The rejection of the Evangelical black woman by the Evangelical black man: A view from Bahia

Popular singer Mumuzinho with girlfriend
Popular singer Mumuzinho with girlfriend

Note from BW of Brazil: The following article is from September of 2007 and represents the view from black Bahia of a topic we touch upon from time to time here on the blog: interracial relationships. To be clear again, the point here is to understand a facet of Brazilian society that has always existed, whether during the rape and sexual coercion that happened during nearly four centuries of slavery in Brazil, or the current situation where a number of people on blogs, social networks and website comment sections are pointing to what seems to be a rule throughout the country when the discussion is black men and relationships.

Since we first started posting articles that address the question of interracial relationships, there have been a number of people asking questions and making comments about the topic. One comment that one sees from time to time is, love is personal, a thing of the heart so leave the politics out of it. To this I respond: 1) Almost EVERYTHING we do is either political and/or influenced by something, be it internal or external. For those who believe the choice of partners is simply a personal choice, I ask the question: Do you think it is simply coincidence that Brazilian elites decided to promote an agenda of widespread miscegenation as a means to eliminate black people from the country and today Brazil is a land of widespread racial mixing? In the United States (the country that Brazilians always like to point to as the extreme opposite), there was a widespread dissemination of racial separation and throughout the nation’s history, for the most part, that has been the case. In regards to the US, we are also seeing a rise in interracial marriage that has happened simultaneously with more promotion of such unions. Again, coincidence?

2) Some people are questioning the fact that this blog seems to touch upon the interracial topic from a one-sided perspective that always “points the finger” at black men. We will address this question in more depth in the future, but for now here are few key points. A) Yes, there are plenty of black Brazilian women who marry white men. But this doesn’t change the fact that, B) statistics show that black men aren’t the ones who take longer to marry for the first time, their rates of being single are not as high as those of black women ad black men aren’t the ones being left to raise children alone. C) In all of the time that this issue has been discussed and studied in academia as well as online, I have yet to see any blogs and academic dissertations written by Afro-Brazilian men or organizations that address this issue while there are several authored by black women or black women’s groups.

I will not generalize, but in my own experience online, when black women address the issue of interracial marriage I notice that black men are more likely to respond that “love has no color”. This is not to say that there aren’t black women who also hold this view, but what I AM saying is that when there is someone who poses the question it is usually a black woman and the “love has no color” response while used by both seems to be more common among black men. It’s almost as if black men have silently said, “we’re not complaining, we’ve made our choice; do what you need to do because we certainly will.”  This will not be the last time this topic is addressed so the debate will continue….

For now, here is a view from a black woman in Bahia who notes the trend in Evangelical churches. Keep in mind that although the article is a view from Bahia, the opinions of the author were found in the findings of other authors in other areas of Brazil. Cláudia Sales de Alcântara affirms that: “In general, the liturgies of the Evangelical churches in Brazil are white, and blacks, having access to them, undergo a process of embranquecimento (whitening).”  This point supports the opinions of many black women interviewed by Claudete Alves for her book, Virou Regra? In that book, numerous black women point to a lack/loss of identity in black men’s pursuit of white women for relationships. Along the same lines, in his book A Religião Mais Negra do Brasil (The blackest religion of Brazil), Marco Davi de Oliveira (2004, p 87-88): […] opines that “Love knows no race, nor is it preoccupied with the skin color of the beloved. He who loves, loves, period.  There is a personal choice, and it is very healthy. But it is known that not all marriages in the Pentecostal churches have love as its only motivation […] the choice of a spouse is often confined to the skin color.”

The rejection of the Evangelical black woman by the Evangelical black man

By Elba Oliveira Chrysostomo aka Makeda Foluke Nabulungi

Igreja Evangélical

Beautiful, intelligent, “a blessing from God”, however, rejected. This is the phrase of thousands of black women who live within the evangelical churches. They are beautiful, intelligent, a blessing to the lives of the brothers – but not good for marrying.

Talking about the black woman is always a moment of reflection and with the evangelical black women it’s no different as she suffers triple discrimination: being a woman, black, and evangelical, and finally a black woman who suffers, no less than the rest.

It’s not a novelty that black women are, in the majority, rejected by the black man and exploited in various aspects by the white man. Within the evangelical church it’s no different. Historically, the figure of the black woman was created behind the stereotype of beauty and sensuality: a totally sexualized image. This duality marked whole societies because of slavery, marking also the black man who became sexist, learning from the Western world such practices.

