“Tropical Paradise” editorial presents the black Brazilian plus size woman



Note from BW of Brazil: It’s true! Beautiful Brazilian women come in all shapes, sizes and colors! The problem has been for a long time and continues to be that according to the mainstream media, there is much smaller range of diversity than what really exists. And the overwhelming majority of those women are usually slim, with blonde or brunette hair. You get the picture. Consider this: if Brazil’s black women are rarely presented in the media (except for in the coming Carnaval season), can you imagine how invisible the black women who weigh more than the accepted standard of beauty are? BW of Brazil has presented the beauty of Plus Size black Brazilian women in past posts and we bring you more of them here today in a stunning new fashion layout! 

“Tropical Paradise” editorial presents the black Brazilian plus size woman

By Aline Ramos


The renowned photographer Adriana Líbini started the year presenting us with an Editorial Moda (Fashion) Plus Size that seeks to portray the beauty of black women. As the first work of the year, “Tropical Paradise” presents women full of vitality, with bright and shining eyes. In addition to the perfectly curved lashes and sculpted cheekbones.


The chosen models were Dayana Toledo and Fabiola Romão that came out very well with multicolored looks. The makeup is eye-catching, with colorful powder shadows from pink blush, bright colored lipsticks in shades of pink, orange or purple. The result was a trial full of lightness, charm and joy, in a black women’s style, isn’t it? The photo shoot is really beautiful, we love it. Take a look at all of the photos.


To see more of the work of photographer Adriana Líbini, go to: http://adrianalibini.com.br/



Credits: Photography by Adriana Líbini, Fashion Production by Carol Santos, Makeup & Hair Tati Souza, Direction of poses by Adriana Líbini and Henrrique Santana, Text by Carol Santos, Revision by Magdiel Líbini, Retouch by Vania Santos and Adriana Líbini, Models Dayana Toledo and Fabiola Romão, Models dressed in U’Z Criolos, Xica Vaidosa and Wish Fashion.
9Aline Ramos is the creator of Que nega é essa?, a fourth-year student of Journalism at UNESP Bauru and a black feminist. She also writes for Grão de Fato and believe that your hair has the power of a horse.





Source: Que nega é essa?

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  1. SMH, another trope from Western Society. “All Women aren’t skinny”. Okay all men aren’t skinny either but you don’t see BHM (Big Handsome Male) shouting from the roof tops. They know nine times out of ten, them being overweight will limit their access/choice with the opposite sex.

    In fact my friend committed suicide because of his weight condition.

    Now with all that said, I wouldn’t call the woman you used in this post (the lighter skinned woman) as plus size. She is about normal for much of western society; unfortunately women (it’s their own fault) must deal with pressure from the beauty and media industries who push a standard that is not impossible for most women to reach but many will have to be diligent and vigilant.

    Face it men don’t find rolls of flesh sex, never have and never will. Sure you have people with strange predilections and those who suffer from low self-esteem, they aren’t and won’t be counted by anybody as the majority.

    One more time, Black people love to complain but aren’t really trying that hard to fix anything they complain about. As long as you have no control over the media and how BW/BM are presented to the wider public in Brazil, there is no sense in complaining online and in English when your target audience is unlikely to even be able to read English.

    Once you mentioned you put this in English to reach English speaking people. I am grateful I get get some insight into the daily goings on in Brazil.

    But the reality is the Black Community is afflicted by apathy and is not moving forward with any urgency.

    • No need for argument here. It really all depends on what your personal ideal of Plus Size is. Clearly, there are women who are much bigger than the women in this post. But I would also say there are levels of what one defines as thin, average and large, with at least three different levels in each of the groups.

      “As long as you have no control over the media…”

      Absolutely agreed here. The problem in Brazil is that the numbers of unconscious persons of African descent VASTLY outnumber those who have a true perception of how things really work. In terms of your point on “complaining in English”, the stated objective of this blog is to bring news about what’s going on in terms of race to an English speaking audience. There are PLENTY of blogs out there that bring this news in Portuguese.

      “the Black Community is afflicted by apathy and is not moving forward with any urgency”

      Again, agreed!

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