another viewpoint from an activist whose work has frequently appeared on this blog in the past. 

Unsuspecting black children….confronting platinum mistakes

By Marcos Romão

Criança Esperança - ninguem nasceu racista
Still from “No one is born racist” segment

A black woman who does not open her mouth.

A nice white man.

Black children crying at confronting racism.

A perverse method of teaching a child what racism is. You may still have to explain to and excuse a white man with the look of a little feather, because he/she, the child, doesn’t like being discriminated against.

I just want to know if in the professional contract, made with the parents of these children, there is the compensation clause and repair for future psychological damage, in the moment that it sinks in that they were used by a TV network, maintainer and stimulator of racism for 52 years and unsuspectingly, they fell into a trap, in which the whole scenario was an exhibition and demonstration of that, when a white man speaks, black women are silent.

Will they love the silent black woman, or will spend the rest of their lives, feeling sorry for her and crying as adults who can not react to racism?

#‎marcosromaoreflexoesenganos platinados

See the video here:

ps: The white actor could even be a good person, but the role that they gave him and that maybe his thinking of being a pedagogue, transmits again the role of senhorezinhos (slave masters) of the vintage novelas (soap operas), who feel sorry for the slaves and embrace them after they were whipped. And then, everyone remains a child in the head of the character and perhaps the head of the actor himself.

Criança Esperança - ninguem nasceu racista (2)
Still from “No one is born racist” segment

The positive thing is that one or two children reacted with indignation, something that was probably not in the script, which gives me some hope, that there are already children knowing that since they were little children that they discriminated against and don’t live in the rose colored world that Globo wants to sell to unsuspecting whites and blacks.

There really is no child that was born racist, but as much the black girl as the black boy will one day know that they are discriminated against and suffer the actions of the racist system, from (the time of) the mother’s womb. And while they don’t know it, they will cry and hug as if they were lifelines, white men who treat them well.

It is the enslavement of the mind for eternity. A school of those grateful for being accepted at least at some point.

Enganos platinados (platinum deceptions).



  1. A reference to Globo TV’s nickname, Vênus Platinada or Platinum Venus

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  1. That whole commercial screams “white savior complex”

    You will never hear any of the forces behind this commercial talk about the economic implications of racism on the lives of those children. To them racism is a social issue that can be completely solved today by the love and compassion of a white man. Just as long as that love and compassion involves sleeping with a black woman, having children with her, and then dumping her to go marry a white woman.

    This is the life and job of white supremacist males in the Brazilian apartheid state.

  2. @Amon No, in any time the white man try be the savior. Two face? Described well yourself. Pose as victm of society(of course you’re), but still victmizes yourself.
    @Negro! You really check how Louis Farrakhan & Elijah Muhammad are charlatans associates of the devil.

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