TV network tourism show will feature Brazilian television’s only black host couple

Nayra Cezari and Rodrigo Souza will host the TV program 'Rio Para Todos'
Nayra Cezari and Rodrigo Souza will host the TV program ‘Rio Para Todos’

Note from BW of Brazil: One of the ongoing themes of this blog is the lack of visibility of black women and Afro-Brazilians in general in Brazil’s mass media. People of visible African ancestry are continuously excluded or extremely under-represented on the nation’s airwaves whether in TV ads, novelas, variety shows or news. One need only spend one day watching Brazilian television to note this. With this in mind, BW of Brazil also likes to recognize success stories or at least a break from the norm of complete whiteness. Today’s story is clearly not to say this representation has suddenly changed, but starting in November, one show will present two faces that will bring at least a little color to the small screen. For those of you who have followed this blog for awhile, you may recognize the young lady featured in today’s post from a beautiful photo layout featured here on the topic of Black Identity back in April.

Nayra Cezari of Cacique de Ramos will host the Rio Para Todos program.

Courtesy of the Mulheres de Zé blog

Nayra Cezari of the Carnaval bloco/organization Cacique de Ramos will be featured at the side of the journalist Rodrigo Souza in the tourism program: Rio Para Todos (Rio for All) on the NGT Television Network.

Goddaughter of Bira Presidente (of Samba group Fundo de Quintal) and journalist Maria Celeste, Nayra Cezari is the spokeswoman of the Cacique de Ramos bloco (1), which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012.

Hosts Nayra Cezari and Rodrigo Souza
Hosts Nayra Cezari and Rodrigo Souza

Invited by the general director of the channel, João Leite, Nayra will make her debut as a TV host starting in November.

The Rio Para Todos (Rio For All) program showcases the best of tourism in the Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City), on Saturdays, always at 6pm on channel 17 on the Net (cable TV), 26 on UHF and on the Internet. Rodrigo Souza who in recent months hosted Rio Para Todos alone, has already started recordings alongside his new companion, whom he received with great pleasure.

Nayra Cezari photographed by Cacau Rodrigues
Nayra Cezari photographed by Cacau Rodrigues

The new host is also president of the cultural movement Mulheres de Zé (Zé’s Women) and a columnist for the Portal Áfricas website. Nayra Cezari and Rodrigo Souza are the only couple of black hosts in the area of tourism featured on Brazilian television.

Source: Mulheres de Zé


1. In Brazil, Block carnival is a generic term used to define various types of popular carnival events. It designates a set of people parading in Carnival, in a semi-organized manner, often wearing the same costume, or dressed the way that is fitting. It usually constitutes an association. Over time, many carnival groups have been generically called blocos, blocos are currently more like samba schools, others more like the old cordões, and other various types. Source

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