Three missing males found executed; 6 Military Police being accused

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Fernando Ferreira Ribeiro, 17, Allan Rodrigues Alves, 18, and his brother Thiago Rodrigues Alves, 24

Continuing with our ongoing coverage of police homicide and misconduct, three men had been reported missing on December 26th in the area of São Paulo. The bodies were recently recovered and evidence seems to point to more police misconduct and execution-styled murder. Below are two reports, one from December 31st announcing the disappearances and possible police involvement and the second from January 4th with official accusations of police misconduct. As we have shown in various reports on this site (see related articles below), police and death squads in Brazil are notorious for taking the law into their own hands and executing those deemed society’s “undesirables”, mainly black and/or poor with or without previous records. Is this another example of such? It’s too early to say, but don’t be surprised!

PMs being investigated for disappearance in Greater São Paulo

In Mogi das Cruzes, of the metropolitan São Paulo region, a young man was found dead with two bullets in the neck and marks on his wrists. Fernando Ferreira Ribeiro, 17, disappeared along with two others, Allan Rodrigues Alves, 18, and his brother Thiago Rodrigues Alves, 24, on the night of December 26.

“Disappeared”: Family’s “missing” flyer for Allan Rodrigues Alvez (Alves)

They said they were going to the coast of São Paulo, however, they were last seen on Poá, in the greater São Paulo area. According to witnesses, the young men were in a stolen car and were approached by military police who used tactical force. In a statement, the military police affirmed that they were investigating the death of Fernando.
Six MPs are accused of a massacre in Greater São Paulo in which a minor was executed
The bodies were found in Itaquaquecetuba and Mogi das Cruzes, areas that were not part of the patrol car’s area.

The Internal Affairs Division of the Military Police of São Paulo arrested military police involved in the case of the disappearance of two men and a minor on December 26, 2012. Internal Affairs is investigating the possible execution of the three by an officer, a sergeant and four soldiers of the corporation.

According to Major Marcelino Fernandes da Silva, head of the technical department of internal affairs, investigations began after a complaint was made by the father of Fernando Ferreira Ribeiro, 16, after his son’s body was located in the Mogi das Cruzes area of São Paulo.

The 6 military police are accused of approaching a Chevrolet Corsa on December 25thoutside their patrol region in Itaquaquecetuba. The images from the Peter Fava bus terminal cameras, in Poá of greater São Paulo, show that the suspects approached the vehicle and then led everyone away in the police van. Some of the policemen entered the Corsa, which was found the next day in Arujá.

The bodies of brothers Alan Rodrigues Alves and Thiago Rodrigues Alves were found in Itaquaquecetuba. According to a search expert, vulture feathers were found around the carbonized bodies, indicating they were first executed, and days later, burned.

Mother and sister of Rodrigues Alves brothers had sought their whereabouts

Fernando Ferreira was killed with two shots to the neck. There is no evidence that the suspects were armed. One of the brothers, Alan Rodrigues Alves had been arrested for drug trafficking and was on probation.

The major explained that it is not known the exact sequence of execution, but investigations continue. Colleagues of the executed suspects were interviewed by the police late Friday evening (January 4), said Major Marcelino.

“What we have is the (police) approach that was wrong. It would be a disastrous action, they [police] say they were making a routine approach, but were there more than 40 minutes, which is not normal.”

The police deny the allegations, however, do not justify the fact that they are outside their patrol area, nor the form of their approach, according to the major.

“The suspects should have been referred to the police station.”

One of the officers, whose names are confidential, had three instances of death in his actions since 2008. In 2012, 358 police officers were expelled from the military police for misconduct. Still according to the major, more cops may be involved in this case.

“What we have to say to families and to society is that we have to arrest, not kill.”

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