“Tela Preta TV. Black Screen TV. TV for everyone, but thought up by us”: young black actors, producers, directors collaborate on new online television network

Tela Preta
Tela Preta


Note from BW of Brazil: Yet another exciting looking project being put together by black Brazilians who have decided to address mainstream media under-representation by taking matters into their own hands. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the debut of this project that has major participation from the black theater group known as Coletivo Preto (Black Collective). Considering the narratives this group has brought to the stage in Rio de Janeiro, this initiative can’t help but be good! It should go without saying that this blog has presented enough background information as to why a group of black actors, producers, directors and audiovisual technical professionals felt the need to pool their talents and bring quality black representation to computer screens in the coming weeks.

If you still don’t know how mainstream Brazilian media treats its black population, a quick summary should suffice. Black Brazilians are under-represented and sometimes nearly invisible and often times when they are portrayed, it is according to the standard stereotypes of Afro-Brazilians that have been presented for decades. Black characters presented in Brazilian television and film often lack depth, have no families while black men and women are rarely shown in romantic settings. Tela Preta TV is the latest in a line of endeavors that include productions such as Tá Bom pra Você?, Afronta, AfroTranscendence, Empoderadas, Afroflix and numerous other independent productions that are filling the void in black representation created by the media. 

Agatha Fabiano, Sol Menezzes, TV Preta hosts, Drayson Menezzes and Orlando Caldeira

Tela Preta TV. Black Screen TV. TV for everyone, but thought up by us

Entertainment. Power. New narratives. In the Rio and São Paulo connection, young actors, producers, directors and technical professionals of the audiovisual, blacks, decide to think up a television that seeks to meet all the demands of entertainment.

by Licinio Fonseca; photos by Adriano Oliveira

Inspired by the TV channels of Oprah Winfrey (OWN), Issa Rae (CoCre.TV), Kevin Hart (LOL Networks) and others, Tela Preta TV proposes to promote protagonismo negro (black protagonism) as a trigger for many other important aspects, such as representation, visibility, legitimacy, imagery and affection. Placed on the agenda along with other struggles and muffled voices, covering issues such as feminism, gender and social inequality. To produce socially relevant, aesthetically interesting and dramaturgically engaging content. Put on the scene a technical sheet composed mostly by blacks, creating this space of protagonism and encouraging other artists to do the same.

November 20th was the day chosen as the day of the channel’s debut so that Tela Preta TV (Black Screen TV) will be blessed by those who fought and died for the emergence of a new black narrative. A narrative made by ourselves.


Initially there will be five programs, but another three are already in the pre-production phase, one of them being for children, which will be presented by Elis MC.

YouTube will be the first platform, along with the channel’s website, which is under construction.

The Programs:

Passa lá em casa (come by the house): Monday the couple and also partners Drayson Menezzes and Orlando Caldeira, and their dog Leopoldo, receive guests at their home for an informal chat about entrepreneurship and self-production. The program shows the real run of those who have their own initiative, revealing some of the intimacy of the hosts and the guests.

Terça Trash (trash Tuesday): As its name already introduces, Terças (Tuesdays) the technical staff will expose and comment, in a comical and entertaining mood, the backstage and scenes cut from all the programs.

Rolezinho: Wednesdays Mariana Oliveira and Licínio Januário go after black personalities of relevance to the black community, and enter the day to day of these personalities to show, family, friends, the works. They will invade the house of these personalities, the events, the spectacles, etc. EVERYTHING!

Vem com as pretas (come with the black girls): From downtown of São Paulo, on Thursdays Sol Menezzes and Agatha Fabiano follow the day to day and processes of creation of models, stylists, photographers and fashion personalities that stand out in the cena Paulistana (São Paulo scene). Entering the closets and personal life, the style of each will dictate the pace of the program

Pipoca Preta (Black Popcorn): To encourage those who love to spend the weekend at home watching a movie, on Fridays Mariana Oliveira and Licínio Januário map films produced and directed by negrxs (black men and women) in the presence of one or more guests, involved in media or not, but who have a connection with the performing and visual arts.  In a fun and relaxed way, Pipoca Preta aims to publicize these films that are not known to the public, which present the humanized corpo negro (black body) and together with the guests criticism about the films will be raised and a discussion about cinema preto mundial (world black cinema), past and present.

Technical Sheet


Mariana Oliveira

Sol Menezzes

Agatha Fabiano

Drayson Menezzes

Licínio Januário

Orlando Caldeira

General Direction

Mariana Oliveira

Sol Menezzes

Licínio Januário


Coletivo Preto

Coletivo Nanã

Príncipes Negros Cultural

Executive Production (RJ):

Mariana Oliveira

Sol Menezzes

Licínio Januário

Drayson Menezzes

Orlando Caldeira

Executive Production (SP):

Gabriel Rezende

Assistant direction (SP):

Anderson Pereira

Alex Silva

Production Assistant (RJ):

Nuria Kiffen

Jonathan Fontella

Davi Reis

Production Assistant (SP):

Julia Nemeth

Pedro Veríssimo

Photography Direction (RJ):

Juliana Nascimento

Gabriela Reis

Aritson Alfredo

Mariana Oliveira

Daniel TV

Direction of Photography (SP):

Naina Costa

Lincoln Aguiar

Assistant of Photography / Making Of:

Julio Limiro


Pedro Carneiro

Sound Operation (RJ):

Mariana Graciotti

Thiago DiDeus

Dudu Falcão

Sound operation (SP):

Letícia Yabá


Mariana Oliveira

Pedro Carneiro

Visual identity

Camila Rodrigues

Graphic Design

Juliana Messias

Stylist (SP)

Agatha Fabiano

Stylist Assistant (SP)

Yorhan Mathias

Press and Marketing Counseling

Duetto Comunicação


Produção Preta

Instituto Criar



Damião Space

Teatro Faroeste (Amarelinho)

Iracema Rosa Filmes

Felipe Fanaia

Rober Dognani


Brechó Rua da Saudade


Baobá Brasil


Yolo Party

Galo Solto Saias Masculinas

Release Tour:

Feira Preta (11/18)São Paulo

Aparelha Luzia (11/19) São Paulo

Terreirão Negro (11/20) Rio de Janeiro

Source: Geledés


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