TV host fired after calling black singer a ‘monkey’ on the air; singer and TV network both issue statements

TV host Marcão Chumbo Grosso, left, was recently fired after referring to singer Ludmilla as a ‘monkey’

Note from BW of Brazil: Well, I have to admit, I am a bit surprised at how quick this situation was taken care of. In all honesty, I thought this guy would get away with a ‘slap on the wrist’ and walk away relatively unscathed. I mean, I’ve seen people walk away after such incidents with only a brief suspension. But let’s not get too crazy here; this guy will probably have no problem getting another high status job. After all, as racism works as a network, the punishment is never too severe as everyone who is part of the network generally thinks the same way. To get the full background on this story, see the video and read the excuse of the guy at the center of this latest controversy, please check out the original story posted a few days ago here. 

Coincidentally, yesterday another news story made international headlines demonstrating how racist Eurocentric behavior affects African descendants throughout the world. Yesterday it was reported that ESPN announcer Doug Adler was fired after referring to African-American tennis star Venus Williams as a ‘gorilla’ during an Australian Open match. After the uproar over the comment, Alder denied having called Williams a ‘gorilla’ and claimed that he actually said the word ‘guerilla’ in describing Williams’ tennis strategy. Listening to the video it’s a difficult call to make but again it shows the sensitivity provoked by the centuries long association with animals that continues to assault the self-esteem of black people around the world. 

TV host fired after calling black singer ‘monkey’

Courtesy of Pragmatismo Político

The Record TV host that called popular singer Ludmilla ‘macaca’ on live TV was fired. Singer will sue him for racism. ‘Marcão Chumbo Grosso’  tried unsuccessfully to correct himself on the air.

Rio singer Ludmilla was called “macaca”, meaning ‘monkey’ by the host of the TV program Balanço Geral in the Federal District on Tuesday.

Marcão Chumbo Grosso made the racist comment during a conversation with his co-host and tried to correct himself later, calling himself a “monkey.” The duo commented on the singer’s supposed unfriendly reactions to taking pictures with fans.

“It’s something you can’t understand. She was poor, a monkey… Poor, poor but really poor. I always tell my friends: I was poor and a monkey too. Was I not…I am rich today, healthy, thank God,” Marcão said.

Marcão Chumbo-Grosso is a former state representative and had his term cancelled for abuse of economic power. The host claimed that his statement was not racist and says the expression is common in his region.


In an official note, TV Record states that it has rescinded the host’s contract. Read below.

“Record TV is publicly lamenting the disturbances caused to the singer Ludmilla, her family and her fans motivated by a comment made by the host Marcão on Balanço Geral in the Federal District.

The station repudiates any act of this nature and affirms that this type of conduct is not in the editorial line of our journalism. For this reason, Record TV Brasília opted to terminate the contract of host Marcão.”

Check out Ludmilla’s reaction via a social network:


“Unfortunately, there are still people who do not understand that racial discrimination is a crime and some still use the media space to report lies regarding me, to offend, to belittle, and to propagate all their hatred. We will not leave these acts unpunished, it’s an absurd, shameful disrespect. It is evident that this citizen Marcão does not have any modesty or embarrassment in offending someone on a national network. As has been said by Paulo Autran, ‘all prejudice is done from ignorance’, since racists don’t possess a knowledge of morality, treating their own skin color as superior and unique. This has to be combated and I will do my part, as many times as necessary.”

SourcePragmatismo Político

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