Skinheads arrested in connection with racism, conspiracy and nationalist movement

Antônio Donato Baudson Perett and two others stand accused of racism and conspiracy
Antônio Donato Baudson Perett and two others stand accused of racism and conspiracy

Skinheads deny crimes and admit connection to the nationalist movement

The three arrested are responsible for racism and conspiracy. They are in Ceresp São Cristóvão (city of Belo Horizonte in state of Minas Gerais) and Antônio Donato Baudson Perett, 25, was involved in scuffle with other inmates

 The three arrested Antônio Donato Baudson Peret, 25, Marcus Vinícius Garcia Cunha, 26, and João Matheus Vetter de Moura, 20, suspected of racism and conspiracy denied the charges Tuesday (April 16). The skinheads said they have freedom of expression, but admitted that they were part of the nationalist movement. They were arrested on Sunday (April 14), with Antônio Donato being arrested in Americana (SP) and the other two in Belo Horizonte (capital of state of Minas Gerais). The three were presented by the civil police on Tuesday (April 16).

Photo depicting Donato strangling homeless man
Photo depicting Donato strangling homeless man

The investigation against Antônio Donato and others involved began after a controversial photo was posted on Facebook that showed the skinhead strangling a homeless black man in a story featured here at BW of Brazil. Antônio Donato said that the photo was a joke, but the delegate responsible for the investigation, Paloma Boson showed other pictures taken from the social network profiles of the three prisoners in the that had racist and homophobic messages. The young men will respond to accusations of racism and conspiracy, crimes cited in the inquiry by the Delegacia Especializada de Investigações de Crimes Cibernéticos (DEICC or Police Department Specializing in Investigations of Cyber ​​Crimes).

According to the department, there are another 10 police reports that prove the participation of the three in attacks in the capital, but each police station of the area where the crimes occurred will develop an investigation. According Boson, there is a fourth involved being investigated for crimes. On Monday, tracking was done at his house with a search warrant and seizure, but the arrest of this suspect but has not yet been determined by the courts.

Antônio Donato Baudson Peret  after being apprehended
Antônio Donato Baudson Peret after being apprehended

Donato arrested when he arrived at a bus station, coming back from a trip to the state capital. He was in Americana until Saturday, but traveled and his whereabouts were being monitored by police. On April 14th, police surrounded a bus of the Piracicabana bus company of which they knew Antônio Donato was riding and the arrest warrant was issued by the Court of Minas for the defense of crime with aggravating factors of racism and Nazism and conspiracy.

While passengers descended from the vehicle, police went to apprehend Donato, handcuffing him as he got off the bus. Wearing sunglasses and a black shirt, the man had no time to react. Police said Donato and others were arrested and are suspected of violence and intolerance against homeless people, drug users, homosexuals, punks, skaters, blacks and in some cases women. Police seized camouflage Army clothing, a biography of Adolf Hitler, two knives and brass knuckles from Marcus Vinicius. The accused said that the uniform is a reminder of the time in which he served the Army.

Image taken from video of Donato being apprehended
Image taken from video of Donato being apprehended

Donato was in Americana visiting his girlfriend, whom he met via the internet, and went to São Paulo with the girl to her grandmother’s house. Because of the photo of the homeless man, Donato can answer criminally for condoning racism. He also responds to three court cases for crimes against homosexuals and the situation may worsen. The prosecution of the state of Minas Gerais began reviewing a request for action against him sent by the Centro Nacional de Defesa dos Direitos Humanos da População em Situação de Rua e Catadores de Material Reciclável (CNDDH or the National Centre for Human Rights of the Street Population and Recyclable Waste Collectors (CNDDH).

Donato being taken into custody
Donato being taken into custody

Antônio Donato and Marcus Vinicius are being detained arrested preventively and João Matheus is only under imposed temporary imprisonment, which may be revoked in five days. The police department will now follow the investigations and will have seven days to complete the investigation and forward it to prosecutors.

Punch in prison

The three skinheads are detained in de Remanejamento de Presos Ceresp São Cristóvão (São Cristóvão Relocation Center of Prisoners or CERESP) and one of them has already been involved in an incident in jail. Correctional officers have moved Antônio Donato from his cell because of the bad climate that existed between him and other prisoners, people from groups opposed to the skinheads. He was placed in another cell after being attacked by other inmates whom he provoked defending his nationalist (skinhead) ideology.

Donato appears bandaged after scuffle with other prisoners
Donato appears bandaged after scuffle with other prisoners

Antônio Donato appeared with a bandage on his face at the press conference last Tuesday. According to the Secretaria de Estado de Defesa Social (Secretary of State Department of Social Defense or Seds), the prisoner was punched, rescued and went through a corpus delicti. The direction of the prison unit initiated an Internal Investigation Procedure to establish responsibility for what happened.

History of crimes

On April 15, 2011, the defendant and three other men were arrested for beating the 16-year old teenager A. A. M. C., with fists and kicks. At the first hearing, Donato was not located and the three others involved accepted a plea bargain proposed by the Special Criminal Court. They were obligated to three months of free community service for libel, threats and bodily harm. At the second hearing, Donato came to be subpoenaed, but didn’t attend.

On September 7, 2011, Donato and 17 year-old beat a gay couple with kicks and brass knuckles, as they exchanged affections in Praça da Liberdade. The two were arrested. The victim G. H. S. H., aged 18, was called “gay safado (shameless gay)” and was cut on the right shoulder with a knife. On January 5, 2009, also in Savassi, the victim was a homosexual 19 years. The two cases were not prosecuted by the Justice.

In an interview with the Estado de Minas Gerais newspaper, the father of the accused, the craftsman Donato Peret Mauro, 58, said the photograph of the child choking the homeless is just a montage made by his enemies. “My son was involved with the skinhead movement and has many enemies. He is alone somewhere, running the risk that someone will cut him with scissors,” said the carpenter, who had lived separated from his family for 14 years. “I will not deny that my son participated in some movements, but are they are demoralizing him. My son is in danger. The people who want to kill him are dangerous, crazy and drugged out,” said the father.

Other connections

There are reports that Antônio Donato has links with law student Gabriel Spinola who was involved in a racist hazing incident last month at UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais), another story presented on this blog back in March. In that incident, another act of prejudice and Nazis citations caused controversy in Belo Horizonte. Law students at UFMG painted a student black for a practical joke. The girl appears chained in the image and being pulled by an upperclassman. She also wears a sign with the words “freshman Chica da Silva”, in reference to the famous slave who lived in the 18th century freed after being involved with a diamond contractor. In another picture, a freshman is tied to a pillar while three students make a Nazi salute. One of them wears painted a mustache similar to that of German dictator Adolf Hitler.

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