The black celebrity and plastic surgery: Is it necessary to achieve mega success? Singer Ludmilla, the latest to apparently agree, provokes controversy with new nose

Singer Ludmilla at beginning of career (left) and recent photo

Note from BW of Brazil: By now, we’re all pretty much accustomed to the routine. A black man or black woman enters the entertainment business. Whether being very attractive, more average looking, lighter or darker-skinned, it seems that eventually, to stay relevant, or perhaps reach the next pinnacle in superstar success, said celebrity undergoes some sort of cosmetic procedure to alter their original appearance. Of course, the most notorious case of this would be the late, great Michael Jackson, who took cosmetic surgery to a new, and many would say, unnecessary level. Jackson’s appearance over the years would prompt some to say that, ‘only in Hollywood/the US can we see black boy grow up to be a white woman.’ But MJ isn’t the only one; perhaps the most drastic but certainly not the only one.

We’ve seen the same bizarre transformation of the American rapper known as Lil’ Kim. In Brazil, we’ve seen singer Tati Quebra-Barraco undergo some 26 surgical procedures. But, quiet as it’s kept, this is pretty much the norm in Brazil. Let us also remember the transformation of singers Anitta and Valesca Popozuda. The fact is, when one does research on Brazilian women in the limelight, it gets somewhat difficult to find any woman who hasn’t undergone some sort of procedure. Then there was our article “It takes three months for samba school to find women without silicone breasts.” Do you see where this is going?

In a country where African physical characteristics (hair, nose, lips, etc.) continue to draw expressions of rejection and racial insults or indeed some persons seeking to “improve” these features for their children by marrying with white partners, it is any wonder that so many clearly black and even more mixed looking individuals of African descent want to distance themselves from their connection to Africa? In today’s case, we consider the controversy surrounding singer Ludmilla’s cosmetic surgery to alter the appearance of her nose. And as we consider this latest case of a black entertainer going the surgical route, let’s ponder Ludmilla’s career ascendance, the blond and platinum wigs/extensions, the color contact lenses, now the new nose (and according to some sources, many other procedures), her ‘perfect (white) man’ making machine in her music video and ask, is it a contradiction for one to claim to be ‘proud to be black’ but alter physical characteristics that defines said person as black?


  • “Ludmilla says that she is very proud to be black citing “Formation” in her Instagram but has surgery to leave her nose finer equal to whites
  • “Man, Ludmilla is very strange with this nose looking like Michael Jackson”
  • “Ludmilla had correction surgery on her nose and…”there was nothing wrong with her nose for her to correct”


Singer undergoes a new plastic surgery on her nose and appears unrecognizable; see the before and after of Ludmilla

Courtesy of iG Gente

At 21 and at the height of her success, the Ludmilla that we see today is very different from the beginning of her career, still under the alias MC Beyoncé. Since then, the funkeira (funk singer) saw your bank account grow, becoming one of the most popular singers in the country today. Along with success came the search for the perfect look.

The before and after of Ludmilla

Ludmilla has had a makeover throughout her career. Liposuctions and some plastic surgeries were responsible for the almost complete transformation of the singer’s body. The latest procedure by which she went through was a second intervention on her nose. In 2013, the funkeira had already resorted to plastic surgery to make it thinner and now displays an even thinner and upturned one.


The surgery was performed at the aesthetic clinic famous among celebrities, in São Paulo. The controversial transformation of singer Anitta and Mirella Santos also came out of the same operating room.

About to release her new album, A Danada Sou Eu, the owner of the hits “Bom” and “24 Horas Por Dia” is also quite thinner than when she began to bur up the stage as MC Beyoncé. This is because, in 2015, the funkeira underwent liposuction to refine her silhouette.

Ludmilla didn’t have only plastic surgery on her nose; know more

Ludmilla now with this nose; this photo was published by her to show the new look

By Fabiola Reipert

Ludmilla, who lied saying that she needed emergency surgery (to breathe better) and didn’t show up for  a show, actually had a nose job.

The funkeira at beginning of careeer performing under the name of MC Beyoncé

But this blog blabbermouth found out that it wasn’t only on her little nose that she’s had.

Ludmilla did liposuction on her stomach, waist, cheeks, arms, chin and some fillings in her face. And due to a liposculpture, an augmentation on her butt.

And since as Ludmilla (MC Beyoncé became thing of the past)

She didn’t want for this to leak in any way and will deny to the death that she’s had these procedures, outside of the nose (of which there is no hiding).

Here the singer had already had her first surgery on the nose

This is the second or third time Lud has done her nose and it’s not her first lipo.

Singer Anitta, already having been operated on, poses with Ludmilla (the two pretend to like each other, but speak ill of each other behind each other’s backs)

The funkeira sought the same clinic that reformed Anitta from head to toe, Santé, in SP. The clinic maintains confidentiality and doesn’t comment on the plastic surgery of their patients.

The before and after of Ludmilla’s nose

By Solange Reis


Ludmilla had plastic surgery on her nose.

In fact, the first intervention was in 2013 and this year, a “correction” was made, according to a spokesperson for the singer.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this story since I read it, and wondered why Ludmilla, at 21, had surgery on her nose. I’ve never seen anything grotesque or, indeed, impressive in her face, justifying remodeling, and I decided to research noses and ethnic groups … and I shouldn’t have done it: I found that the overwhelming majority of famous black American women made, at one time or another , a change.

Singer/actress Beyoncé

The nose can show a facial feature of specific ethnic groups: Mediterranean, Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians and Africans. The latter, which interests us, it has nostrils and extended tips.

