Teacher calls black student a monkey during a fight at a school in Rio; placed on administrative leave pending further investigation



Note from BW of Brazil: White teacher. Black student. Brazilian school. Monkey? In reality, there’s not much necessary to even say about this incident. Another day in Brazil. Another example of Brazil’s ‘racial democracy’. But as you read about this latest case, always keep in mind, “não existe racismo no Brasil” (racism doesn’t exist in Brazil)!

Professor calls black student a monkey during a fight at a school in Rio

Teen’s mother filed a complaint; scene was filmed by students

Video recorded in classroom catches teacher insulting black student: “Look at your tail, monkey”

A 14 year old black student was called macaco (monkey) by a teacher in the Instituto de Educação Clélia Nanci (Clélia  Nanci Institute of Education) in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro. The case happened on Monday and the teacher in question was removed on Wednesday (21). The teenager’s family filed a complaint for injúria racial (racial injury/slur) against the teacher.

Incident happened in a school in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro

“My son was in the classroom with the students. Before the teacher came, he and colleagues joined the tables together to play ping pong. The students say that she came in screaming at all. My son asked why she was screaming, then she said, that he was not one to question her. She said, “before looking at me, look at your tale, macaco,” said Ana Silva, the student’s mother.

The scene was recorded by students. The mother called the Military Police when she learned of the fact, but the teacher was not arrested. Ana was advised to seek a police station and register the case, which she did, and then confronted the teacher in a school meeting.

The student’s mother, Ana Paula Silva, immediately filed a complaint

The teacher denied having called the student “macaco”, but when she saw the video she admitted it, apologized and explained that she was nervous. “I don’t excuse thus. Doing this to a teenager has no excuse. She also said that she would kill my son. What kind of teacher is that?” she asked.

Student believes that with the repercussions on social networks and television, the case wills serve as an example

The teacher could not be found for comment. In a statement, the Secretaria de Educação (Secretariat of Education) said it doesn’t condone discrimination and says that the professional was put on administrative leave. “As determined by the Secretary of State for Education, the teacher was immediately removed from her duties and will respond to the inquiry. The SEEDUC points out that it repudiates all forms of prejudice and discrimination,” said the text.

Source: Correio 24 Horas

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  1. The other “only in Brazil” about this, is that it happens in a public school in Sao Goncalo, where a conservative educated guess would be that 70% of the students are black.

    Now try to imagine the same thing happening in a public school in Harlem.

    • There should be black parents demonstrating and insisting that the teacher be sent elsewhere. Has her name and photo been published? Let us know who she is. She may be guilty of other offenses. Investigate her.

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