Taís Araújo in LA to honor Denzel: Pathy Dejesus Gives Birth to Ludmilla

Taís Araújo in LA to honor Denzel: Pathy Dejesus Gives Birth to Ludmilla
Taís Araújo in LA to honor Denzel: Pathy Dejesus Gives Birth to Ludmilla

Celebrity news: Taís Araújo in LA to honor Denzel, Pathy Dejesus gives birth and Ludmilla “comes out”

By Marque Travae

In the news this week in the world of celebrities, I present to you a quick round up on three negras brasileiras that any reader of this blog should already know. Well, if you’ve been a regular reader anyway.

In the first story, Taís Araújo, arguably Brazil’s most successful black actress, was invited to participate in the 47th AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony that will honor a true legend in the game: actor, director and producer, Denzel Washington. The event is organized by the American Film Institute (AFI) and will take place tonight in Los Angeles, California.

A atriz global Taís Araújo e Denzel Washington
Actress Taís Araújo will participate in the 47th AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony honoring Denzel Washington

While I’m sure all of my readers are familiar with the accomplishments of Denzel, Taís has built quite a noteworthy career of her own. Besides being recognized as the “first black Brazilian woman to…” in several categories in the acting genre, she is also a host, journalist and has been recognized by Vogue magazine as one of the most stylish, but also courageous women of Brazilian TV. The label of courageous comes from Araújo’s stances and beliefs on the issue of race in recent years. Besides being Brazil’s most-well know black actress, Taís is also married to perhaps the country’s most successful actor of current times, Lázaro Ramos.

Taís was scheduled to arrive in the LA on Monday (3) and participate in other events connected to the ceremony in which Washington and several other celebrities who were scheduled to appear. Just a few of those names include Jamie Foxx, Morgan Freeman, Michael B. Jordan, Chadwick Boseman and Cicely Tyson.

Pathy Dejesus, 42, com Alexandre Cioletti, 41 - Glamour June-July 2018
Pathy Dejesus with Alexandre Cioletti, the father of her baby, on the June/July cover of Glamour Brasil magazine

In the second story of the day, actress Pathy Dejesus, whose last appearances on this blog detailed her participation in a new Netflix series Coisa Mais Linda, and also her announcement that she was an expecting mother. Well, how times flies. It’s June and Pathy’s new bundle of joy has already arrived! Maybe I shouldn’t say already. After all, for the woman carrying a new life, delivery after nine months may not be seen necessarily as “already”.

Taís Araújo in LA to honor Denzel: Pathy Dejesus Gives Birth to Ludmilla
Taís Araújo in LA to honor Denzel: Pathy Dejesus Gives Birth to Ludmilla

Anyhow, Pathy, who at 42 (as of May 7th) brought her first child into the world, named her baby boy Rakim. I always considered Pathy to be a classic black beauty, but obviously, considering the baby father’s, that classic black beauty will probably be passed on to a more beige category. Rakim was born on Tuesday the 4th with Pathy posting a photo of her new baby’s tiny hand wrapped around her forefinger as well as her breastfeeding her newbie.

Describing the moment, Dejesus called Rakim’s arrival “the happiest day of (her) life!”, calling Rakim her miracle and bebê arco-iris (rainbow baby).

Singer Ludmilla

The third newsworthy piece and perhaps the most “oh” moment of the week deals with singer Ludmilla. In the past, BW of Brazil has featured stories on Ludmilla’s rise from becoming a YouTube sensation to commanding a monthly seven-figure salary, and her bouts with racism. The last story I posted on the “Hoje” singer was perhaps the most provocative. The article discussed the artist formerly known as MC Beyoncé’s quick fling with a futebolista of Brazil’s National team, Gabriel de Jesus, her preference for “moreno” men, but also that she didn’t like her men to be too “gifted” when it’s time to get down. As she put it, “she shouldn’t have to feel pain” in a moment in which pleasure is expected. Alrighty then…

In terms of this latest news item, Ludmilla’s male admirers should take note. Just because Ludmilla dated a top futebol player and didn’t like her men too “well hung”, this didn’t mean that she couldn’t “switch teams”. This became apparent this week when Ludmilla went public with her relationship with one of her female dancers, Brunna.

Brunna Gonçalves e Ludmilla
Singer Ludmilla recently went public went her seven-month relationship with her dancer, Brunna

After “coming out” in an interview with journalist Leo Dias, Ludmilla then shared the news via her Instagram, where her ten million followers make her the most followed black Brazilian woman in social media. The funkeira defines Brunna Gonçalves as her “best friend” and that the two had already been a pair for seven months. Ludmilla dedicated her song “Espelho”, meaning ‘mirror’ to Brunna and the relationship has the full support of the singer’s mother.

I admit, Ludmilla’s announcement did catch me by surprise. But when the news broke, a friend of mine in a social network commented that “she just came out”, in the sense of ‘only now?’ and ‘finally’. Said friend went on to remind me that Ludmilla had previously “messed with” with funkeira MC Rebecca, whose lyrics to the hit “Cai de Boca” leave little to the imagination.

Come with that little mouth, lower my panties

Stick out that little tongue, Make me horny, I’m mad.

Tie yourself up in the black one, I’m gonna show you my tan lines

So you can see what’s good, Drop down with your mouth in my p****

Costa, Lud, Rebecca
Ludmilla had already been in relationships with dancer Isabelly Costa, as well as funk singer MC Rebecca

MC Rebecca had been rumored to have had an affair with pop star Anitta although Rebecca denied the relationship. In terms of girl on girl lovin’, Ludmilla had also had a romance with another dancer, Isabelly Costa, a passista (Carnaval dancer) with the Salgueiro samba school. Although folks in Ludmilla’s social circle knew about her three-year relationship with Costa, Ludmilla preferred to keep that relationship “in the closet”. Well, the closet door’s completely open now!

And that’s the celebrity news of week. And if ya don’t know, now ya know…

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  1. “As she put it, “she shouldn’t have to feel pain” in a moment in which pleasure is expected. Alrighty then…” SERIOUSLY?? It sounds like the author of this article has some issues and doesn’t understand that sex is NOT supposed to be painful for women. So, yeah, Ludmilla is completely right saying that. This is why women have to have a separate movement because too many “men” think causing us pain during sex is okay.

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