Stylist pays homage to black people using models who wear scouring pad material as hair

Who comes up with this stuff? I have to admit that I’m beyond being upset with some of things ridiculous displays of racism that come out of Brazil nowadays. I mean, beyond the penchant of everyday Brazilians for calling black people monkeys, or the blatant whiteness of TV programs, magazine coversmodeling runways, etc, then you have the actual creativity of racism. Take the blackface slave routine and allegiance to Hitler yesterday, the updating of the belief in Africans being “cursed” or the idea that afro textured hair needs to be “fixed” for recent examples. 

Now, in the latest example of creativity, we have a stylist that puts models on a runway wearing scouring pad material for hair in “homage” to black people. There’s a black woman wearing it also! A little background here. In Brazil, this scouring pad is called “bombril” and has for many years been a racist insult used against persons with cabelo crespo (kinky/curly hair) or what is known in Brazil as “cabelo ruim (bad hair)”. It was how a blogger depicted a black reality show contestant several years ago and was also the topic of a protest of a sponsor’s advertisement on a television show last year. Does someone really think that comparing afro textured hair to a scouring pad is an “homage”? Really? Brazil never fails to amaze me! Read the story below courtesy of Vogue Brasil

black hair
Models wearing “bombril” (scouring pad) styled hair

Sharing space with hairpins and sprays, on the bench of the backstage parade of popular Brazilian stylist Ronaldo Fraga, was some unusual material: steel wool. In homage to the arrival of blacks in Brazilian soccer, the beauty artist Marcos Costa created a hairstyle using a range of metallic utensil. This served as a crown on the head of the models, fastened with strategically placed hairpins wrapping hair strands stuck into a low bun. “The supposedly bad hair is actually a potential sculpture,” he said.

Representing the joy of the sport, Marcos idealized colored lipsticks (some models wore orange, while others wore pink, all were products of Natura). To complete the looks, skin with a lightweight base finished with bronze powder on the cheeks.

Photos taken during the 2014 São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW)

Source: Vogue Brasil

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  1. We cannot get totally mad at what other races portray of us if self hatred is so rampant in our own communities. Ive heard and seen black ppl say that "my hair is like brillo pad" or "his/her hair is so hard and rough like brillo pad….ugly" etc. so if we ourselves have these thoughts….and a white person or another black person decides to use a brillo pad in a play….. why are we mad….Yes it is an insult etc. but All this self hatred is the biggest reason why blacks cannot get ahead/do better and why we are misrepresented… And yes there are injustices and unfairness towards blacks around the world…. But it all starts at home…

  2. As a black woman, i see that black people are the butt-end of everyone's jokes. Even the trashiest discriminated non-blacks, make jokes and say evil things about us to make themselves feel better. Is a very hurtful thing to deal with, especially when i look around and see most of my people hating themselves for even being a black person. I know that we as black people have come a long way, but we still have a longer way to go, being that there are so many evil mean-spirited people out there who love to belittle, a black person for sport. I've been in a mode of hate, out of retaliations for my people being hated. I've posted hate speeches, thrown cheap shots, and have tried to defend my people to no end, but that was all wrong. I finally came to understand that vengeance doesn't belong to me, it belongs to The Most High, and our peace is in HIM, for those who choose to believe it. Its HARD to ignore, some sadistic racist a-hole, who is calling you a monkey, ape, n!gger, and saying that you have "n!gger sh!t skin", black woman are only good for entertainment, Black men prefer white, Asian, and Latino woman" (oh yes, i've heard it all!) however, the most important thing to do, is ignore it, to the best of your ability. Trust and believe that This Kingdom will fall, just like Babylon, Assyria, and Rome. This empire will not last forever, and when it falls, these devils are falling with it. We see the signs in the news everyday. The Most High is shaking up the world, and guess what… its for OUR sakes. You may have heard about being a Hebrew Israelite, and you may have ignored it, doubted it, or just flat out didn't think it was possible, but im here to tell you that IT IS possible, and its THE TRUTH! After all that I've mentioned about how bad we are hated and verbally abused, and after knowing the oppression of the suffering that we as a people have faced as a race of people, have you ever asked yourself WHY? Why have we lost our heritage, and have no firm foundation. Why dont we have no government of our own, no country, no nothing? and WHY are we HATED all over the world, seemingly for nothing?? Well i cried out and asked those questions 4 years ago, and i received my answer Through a series of prayers and events that had taken place, and what i found out was– my heritage is written of in the bible, and I AM a Hebrew by blood, just as many of you. Theres no way that The Bible can prophecy the end of the world, and be ON POINT with it, yet fail to mention our hard bondage and struggle, that has persisted over 400+ years! Why would the bible mention everything else, except that?? No The bible DID mention it, and it explains WHY our people are suffering as we are! However, i can type for hours, but to bring this to a close, i want to point out that- The Most High is on our side, just like He was when He delivered the Israelites out of Egypt with great plagues (all of which is even documented in ancient literature, not just the bible. What took place in Egypt, is a hysteric Fact) He is calling His people back to Himself, and as the The TRUE gospel is being preached throughout the four corners of the Earth, The Most High and Christ is SHAKING UP this world. Why else would there be 9000 dead pigs floating in a river, or plagues of locusts back in Egypt, and etc. Get involved, research and bring awareness to yourselves, and rise up from these ashes. Also Not every Hebrew group that you may come across, will teach truth. Many of them are hate groups, however i will recommend Israel United in Christ, and The Gathering of Christ Church. Nonetheless, let the spirit of truth guide you, as it did me. Bless you all, and for those who are spiritual, pray about what I've said, and May truth and awareness consume you. If you want to contact me, my name is Isha Ahmon on Youtube

  3. What a silly way to pays homage to black people using scouring pad material to mimic our hair. My hair do not look like scouring pad at all ! What a very poor sense of observation for a stylist. May be your intention was good, but your choice has been inept.

  4. What level of foolish IGNORANCE is this bullshyt? That STUPID COUNTRY WILL NEVER GET ANY. MONEY FROM ME! I hope the dark skinned people of Brazil continue to fight and know we support them here in the US.

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