It’s quite common to find sisters, on average, 30-40 years of age, single in the churches, simply because no brother desires to marry her. Black women in the church are often considered ugly. In return it is quite common also to find white sisters married with black and white men from the church (these white women married with black men are mostly and poor and/or poorly educated), while black women serve to prophesy, clean, pray and not have a family like the rest of the women: the said life “blessed by God”.

Many of the married black women were or are violated, physically or morally by their sexist husbands. Other single women were sexually exploited, deceived with false promises of marriage.

The young black men of the churches “ficam (kick it/spend a night)” sometimes with a black sister – and this usually hidden away – but hardly want to marry or assume a relationship that generates future marriage. They date and marry, preferably with white women, because being black in the church is synonymous with ugliness and marrying a black woman doesn’t bring “good positions” or “status”. Many black male evangelicals are no different from some black men who are outside of the churches; both like to show off a white woman like a trophy and this happens not because of the fact that they are in love with them, but it’s as if that gives them this superior title of possession for being with a white woman. They have sex with black women, but will hardly marry one of them (1). Western sexism surely repeats itself within the churches.

As there is no emphasis placed on the relationships among black people, there is no questioning within the churches of why most black families within the churches are dysfunctional.

Elba Oliveira Chrysostomo
Elba Oliveira Chrysostomo

Separated mothers that generate future mothers or single and separated women, no one questions why  black men rejects (them), using and abusing the sister of his color, much less why many black brothers have many children with different families. Disrupting families is one of the worst forms of violence that can be committed against a people; it’s another form of genocide of our people.

Churches trying to comment on racism – of telling those that do this – they address it so that, in a way that, apparently, racism and the racist are only out there in the “world”, or better, in society and not something that really involved the church and that is also within the church. There is the hypocrisy of false equality. It’s necessary to re-tell and re-write aspects of our African history, it’s necessary to deconstruct the dramas that happen to evangelical black families. The black woman was, deeply and intimately, negatively marked and the church still today wounds the black evangelical woman. We must construct black culture in the church and stimulate love among our people, we need to deconstruct the Western sexism that disrupts and destroys our families.

Elba Oliveira Chrysostomo aka Makeda Foluke Nabulungi is a Professor, Pan-Africanist, secretary of the Conselho Nacional de Negras e Negros Cristãos (CNNC) of Bahia 

Source: CNNCBA. Alcântara, Cláudia Sales de. “Fé, expressão e cultura: por um resgate da negritude na liturgia evangélica”. In Padê, Brasília, v. 2, n. 1, p. 96-117, jan./jun. 2008. Oliveira, Marco Davi de. A religião mais negra do Brasil. São Paulo: Mundo Cristão, 2004.


1. The famous and well-known Brazilian saying “white woman for marriage, mulata for sex and negra for work” has been cited often on this blog and for good reason as social relations and media representations continue to support this standard. One notes in this description of the Evangelical environment in Bahia that Afro-Brazilian men seem to have also adopted the white man’s traditional view of Afro-Brazilian women.

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  1. I had to giggle at the foreword of this blog post.

    Yet again you are saying the majority of Black men want the prize of Western society, the White woman.

    If Black woman aren’t seen as the prize or the pinnacle of “beauty” what exactly are Black women not just in Brazil, not just in the US but around the world doing about this?


    The richest Black woman in the world struggles with her own weight problem. People Magazine put Adepero Oduye in it’s beautiful people issue and she’s on the cover as well.

    Chances are she won’t be in the 2015 version of that issue.

    Is this changing how people in America look at Black woman particularly dark skinned women?


    Black woman are the face of Samba and Carnival. My suggestion? Stop being the face of Samba and Carnival…

    If you want to know how society views BW in America, head over to World Star Hip-Hop.

    The most popular show among BW in America is Scandal, I am not making this up.

    In my estimation, beyond being a woman, being a vessel for children; Black woman offer no advantage over any other woman. The sharing of the “struggle” is not something of value, it’s something to stress over which can be deadly if not controlled.

    I will hazard a guess that the Black men interested in being married have come to the same conclusion.

    As I said the simply answer to this problem is to learn English and nab you a African-American.

    That way you solve two problems:

    1) You are able to become more than just a maid or sex object in the US. As I said society here prefers Black woman for anything but CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

    In that case a man, even a Black man is preferred. The CEO’s of Pepsi Cola, American Express and McDonald’s are Black men.

