The black hair revolution continues! Photos from the 2nd March of Curly/Kinky Hair Pride in São Paulo!



Note from BW of Brazil: Wow! Has it been three weeks already?!? Ya know, as a regular blogger, I am always consistently preparing new material for the blog’s readership. Whether translating new material or preparing my own thoughts on such material, sometimes I lose track of articles that are already done and just need posting or those that sit in my “post bank” just waiting for official release. As I’m writing now, I just realized that I have 23 such articles sitting in the bank, some going as far back as September of last year! Incredible how time flies sometimes! Today’s piece is a great example. 

Women arriving for the 2nd annual March of Kinky/Curly Hair Pride

I had prepared this piece almost three weeks ago and had planned to post it on the following day. But then what happened? The 2016 Olympics soon approached and the piece got put on the back burner for later usage. So, yes, this material is a little dated, but if you’re not in Brazil, specifically the city of São Paulo, this news is most likely still new for you!

Artist/performer communications strategist Juliana Luna featured in a recent ESSENCE magazine article

Anyway, I also had an extra incentive to push this piece out today. Early this afternoon, a friend of mine sent a link to me of an article/video that she found from the US black women’s magazine website Essence about Afro-Brazilian women making transitions from straightened hair to natural kinks, coils and curls. Entitled “Afro-Brazilian Hair Stories”, it perfectly captured the experiences of so many black Brazilian women coming to find beauty in their natural tresses in a country in which their self-esteem is assaulted daily with negative comments, jokes, laughter and even job rejections all because afro-textured hair has for centuries been considered ugly, unprofessional, uncivilized and the like. 

It’s always great to see people we’ve featured on this blog (like Juliana Luna) attracting international attention! And while the 2nd annual Marcha do Orgulho Crespo actually went down on August 7th, there’s no reason that we can’t feature more amazing photos of these beautiful sistas rockin’ their naturals! Right?


Women participate in the 2nd March of Curly/Kinky Hair Pride in São Paulo

Courtesy of PV Mulher; photo credits Suamy Beydoun/Futura Press/Estadão and Ponte


Group met in the region of the MASP museum before walking to the CCSP. Program included round tables and shows by MC Soffia and Tássia Reis.


Women gathered on Sunday (7) at the MASP museum to participate in the second edition of the Marcha do Orgulho Crespo, on Paulista Avenue, in downtown São Paulo.


To the G1 website, São Paulo natives spoke about the process of abandoning processes of hair straightening. For them, it is much more than a cosmetic issue.


Organized by the movement created by duo Hot Comb and the Blog das Cabeludas (the big-haired ones), Crespas e Cacheadas (Kinky/Curly haired and Curly haired), the march “celebrates black culture and seeks to strengthen the Afro-Brazilian aesthetic as a symbol of identity, strength and resistance,” according to the text published to promote the event.


The program included a walk from Avenida Paulista to the São Paulo Cultural Centre (CCSP), where there were activities such as round tables and shows by rapper MC Soffia and singer Tássia Reis.


The 2nd edition had as its objective the expansion and deepening of the dialogue with black women agents of the creative economy through a partnership with Feira Preta, the yearly afroempreendedorismo (Afro entrepreneurialism) event and institutional supporter of the  Marcha do Orgulho Crespo Brasil.

Source: PV Mulher, Catraca Livre

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