Paula Lima: the black diva of Samba-Soul exudes personality, talent and is preparing a new album



Note from BW of Brazil: Well it’s been a long-time coming is an understatement! Hard to to believe that we have to present a full feature on the one and 0nly Paula Lima! The queen diva of Samba-Soul has been on the scene professionally since about 1994 and has been dropping solo gems since 2001, a total of seven solo CDs, with another, tentatively entitled Samba Soul to be released sometime this year. We haven’t completely ignored Paula as she has been featured in other articles but the interview we bring to you today was actually released back in August of last year. But as other pieces kept coming, today’s piece kept being put on the back burner! A shame because Paula’s style, appearance, voice and music would surely be appreciated by a worldwide audience that likes the presence and special swag of black female singers.

Paula brings a number of different influences in her style, which she readily admits, listing Quincy Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Elza Soares, Ed Motta, Gilberto Gil, Jorge Ben Jor, Gerson King Combo, Amy Winehouse and others among her influences. Lima’s bold mixture of Samba, Bossa Nova and Soul will surely liven up any party and appeal to non-Brazilians who are into the sounds of artists such as Jill Scott, Mary J. Blige or even Lalah Hathaway. Even if Paula decided not to enter the music business, she was still guaranteed to have found success in life as she earned a Law degree from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (Mackenzie Presbyterian University), one of Brazil’s oldest and most prestigious universities several years ago. Go ‘head Paula! 

For now, we focus on Paula the artist in her own words. Be sure to check out a few of the videos below. 

Paula Lima: the black diva exudes personality, talent and prepares a new album with Samba-Soul


The owner of one of the most striking voices of Brazil, she brings Agência Áfricas news about her career and about what it is being a woman, black and having success. She also reveals her beauty secrets and tells the fans that the next work will redeem her musical essence, where she can’t say, a lot of swing …

“I breathe my passion, music, around Brazil and the world. And I get a delicious affection from more than special fans,” says singer Paula Lima

By Melissa Castilho Diamantino for Agência Áfricas


Paula Lima or “the Diva”, as many call her, know what you want, how you want and transmits it, without fear or shame, happiness to be able to be on stage, to sing, to make and breathe music. A strong personality she reveals herself to be an optimistic woman, despite the daily struggle. “I’m still that little girl who grew up wanting to change the world and believing in it. I try, with my music, to meet with an open heart and with great pleasure my mission,” says one of the most versatile singers of our music, the owner of a greatly appraised voice.

In addition to being a star recognized and honored for her influence on MPB she also demonstrates a sense of critical opinion in relation to racial prejudice, so present in our society. In the coming months, she plans to redeem her essence – the soul samba mix – releasing a new album and performing gigs around the world.


Áfricas – What are your main projects for this year?

Paula Lima – After a tribute to samba, our national treasure, which was receptive to critics, the public and sambistas, very positive and a Latino Grammy nomination, I return to my essence, the Samba mixed with the Soul. Soon I’ll release an EP with four songs on all networks and “fronts”, a video, and present a different show. I also have international plans with some special shows planned to be presented in some countries starting in November.


Áfricas – How were your experiences off the stage as the lead in a musical spectacular, judge of the (talent reality show) Ídolos program and columnist/commentator São Paulo’s Carnival in SPTV newspaper? Is there again the prospect of new work projects in one of these areas?

Paula Lima – They were valuable and aggrandizing experiences! In terms of learning, discipline, backstage, a new look and the affection of a national audience. And yes, I intend to always feel challenged and that I can contribute and learn, to have new artistic and communication experiences.


Áfricas – How do you assess the growing appreciation of ethnic and racial diversity in the arts?

Paula Lima – I see with the best look possible, knowing that much remains to be received, seen, understood and valued in all areas, including financial.

Áfricas – Speaking of this, how is it for you to be a woman, black and a successful singer?

Paula Lima – There is a mix of gratitude, daily struggle and a lot to do, learn and see. There is a huge and sincere affection to a mixed and interesting audience that embraces me. I’m happy to be able to experience what I love unconditionally!

Áfricas – Recently there was the unfortunate episode about the case of the racist attack on the Internet against journalist Maria Julia Coutinho – aka Maju. What is your opinion about it?

Paula Lima – I love Maju! I’ve been interviewed by her and saw from far and up close her growth through her competence, dedication and charisma. She smart, bright and source of pride for everyone, of all races, skins and options, for being a winner for her visible merits. Applause to her! She serves as an example for those who battle! About the unfortunate episode, I felt another (piece of) trash produced by an unresolved minority, full of psychological problems, uneducated, as the term says, without education that there’s no use in this country, without any discernment, respect and love of neighbor. Shameful! The higher the visibility and power, even being on the biggest broadcaster of the country, the largest newspaper in the country with a wonderful performance, the greater the noise of little people with a little minds!

Áfricas – What beauty care do you usually take to be one of the most beautiful Brazilian “divas”?

Paula Lima – Ah! Thank you! I am honored … (laughs)! Well, I would like be more connected to this in general … Although working out, I wanted to love and never stop … You know?! I always eat better, despite having taken lactose and white flour in general! But now I do Muay Thai, there are no carbohydrates at night, few sweets, little caloric culinary madness in excess, a facial once a month, water, sleep, good creams and little expensive and cool makeup (laughs). Meetings with family, churrasco (barbecue) with friends and a super great husband who I love very much! I breathe my passion, music, around Brazil and the world. And I get a delicious affection from fans that are more than special!

Source:  Agência Áfricas

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