    2) You will find Black men that want you. As I said the majority of Black men want to marry Black women. The problem is all the single mothers and sure Black men are responsible for that; but American Black woman largely reject BM who are just normal.

    Why does this blog make it seem like the impossible is easier than the expedient?

    Changing how Brazilian society views Black woman will not happen for several generations to come. Solving the problem of Black woman wanting relationships that turn into marriage without the abuse actually the easier thing to do.

    • The longer I live, the more I am convinced that it is not a ‘beauty” issue as much as it is a media and value issue.Black women who hang out in Europe or places like long enough know that a lot of white men in places like France, Germany, ALL of the Nordic countries (basically, the places that do not have a lot of Black people in them) tend to be attracted to Black women. But they have a tendency fetishize us, and there is often a HUGE culture gap between Black women and white men. i would say that men – well, MANY of them – have far fewer emotional needs than women. Women need a certain level of understanding and depth, which white men often cannot really give us. Men, on the other hand (not all of them), just sort of need a girl to follow him around and know when to shut up.

      The interesting thing that I have seen is that the vast majority of interracial relationships (or relationships in general, for that matter) for people younger the 40 do not REALLY work, when you start digging under the surface. When you start digging, you will see the cracks – people like Bruno de Souza who chopped up his white girlfriend and fed her to dogs. Ronaldo, who on his white girlfriend with THREE transvestite prostitutes (and who also doesn’t know he’s Black :-D).Tiger Woods, who cheated on his white wife with some nasty hoes. Terrence Howard, who was charged with beating his white girlfriend. O.J. Simpson, who was infamously charged with murdering his white ex-wife.Hank Baskett, who cheated on his white wife with a transexual she-male. Not to mention the countless number of non-celebrities who are probably struggling with these issues. We have this idea that Black men value white women more…but, after many years of observation, I am not sure that they REALLY value these women more, because they often treat them like sh*t on the bottom of their shoe.

      Here in the Northeastern Brazil, it is SO common for my female students (all white and varying degrees of attractiveness) to confide about a cheating boyfriend or husband, or one who is in the closet. I have begun to take a “the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side” approach when considering this issue. What I have observed is that, behind the scenes, these Black (and White) men do not have overflowing love and respect for these white women – quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. The same goes for Black women who try to date or marry white men. If she is younger than 40-50, she had better not try to talk to him about difficult subjects. Older interracial couples do not seem to have as many problems (but these are just my own nosy observations and are not based on science of any kind!). I would say that white people, in general, have an unspoken/unconscious fear of Black people, because we are powerful beings – particularly the women.

      And then there is the rather hidden life of MANY Black people – Those who are married to people who are the same color as they are. There is never any emphasis on The Denzel Washingtons, Chris Rocks, Jay-Zs, Samuel L Jacksons, Kevin Harts, Ice Cubes, and Tyler Perrys of the world. Any country that used to have slaves will retain the colonial mentality and denigrate black people in the media any chance they get. I am happy and relieved that World Star HipHop is not the only Black media available for those of us who are more educated. Thank God for the interwebs!

      “As I said the majority of Black men want to marry Black women.”

      I agree with this wholeheartedly. They never talk about the aftermath of the “swirl” relationship. In Brazil, I have also felt that Black men who self identify as Black or is comfortable in his “shade” of Black give me plenty of air time. Perhaps we as Black women must have the confidence to know that men would like to know us and be with us. Perhaps we must lay down our armor and let the men in sometimes. Perhaps we must let go of those brothas who want “some white chick” (for now), quite dreaming about being with a white guy cuz they are supposedly “better” (cuz usually, they AIN”T), and focus on the men who would love to know us.

      • Tiger banged nasty hoes? One is a Socialite, think Paris Hilton wealth, one was on Survivor (her 15 mins were over), the others minor people of note and a waitress or two.

        Actually he did what lots of famous men do mostly on the sneak. Men as a whole the more money you have, the less overall you value women because so many women throw themselves at you to get access to your wealth, status, etc.

        You would have a dim view of women too if every woman you hooked up with always asked in one form or another to buy you something and then call you cheap if you didn’t, something I find minority women LOVE to do.

        What is disgraceful in the Black Community (did I say that?) is that many Black women want pre-configured Black men. They want them to be successful, career oriented, but still have that edge = Corporate Thug.

