The Divas of Brazilian Hip Hop show

Divas do Hip-Hop no Sesc Itaquera, em Abril (2)

The Divas of Hip Hop project was designed to celebrate the feminine universe within Hip Hop culture and aims to bring the general public street art performed ​​by women. Participants in the project are great female voices such as Yzalú, Karol de Souza, Amanda Negra Sim, MC Stefanie, Karol Conká and Lourdes da Luz, that will present their own songs as well as reinterpretations of hits like “Domingo no Parque” by the legends of Brazilian Hip Hop, the Racionais MCs and “Cabeça de Nego” by well known rapper Sabotage. To innovate, bring grace and beauty to the show, as well as reinforce the message of women’s presence in Hip Hop, the band is comprised of all women, Gabriela Gonzalez (guitar), Gê Ruiz (bass), Bianca Predieri (drums), Roberta Kelly (Percussion), Juliana Ripke (keyboard), Ana Paula Ribeiro (2nd voice) and DJ Simmone Lasdenas, with dance interventions by b-girls Isabelli Afrobreak and Aline Constantino and a tribute to Dina Di, one of the great divas of Brazilian Rap, who passed away in 2010. The show will take place on April 14, 2013, 3:00pm at SESC ITAQUERA in São Paulo.

For a taste of what Brazil’s female MCs have to offer, peep the videos below

Yzalú – Cabeça de Nego – Feat Sabotage

Karol de Souza – Pro Que Eu Maizamo (interview, performance starts at 3:33)

Karol Conka – Gandaia

Amanda Negrasim – Amor ao Rap

Lurdez da Luz – Andei (Part. MC Stefanie)

Source: Rap Nacional

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