Erika Januza adapts short hairstyle for new novela ‘Amor de Mãe’ 

Erika Januza adapts short hairstyle for new novela ‘Amor de Mãe’ 

Erika Januza adapts short hairstyle for new novela 'Amor de Mãe' 
Erika Januza adapts short hairstyle for new novela ‘Amor de Mãe’ 

Note from BW of Brazil: I’m not even gon’ lie. I have always preferred women with big hair. Big NATURAL hair, afro style. In Detroit, for at least the last few decades, weaves, wigs and extensions have reigned supreme among black women to the point that, between some sort of artificial and chemically straightend hair, it was rare that I would see a black woman in the streets rockin’ her natural locks. When I would ocassionally see it, I would make sure I took a few minutes and compliment the sista for being daring enough let her crown shine in a world that, for all intents and purposes, all but forces black women to “do something” unnatural with the hair she was born with.

Erika Januza adapts short hairstyle for new novela 'Amor de Mãe' 
Halle Berry, Toni Braxton, Veronica Webb (Erika Januza adapts short hairstyle for new novela ‘Amor de Mãe’ )

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen a lot of black women who are equally gorgeous with long or short hair. For some reason, the ‘dos of actress Halle Berry, in the 1992 film Boomerang, and model Veronica Webb in the 1991 film Jungle Fever come to mind for some reason. I can already hear people thinking aloud, “You would think of two light-skinned, mixed actresses” when the topic is short hair, but that was not my intent. I just remember that in the early 90s, Halle Berry’s cut was a look that many black women admired. There was also singer Toni Braxton who debuted with a similar style right around that same time. I admit those styles were chic, modern and sharp. 

But even so, I’ve always been of the opinion that if a woman looked good with short or even closely cropped hair, she would probably look better with longer hair. Granted, I have seen women in which too much hair actually did hide the attractiveness of their faces, so of course, I can be wrong. I’m just saying that I tend to favor women who have longer hair. 

Erika Januza adapts short hairstyle for new novela 'Amor de Mãe' 
Érika Januza showed off her new look with her social network followers

With this in mind, today it came to my attention that actress Érika Januza, in my opinion, one of Brazil’s most beautiful women, recently underwent “the big chop”. Now, for me, Érika has it all. Flawless brown skin, a shapely body and an alluring face. And I absolutely LOVED her hair! She had the kinky curls goin’ on and a nice full head of hair. So, when I read that she had cut her hair, apparently not just a personal choice, but for a role in a new novela, I wondered how she would looked. 

Well….She’s still a cutey, no doubt and change is sometimes a good thing. But….well…to me, her before and after shots confirm what I wrote above. She’s cute with the short cut, but she was a stunner with her ‘fro! But hey, that’s just me. I like hair. I like afros. But enough about my own tastes, what do you guys think of Érika’s new look? 

Erika duas

Erika Januza adapts short hairstyle for new novela ‘Amor de Mãe’ 

The actress adopted the haircut for her new role in the soap opera ‘Amor de Mãe’

With information from Notícias ao Minuto Brasil

Erika Januza, 34, showed off her new look on Wednesday (29). The actress adopted a “joãozinho” haircut, very short and with shaved sides. The transformation is part of the actress’s preparations for her new character in the novela (soap opera) Amor de Mãe, which will replace A Dona do Pedaço in Globo TV‘s 9 pm slot.

Erika posted images of her short hair on her Instagram and wrote that she wants to inspire other women. “Dears, I hope you like it! My desire is beyond experiencing a new moment, celebrating capillary diversity, so to speak. You can be beautiful in any way. May this come from within you. To make the hair transition, for example, it’s nice to cut the hair and see it grow with new force, new shape. Be daring! Let’s go together! You might be surprised!.”

According to columnist Patricia Kogut of the newspaper O Globo, Erika will portray to a tennis player in Amor de Mãe, which is scheduled to debut in November.

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