        This very BLOG said that the one of the reasons Black women in Brazil end up marrying White men is because lots of Black men are shiftless and lazy.

        The problem here and in Brazil is that too many Black women berate Black men to succeed but won’t give the tools or encouragement to succeed.

        My ex GF who is White didn’t discourage me from trying to build a business. She worked while I tried to build my business at home. She didn’t have a great job, she had a decent job. I made sure the car payment was paid, paid for the internet, cellphones and DirecTV. She paid for rent and food; we were not on any assistance, we could have easily qualified for EBT.

        Women like productive men, I get that, when men aren’t productive in the hood, they still get laid, THAT IS A MAJOR PROBLEM. I am not in the hood and I might as well be a monk as I work on one of my original business ideas. Now if I lived in a majority Black Community I could likely get some off a single mom with a couple of kids. The same is true anywhere though, it’s less likely with White women especially the more attractive they are, even with two or three kids and being single; if she’s blonde, in good shape and attractive, she doesn’t have to stoop to hooking up with an unemployed Black man.

        For most BW to get a date period you have to consider that guy, a guy in my situation. I don’t like other people’s kids, especially when there’s no man around, SMH. That said my situation is not static and have experience various levels of success before.

        Of course you would agree that the majority of Black men in America wanna marry a Black woman, a woman just like their mother because 70% of Black women are single mothers… It was 69% in 1980, so there’s plenty of Black men a product of those environments. This is why many Black men behave and argue like women too.

        WSHH is interesting because it is not a video arrogating website. It is intended to highlight certain rap artist whose labels pay for the extra attention. The guy that owns it, is making a ton of money off Black People’s dirty laundry, at least he’s Haitian.

        But that crazy behavior is putting his kids through college while these hood rats hope little Deondre makes it to the NFL or NBA.

        I have little interest in typical Black media and talk on the internet and I don’t use those sites. I find my views are the polar opposite in many instances.

        Like this blog, they find IR problematic, while I have no problem with it, encourage it and yes men need less from women than women need from men. This is why women like to have extended family around. That is in-case her relationship goes south and has her family to fall back on.

        Meanwhile all societies view men as expendable.

        I don’t need that “special” understanding of the “struggle” because that struggle is internal at this point, not external.

  2. “Tiger banged nasty hoes? One is a Socialite, think Paris Hilton wealth, one was on Survivor (her 15 mins were over), the others minor people of note and a waitress or two”
    LOL! Do your research (if one could call it such a thing!) There are definitely some skanks mixed in with the (one) “socialite”.

    “You would have a dim view of women too if every woman you hooked up with always asked in one form or another to buy you something and then call you cheap if you didn’t, something I find minority women LOVE to do”

    Those of us who are educated and have our own money don’t do this so much. Stop dating chicks from World Star HipHop and go for the doctors, lawyers, nurses, businesswomen – the professional women. You may have a kneejerk reaction and say that you HAVE dated these women and they are “all the same”, or that these women do not exist (as dudes often do when presented with the obvious). If you do go this route, I would have to respectfully disagree…but maybe that’s just cuz I’m a woman 😀

    “This very BLOG said that the one of the reasons Black women in Brazil end up marrying White men is because lots of Black men are shiftless and lazy”

    I think a LOT of this misconception is media – particularly in Brazil, where they are only just beginning to wake up to the destructive racism they are subjected to here all day every day.. If you are a person living in an ex-slave colony/country, you will know that there is a CONSTANT overt and covert message about all Black people – that we are all ugly, shiftless, lazy, etc….this has been going on for years. And if you do not have a strong support system, or a life that tells you otherwise, this destructive message will often seep into your subconcious and do damage. In Brazil, the MOST shiftless, lazy people I’ve seen have tended to be the children of white, upperclass people – most of whom are about 10 -15 years behind where they should be developmentally. It still surprises me to see 35 year olds who do not know how to take a note, cannot do the most basic problem solving, struggle learning English because they have no thoughts about anything at all (and I am NOT kidding about this!!) or who can’t remember things because they still have not figured out what an agenda is. They are quite strange for me to observe. On the other hand, I have a GREAT time talking about all sorts of things to the Black people that I meet in Black communities here! And I have been surprised to see how many of them have learned English ALONE via the internet and music.

    “IThe problem here and in Brazil is that too many Black women berate Black men to succeed but won’t give the tools or encouragement to succeed.”

