Written in the Stars: The beautiful story of how four sisters from one state married four brothers from another state

Three of four couples consisting of four sisters and four brothers from two states
Three of four couples consisting of four sisters and four brothers from two states

Note from BW of Brazil: While it’s true that most stories on this blog deal with serious issues such as racism, police brutality and media representation, sometimes it’s necessary to simply enjoy a good story that shows that life still has many pleasant surprises and happy endings despite all of the social ills. Today’s feature is just one of those stories. Think of this. What do you think the chances would be of four sisters from one family from one state meeting and marrying four brothers from another state with the eight people all meeting in yet another state and all getting married on the same day? Would you think the odds would be something like one billion to one? Well, however you may figure it, this is exactly what happened! Check out the details below. 

Written in the Stars: Learn of the beautiful story of four sisters from Minas Gerais who married four brothers from Bahia

Map of Brazil - Minas Gerais in orange, São Paulo in red, Bahia in yellow
Map of Brazil – Minas Gerais in orange, São Paulo in red, Bahia in yellow

Is it coincidence or fate? Regardless of what caused the complete unity of this great family, the story you’ll read below could yield a very exciting and entertaining novel.

By Marcia Denardi

  • A family from the state of Minas Gerais, with four women, crossed with another, a Bahian family, with four men. And family is exacted what a meeting yielded these four couples?
  • It was like this..
Four sisters from the state of Minas Gerais
Four sisters from the state of Minas Gerais

It started with the looks traded between Idelsom and Cláudia, who met at a party, when both families had already moved to São Paulo. At first, Cláudia didn’t want anything with Idelsom, after all, she was already committed. But he is persistent and didn’t miss the opportunity to be with the woman of his life, so she fought for … And won her over.

Four brothers from the state of Bahia
Four brothers from the state of Bahia

Idelsom, already close to Cláudia’s family, began to fit in his brother Ivanilton, and always take him to events of Cláudia’s family, who had settled in Itapecirica da Serra, São Paulo. At these parties, Ana Silvana, Cláudia’s sister, began to exchange looks with Ivanilton. These looks also avenged, and the couple began dating.

The third brother, Ivonaldo, had already been in love with Fátima, the third sister, a long time. He didn’t reveal his love for her conventionally. Actually, it was Fátima herself who discovered his feelings for her, when she found Ivonaldo’s diary, and decided to take a peek. That’s when with great joy, she finally revealed mutual love of her future mate.

And finally, we have the beautiful couple Ivonildo and Vilmena, the youngest of the girls. She also kept her love for him secret for a while before dating. The youngest sister received the “gift” of a photo from her sisters of Ivonildo when he still lived in Bahia. She fell madly in love, so much so that he slept with a picture of him under her pillow. She cried a lot because of the distance, but the love of her life finally decided to live with his brothers in São Paulo.

  • And the wedding?

The story of the Luz family became even more peculiar because of one detail: the four couples decided to hold the wedding ceremony on the same day. This caught the attention of the local press, and attracted the whole neighborhood to the Catholic Church, where they all said a happy “I do” together. The first couple to form, Idelsom and Cláudia, had another reason to celebrate, as they were completing 11 years of dating.


The parties were not there because the couples couldn’t enjoy it much, due to the uproar that was caused by the news of the wedding. But it’s never too late to re-schedule a lost party, because this year, just as the mother of the girls recovered from an illness, everyone plans to celebrate the bodas de cristal, ie, 15 years of marriage, with a big party. And such a great story really deserves a big celebration, doesn’t it?

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