Social media on fire about Gracyanne Barbosa’s cakes: Perfect body? Too much? Or plastic surgery gone wrong?

Gracyanne Barbosa

So as we announced earlier today, Carnaval in Brazil has officially begun. Besides seeing the millions of people, Brazilians and foreigners in the streets of various cities throughout the country, I sat back and waited to see what images and curiosities would capture people’s attention this season. And the winner is…. 


Let’s be clear. This post is not about race, racism, social inequality, maids, death squads or police. But it does touch on the question of body image, plastic surgery and standards of physical beauty/acceptability. Gracyanne Barbosa is the Queen of the Drumbeat for the Rio de Janeiro-based Mangueira Samba School and Unidos da Jacarezinho. And while she has been in the public eye for a number of years, her appearance at the opening of this year’s Carnaval was the cause of much chatter on social networks. Why? Well, to get right to the point: the ass! Yes, her butt or bumbum as it’s called in Brazil.

First, let’s point out the fact that Gracyanne, like many of Brazil’s top Queens of the Drumbeat, passistas and dancers, spends a lot of time in the gym. Mad props to her dedication! But on the other hand, Brazil has consistently been the top country in the world in terms of plastic surgeries performed per capita in the world. Recently, South Korea actually dethroned Brazil in the number one slot, but still…

So the question is, why does Gracyanne’s derriere look like that (photos below)? Is it the result of simply working out and pushing mad weight? Or is it the result of “when plastic surgery goes wrong”? This was the question and the focus of the near 1,000 comments on Yahoo today.

Brazilian women

Some people wrote that she should sue her plastic surgeon. Others commented on her body looking masculine: “less muscle, more feminine, please”. Others thought the booty would explode. Some complained that the ass had shrunk in comparison to other photos while still others thought her massive cakes were simply too large. So, gentlemen and ladies…question….


What do you think? Is her shape something that inspires you to start working out or in some cases, get back in the gym? Is it too much? Is it sexy? Does she look deformed? We know that celebrities have an enormous influence on the public so I’m curious as to what this says about body image. 



With the debates over whether personality Kim Kardashian’s cakes are real or not and the recent series of deaths of women desiring to inflate their assets, this topic is no longer simply about gossip, but setting a standard that could influence people to risk their lives to attain a certain aesthetic. Now before passing judgement and immediately proclaiming Barbosa’s prominent backside to be the result of plastic surgery or silicone injections, there are various photos posted below. The ones in the gym are mostly from late 2012, from September to December. There are also three photos showing her from 2006-2009. 

These three photos show her transformation from March of 2006 to June of 2009


Reacting to the controversy surrounding her assets, Barbosa said: “I lost 9 kilos (19.8 lbs) and the bumbum could even have looked flaccid, but no one’s perfect. I decreased my cardio at the gym because of rehearsals but I’m not worried about this. People comment what they wish it’s their right”, she said.


Barbosa posted many of the photos herself though Instagram

 Now, for those of us who work out or who have worked out, seeing a woman push up 12 donuts in a squat is more than impressive. With the weight of the bar, that would mean she’s pushing up 585 lbs!




Again, for fitness folks, you know that when you have to use knee braces, you either have bad knees or need extra support because you’re pushing some serious weight. 





So now that you’ve seen some pics of Gracyanne over the years as well as shots of her in the gym, what do you think? Is it possible to go from slim to massive naturally or only with some extra “help”?

Source: Revista QuemEgoOMG Yahoo

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  1. You just don’t know these days. Could be surgery, could be roids, or some combination. But I like her. If she getting that money its all good.

  2. Sad, because her earlier photos look beautiful. But clearly the pressure of money was the influence. There are several beautiful Brazillian women with great asses, which is why she felt the need to use steroids to separate her self. I am a professional trainer and a competitive powerlifter who knows the difference between hard work and drugs. She is not even squatting with a belt. Really? Sad because she is a beautiful women, but fake as hell.

  3. They’re fake fucking plates duh there’s no way they’re real, what do you think the world record squat is for someone her weight? Way lesss than that aha

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