    I’d say that society does this more than Black women. And many of us learn our lesson if we try to date a guy who is “trying” to get himself together after we have already started moving forward in life. The thing a LOT of guys do not realize (or are not willing to admit) is that there IS a tendency to discourage the woman from being all that she can be, if she is more accomplished than him. It doesn’t happen with men who are completely confident in who they are or where they are going before they meet the women. But if he doesn’t have that level of confidence – let’s be real – he will usually not lift up the woman and be encouraging to her. He will find some way to try to hold her back. But, you will be happy to know, that this is not exclusive to the Black community. Rather, there is simply a tendency to highlight the normal issues Black people face, as if they are abberations of humanity that no one else suffers but us. I was reprogrammed when I started travelling to different places and could observe that Black people are just normal people who experience the whole range of being human, just like everyone else.

    ” The same is true anywhere though, it’s less likely with White women especially the more attractive they are, even with two or three kids and being single”

    I would encourage you to go to lowerclass neighborhoods in London, Scotland, Ireland, France, Greece, Italy or poor USA and you will discover that this is really more of a poverty issue than a race issue. You will observe many white communities in those places that are stricken with the exact same reality. At the same time, I would also encourage you to spend more time with more professional Black women to see a different reality – even if you do not date them.

    In the United States, only 51% of white women are married and 41% of Hispanic women. And these are the women who are supposedly the most “valuable” to the society. I was surprised by these statistics when I first read them. Sure it is still a higher number than for Black women, but their men do not face exceedingly high incarceration rates and constant bullying from society. When viewed as simple statistics (without trying to denigrate Black women in some way by comparing us to them), their numbers are not that great either.

    “For most BW to get a date period you have to consider that guy, a guy in my situation. I don’t like other people’s kids, especially when there’s no man around, SMH. That said my situation is not static and have experience various levels of success before.”

    I think this is already changing for a lot of Black women. We do not all have wedlock babies, and just need to see that you are not seeking to live off us (which, this DOES HAPPEN), and that you are confident person who has something to contribute to the relationship. Again, what many men miss is that simply being a man isn’t always enough for women who want to start families and experience some kind of stability in life.

    Also, if you do not believe in white supremacist ideology, or covert eugenics, TRY to find information about white divorce rates, or statistics that show, in clear details -as clear as the destructive statistic about Black women – and you will find a bunch of information about interracial divorce, Black divorce, hispanic divorce, and Asian divorce. There will be the underlying assumption that white people do not get divorced, but this is not true. There is a reason that research funded by white supremacist attitudes tend to overlook the challenges of the white race. We all know that white people are more likely to commit suicide (a suggestion that they are not all as happy as they like to portray), go on a rampage killing (suggesting even more, that white life is not as peachy as we want to believe), be a serial killer, , if she is a white female, rape a student (suggesting that marriage among them is also not as rosy as we might like to think), rape a child in church, commit mass genocide, or own other people. Unfortunately, you will not see any media hit jobs on them based upon their race. Rather, they will be portrayed as crazy individuals who HAPPEN to be white 🙂

    “I have little interest in typical Black media and talk on the internet and I don’t use those sites. I find my views are the polar opposite in many instances.”

    And yet you have found your way to both this site and World Star HipHop…interesting…I would say it is important to hear positive stories about Black people as well. You will not hear these stories in white supremecist media or websites that glorify ghetto, uneducated Black people. After I started travelling around the world and communicated with other Black people, Asians, “hispanics”, white people from other places – men and women – I have discovered that we are, in fact, quite normal. I also know how to more critically analyse white supremacist media and data, so that I do not fall into the destructive trap of “white is right”. I am happy to see that, just as scores of Black women are waking up to the fact that our hair and our selves are quite lovely, more Black PEOPLE are rejecting the attitude that there is something inherently wrong with us over all other people on the planet.

    Be forewarned that the Black man and woman are the most feared on the planet because we have gifts that no one else has, when we stand strong in our power. Be forewarned that there is a reason that we are constantly being denigrated in the media in different ways. Make no mistake that this is the result of white supremacist ideals that are meant to keep you psychologically and spiritually enslaved (The Matrix, anyone??/111). Also, learn how to ask questions when you read media that basically says “See How Shitty Black people are??” You might be surprised with what you come up with…

    • Also, if you want to have your mind blown at least a little, I HIGHLY recommend that you watch a series of 3 documentaries called HIDDEN COLORS. Take notes while you are watching them and begin unravelling the mystery of your Black Self.