Actress/model/TV host Tyra Banks

For the surgery, rhinoplasty is used, which is held in the nasal structure for aesthetic purposes or trauma correction. Usually, the most used technique is reduction, so that the nose has the appearance of noses of…Caucasian individuals (bingo!). Therefore, there will not be a plastic surgeon in the world that will receive in his office a person who wishes to increase the nose to look a little more like an African individual. On the contrary, Beyoncé, Gabrielle Union, Kelly Rowland, Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell all bought a Caucasian nose.

Singer Toni Braxton

Needless to say more. Today.

Source: TNM, Fabiola Reipert, iG Gente

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  1. Black men generally don’t have a problem with how Black women look when they are actually attractive.

    And don’t give me European standards BS, I didn’t think anybody mentioned in this story actually needed to have a nose job. But look the same can be said for some groups in America, namely Jews who often get their noses done and nobody says anything, well maybe Orthodox Jews but who gives a sh*t what a bunch of religious zealots think anyway?

    What about women who get boob jobs? I mean where does the criticism stop? Some people for various reasons are not happy with how they look. I don’t think there’s any undo pressure from the so-called dominate culture to look like everybody else in the dominate culture or you’ll be more accepted if you do.

    Micheal Jackson is the only famous Black male I can think of that actually changed his appearance. Sammy Sosa obviously has changed his skin color but still has a wide nose too and didn’t bother changing it.

    Black women need to learn from Black men. Women of difference races appreciate how Black men look, otherwise mixed race men who are often lighter in skin tone and have Caucasian facial features would be the preferred Black man by other women, but that simply isn’t the case.

    It’s actually dark skin Black men who are quite successful with non-Black women; that’s not to say all skin tone of Black men experience success with non-Black women, they do and that surely is a favored subject around here.

    I will say that Brazilian women, particularly Afro Brazilian women don’t constantly put down Black men and belittle them, So it’s not just looks Black men in America really have a problem with. It’s the typical Black woman’s attitude which is on display on a regular basis, via the police bloater, blogs, You Tube, Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat, What’s App isn’t as popular here as it is in Latin America.

    • Wow..! Looks as if someone just got on a non- Black American site make generalizations about Black women.

      So with the millions..possibily billions of Black women in the U .S. and the world, they are all put down all Black men and when I mean all, I mean ALL of them? In order for something to be true you have to know all of these women to come with that unfounded theory. The same thing you say all Black women ” do ” in terms of putting down Black men , they also say the same about Black men. So what’s the difference?

      For the life of me,I can’t see how you can let the world know how ” bad ” Black women are when they arent.If I can get frustrated at every Black man that disappointmented me in my life or people downing me because of my skin tone, it would be enough for me to support a White supremacist( though Ill never be a part of their evil group). Difference being was I gained strength to love myself.I dont need any man..of any race to uplift me.I love god and myself before any body and I don’t have to big myself by putting down others.

  2. I honestly don’t see a problem with getting nose surgery because a simple change on the nose can actually make the person more attractive. However, caucasian nose? I am sorry but looking at those black women who have “caucasian nose” look nowhere near as actual caucasian because white-nose are very thin and sometimes pointy with tiny nostril holes. Michael Jackson is the one who actually had a “caucasian nose”. He is the perfect example of someone who went from black to white.

    Ludmilla is starting to look less human and more like a deer.

  3. Although I’m not familiar with following singers mentioned, the sadness of them doing that to themselves is sad.

    Michael Jackson was mentioned on here.Supposedly, he got those surgeries because he didn’t want to look like his Father. Idk..his radical changes could have been about his dad but deep down..I believe that he his case..struggled with his Black heritage.

    I don’t think that Ludmilla.. hopefully.. will never go that far with plastic surgery. I have to agree,if she rapping about Black self love,it would seem hypocritical for her to get those surgeries but I can’t fault none of those Black women who get these surgeries. When you’re living in a society where you’re being told that Black is ugly, your mind weakens and you surrender to their propaganda.

    In the U.S. you don’t find as many Black women getting cosmetic surgery You may occasionally find them getting a nose job or liposuction ,but with them and other races of women they are either getting boob jobs or bigger butts. Far as Ludmilla’s fame , Hollywood still may still want skinny but slowly I’m beginning to see more darker skinned,natural haired women ( eg Viola Davis) ,fuller women getting in there.

  4. I see this more of an industry thing. 90% of Hollywood has had this surgery. The body and face of an entertainer is their product so they will do everything to make it as visually appealing as possible.

    I have a big nose too. I never even knew I had a big nose until it was made fun of, and my mom telling me as a child that I needed a nose job, she is much more appearance oriented than I. I have the means to have a nose job, but it is not a priority in my life nor a necessity. I actually love my nose in all its big glory, but that is me. I don’t have to have my pictures plastered on billboards or be on TV, social media can be a very unforgiving arena, so I won’t knock anyone who feels it necessary to get this surgery.

  5. This is really not that difficult. The reason to get a nose job, straighten the hair and these crap is to comply with white beauty standards. One can discuss all they long whether or not someone is “guilty” or not given the industry pressures, lack of opportunities, etc etc, etc. But the matter of a fact is that Ludmilla probably didn’t need it because she was already successful plus she gave a really bad example to young black girls “see, when you grow up you don’t have to suffer, you could just like me have straight hair and a chopped nose”. All these “what about boob jobs?” is a stupid way to try to de-racialize the discussion throwing racial and nonracial issues in the same bag. It’s not the same thing at all.

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