Woman’s baby stillborn; sister accuses hospital of negligence and creates petition for investigation

Luciana's baby was stillborn
Luciana’s baby was stillborn

Note from BW of Brazil: This post was actually intended to be posted 11 days ago when the news first reached the blog. We regret the the delay but regardless the news still needs to be shared. This incident gives credence to the point that many activists have made for some time. There needs to be specific policies that address the mistreatment, under service and racist practices in regards to the medical attention received by black Brazilians. While the blog has been able to post fortunate incidents involving black Brazilian women bringing “miracle” babies into the world under risky circumstances (here and here), there was also another report two weeks ago where the results were unfortunate (see here). 

This story possibly speaks to some of the complaints about medical services rendered to black Brazilians and could be considered incident that proves the necessity of specific policies. Studies have shown that medical bias and stereotypes about black Brazilian women contribute to discriminatory health care services which in turn no doubt contribute to the fact that 80% of the women who die due to childbirth related incidents are black. The case below is unfortunate and while it can’t be immediately proven that the health facility was at fault, BW of Brazil supports the pursuit of a full investigation. The incident happened in the northeastern state of Bahia, a state with one of the largest populations of African ancestry in the country. See the story below. 

Luciana's sister Elcimar posted an online petition to initiate an investigation into the facts
Luciana’s sister Elcimar posted an online petition to initiate an investigation into the facts

Petition for a full investigation into the stillborn death of baby David Lucas

After 9 months of a healthy pregnancy, the first son of my sister Luciana Capinã was stillborn because of the carelessness with which she was treated at the Therese of Lisieux Hospital (Hapvida Saúde ot Hapvida health plan) here in Salvador (state of Bahia). Three times she went to maternal unit with contractions, and three times the doctors sent her back home. The last time it was too late…

State of Bahia in Brazil's northeast; Hospital Teresa de Lisieux  in Salvador, the capital of Bahia
State of Bahia in Brazil’s northeast; Hospital Teresa de Lisieux in Salvador, the capital of Bahia

It is absurd that this happened to my nephew. We are sad, lost, not knowing what to believe anymore. He was to be named David Lucas, and weighed 3.7 kg in Luciana’s belly, who is only 18 and is desolate since June 10, when this happened.

So I am creating this petition. We want the Diretoria Regional de Saúde da Bahia e a Secretaria de Saúde de Salvador (Regional Board of Health of Bahia and Department of Health of Salvador) to create a commission of inquiry to investigate the facts and punish the guilty party.

I also want psychological assistance from the hospital staff and compensation, we also seek justice. We already knew that similar cases occurred in the same hospital. This has to stop.

Please sign so that you can help us. My nephew will not return, but we can prevent other families from feeling the same pain.

To: State Board of Health – Bahia
Jossinei Castro da Silva, Regional Health Board – Salvador
José Antonio Rodrigues Alves, Municipal Secretary of Health – Salvador
Hospital Therese of Lisieux (Hapvida)
Jorge Pinheiro F. Lima, President – Hapvida
Marketing, Hapvida

We want the Regional Board of Health of Bahia and Salvador Department of Health to create a commission of investigation into what happened with the death of baby David Lucas on June 10, 2013 in Hospital Therese of Lisieux (Salvador, BA).

He is the son of Luciana Capinã, my sister, who went to the hospital three times in the previous week before delivery – and three times she was treated with neglect and returned home.

I also ask for psychological assistance for Luciana, who is only 18, and damages on the part of the Hapvida (we are also searching for justice).

Please (help) other families avoid feeling the same pain.


[Your name]

The original abaixo-assinado (petition)
The original abaixo-assinado (petition)

Source: Change.org

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