    • What do you mean do my research? I am aware of all the woman that Tiger allegedly had sexual contact with. Of course these women said yes, as I said it’s a function of wealth in Western Culture.

      All women believe they have a magic pussy and because of that lots will take a shot at famous/rich men to take the place of the current Mrs. Woods. Simply calling them hoes and home-wreckers is too simplistic.

      I would call BW on the mat for reproducing with BM who have no future at all and will stay in the same place they were born. Speaking of which, I know Western society is especially harsh on Black People, not just Black men but Black women as well.

      What makes you think I don’t know what eugenics is? I know how/why the elites want to eliminate most people from the planet, not just people of color and not just out to get Black people.

      Marriage rates are down across the board, the problem is with this and every other metric is that Black people are like a bad football team. To win your margin for error is nil. You can’t have babies out of wedlock, you can’t sell drugs and take the chance of going to jail, you can’t just depends on your athletic skills to possibly help your mother escape poverty.

      I see the same messages in media, but as I said before I didn’t grow up poor, so those messages don’t resonate because my parents are successful by US standards. In fact my entire family, including the extended parts are the same. I can count on one hand who’s ratchet and it goes directly back to the lack of a male presence in the household. I would go into more detail but that’s largely none of your bees wax.

      I never knew what World Star Hip-Hop was until it was pointed out by somebody I follow who shall remain unmentioned to keep this topic on track. I found this forum looking for something else, in fact some information on Interracial Marriage in Brazil. I was pleasantly surprised to find no matter how Black women feel or the reasons why it happens, sounds like axes to grind. Like when you say I should be looking among the higher echelon of BW. Come again? What makes you think I haven’t dated any intelligent or successful BW? This is an economic issue; when I was successful previously BW shunned me, I wasn’t “Black” enough. There are too many opportunities for Black men for Black women to play these crazy games. In my experience as long as I am moving in a positive direction, all sorts of woman want to date/marry me.

      Finally, I never said there wasn’t a fear of strong elements in the Black Community. Of course there is a focus on making sure the Black Community continues the infighting as the Western model of White Supremacy would fall apart without people participating in it.

      Again, you assume I don’t know what Hidden Colors is or who Tariq Nasheed is…

      • Well I guess you have nothing to learn and nothing to prove. You sound like a Black person who really hates (or at least really dislikes). Black women at this point, cuz at the end of the day, all Black women are same! You have found the answer, and it is “white”. Usually, once you get a bad taste for something, you don’t go back to it. So keep moving forward as you see fit and Good luck on ya journey bruh 😀

      • I learn something everyday. What you told me is that I should watch Hidden Colors. Every person he had in all three movies I have heard speak before. There was nothing uncovered by him I wasn’t already aware of. I can give you a laundry list of what he doesn’t talk about and it’s connections to the continued oppression of poor and lower income Blacks.

        Can you identify the phrase or sentence where I said I really dislike Black women?

        As I explained as a function of economics, most of the BW in my dating pool aren’t interested in me. Why would I need to lie about that and why would that automagically mean I don’t like Black women?

        I also don’t live in a Black enclave so the absolute number of BW, minus the BBW’s, minus the careerist, minus single mothers and frankly women that just aren’t attractive, doesn’t leave a whole lot. Why should I limit myself and what exactly would I get out of exclusively dating BW as some of my friends had who are now divorced.

        I guess what I am saying is that no haystack in America is worth digging for a BW.

        Since this is a blog about Brazil, I never said I wouldn’t date/marry a Afro-Brazilian woman… I just have little interest in American women and near zero interest in American Black women, that doesn’t mean I “hate” anybody.

  3. I always believe that there are good and bad things about all races.Black women have their positives and white women have their positives.Let’s learn from each other and adopt the good things.A woman who exhibits more positives than negatives is very attractive.Do not hate the other person for liking what they like – life is too short and you have to choose a woman who makes you happy.

  4. I am wondering if there is any statistics on how many (or what proportion) of middle and upper class black men marry outside their race, Because, if the above written is true, the problem is not only embedded deeply in the psyche of the black population, but it is also of epidemic proportion. If “racial democracy” has this kind of impact in the society in this day and age, then it partially explains why Brazil remains a dysfunctional nation.

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