The 2016 Rio Olympics are over, but let’s not forget the fact: In terms of social conditions, “Brazil deserves the tin can medal”

brasil merece medalha de lata
brasil merece medalha de lata

Brasil merece medalha de lata

Note from BW of Brazil: Well the 2016 Summer Olympic Games hosted in Rio de Janeiro are officially over and it was a record setting effort for number of medals won by Brazil in this, the most celebrated global athletic event. And while the opening and the closing ceremonies were spectacular and so many athletes put on memorable performances, none of this changes the social reality that is Brazil and has been for centuries. As this writer sat back and watched the ending Carnaval-theme in the closing of the Games, all I could do was shake my head and think, “they did it again.”

In the same manner as everyday televised futebol games and novelas (soap operas) as well as the 2014 World Cup, also hosted in Brazil, the huge celebration of the world’s greatest athletes did exactly what it was intended to do: reflect attention away from the social conditions. What social conditions, you might ask? Well, the meme above pretty says it all. Below the text is translated and links are provided that analyze the information from the perspective of race.

Brazil deserves the tin can medal

First place in homicides
A police force that kills the most in the world
Fifth place in violence against women
Third place in homicides against children
Fourth largest prison population
Among the top ten of unemployment
75th place in the Human Development Index
Number 125th ranking by World Health Organization
Teacher salaries are third worst in the world
One of the most racist countries in the world
Patriotism never!!

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  1. Yeah, well, don’t disagree that Brazil treats blacks bad and that it don’t deserve them… on the other hand, outside the US (where there are tons of examples of successful blacks…. I’,m thinking… who wins the majority of the medals in the US?) Brazil is a good example of it. Somehow Brazil has not learned the lesson, but it’s pretty simple. Whites in Brazil are lazy ass stupid people, who think going to the university give them any brains, while they cannot think for themselves.. meanwhile blacks are being exposed to all sorts of things and the results is that most of the real thought production in Brazil is also Black. That includes, culture (no need to state the obvious..) and science (yes). The only exception of whites producing anything are those who leave Brazil and are back like heroes (they’re white AND intelligent so of course they deserve a medal!!).

    I’m proud of my brothers who won so many medals. It doesn’t matter their country in a sense, we’re the diaspora.

  2. Yeah, don’t get her too. To be very honest with you my brother I dig women, white or black, But this chick looks like a dude, so don’t really get what’s up with that,

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