Meet Nayara Justino: The new Globeleza girl and representative of Rio’s world famous Carnaval

Nayara Justino is the new Globeleza girl
Nayara Justino is the new Globeleza girlBW of

Note from BW of Brazil: Last Sunday, Nayara Justino was crowned the new Globeleza girl of the Globo TV network. This means that as the famous Carnaval season gets closer, Brazilians will be bombarded with Nayara’s image on the small screen several times per day. It’s a shame that in reality, this is about the only time of year one regularly sees black images on Brazilian television and one can’t deny the accompanying stereotypes of these images. But who knows, maybe this visibility will be a stepping stone for bigger things for Nayara. Good luck!

Nayara Justino is elected Globeleza 2014
She will replace Aline Prado as the muse of Carnaval on the Globo TV network
by Famosidades and Renata Mendonça

Nayara Justino, a representative of Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro, captivated audiences and was elected the new Globeleza girl on the night of Sunday (1), during the Globo TV show Fantástico. The candidate reached the final of the contest alongside Camila from Minas Gerais and Nara from Salvador, Bahia, but she came out on top receiving 53% of the popular vote.

Nayara Justino é a nova Globeleza

“I’m very excited. There’s no way to measure it. I can’t explain,” concluded Nazaré, mother of the beauty that will be the image of the Globo TV Carnival in 2014, replacing Aline Prado.

Nayara with her mother Nazaré
Nayara with her mother Nazaré

During the selection, the Sunday program was also had the presence of singer Thiaguinho, Débora Nascimento and actor Sérgio Loroza. Samba musician Jorge Aragão also participated singing the Globeleza theme song.

Nayara explains that her love for samba started while she was still in the womb of her mother, Nazaré, that until the 9 months of pregnancy frequented samba circles. An only child, she recalls that at four years of age she frequented these circles dressed as a baiana in her first kids show.


“I was the doll of the house. I didn’t live with my father. I was raised by my mother and aunt Rilma. Strong and scrappy and strong who never let me feel a lack of anything,” said an emotional Nayara, who learned to samba at barbecues promoted at home by the family matriarch.

Nayara 2

At 25, Nayara reveals racism she suffered greatly during her career, but did not let it get her down. She claims that carrying the Globeleza title crowns her struggle. “It is hypocritical to say that a black person has never suffered discrimination. I suffered at school, in stores where they wanted didn’t want to help me, in the street where they cursed me. But I never got down because of that,” she says.

Nayara defeated the other finalist Camila Silva to become the new Globeleza
Nayara defeated the other finalist Camila Silva to become the new Globeleza

“I love my race, my color… I think I’m beautiful!  There were moments that were strong and I was shocked, but I came out on top. We are all equal! And for whoever called me macaquinha (little monkey) in school, now I say: I am Globeleza and now what? I am here,” she jokes.

Source: Pure People, MSN

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  1. I hope she’s able to get rid of some of the stereo types in Brazil especially when it comes to black women, and some black actresses as well. It’s time these actresses got some ‘real roles’ on t.v. (doctors, lawyers, etc.). They can do it all it takes is for them to be given a chance to prove it.

  2. She will always be Miss Carnival to me! So long as she takes care of herself, her family, & shows the utmost respect for her Blackness & folk she is cool with me!

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