Singer Luedji Luna earns three nominations at the Caymmi Music Awards recognizing the best of Bahian musicians

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Note from BW of Brazil: I learned many years ago that some of the best artists in music are those whose names are not plastered on the covers of every magazine, constantly featured on talk shows, sell out huge revues or get hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. On the one hand, it’s a shame because so many of us won’t even know of the existence of some great artists. But on the other hand, when you discover such artists you sometimes feel that the artist’s music is your own little secret for your own little world. Once upon a time I remember only listening to those artists whose music made it onto the Top 10 list of some music chart. But in the past few decades, I have found myself becoming more and more distant from what is usually defined as Top 40 music. Too artificial. Too electronic. Less human. When you consider Pop Music to be just another cog in a world that is promoting “all things artificial”, it all makes sense. Which I why I love coming across artists who still allow the natural to shine through their music without coming across as something manufactured for mass consumption. 

Luedji Luna is yet another artist who I will be spending a little time to know. Of course, I had come across her name a few times over the past year but it wasn’t until this week that I actually had the chance to sit back and listen to a few of her songs. I must say, her voice and music arrangements brought a little calm to one of the most hectic days of the past week. Add to this the discovery that she had recently been recognized with three nominations at the upcoming Caymmi Music Awards and I knew it was time to present her to my audience. For those who don’t know, Dorival Caymmi (1914-2008) was a legendary singer/songwriter from the state of Bahia who was responsible for a number of well-known classics that have long been staples of the Brazilian music repertoire for decades. The spirit of Caymmi IS the spirit of Bahia and it is his name for whom the Bahian music “Oscars” is named. Congratulations to Luedji Luna! Don’t know who she is? Check her out below!

Do you know the singer Luedji Luna? Believe this, you need to know her

Courtesy of TNM

Singer Luedji Luna

Luedji Luna is a woman, black, a singer and a composer. “Born in Cabula, raised in Brotas (Salvador, Bahia) and living in São Paulo,” she responds promptly when asked where she comes from. Like someone who wants to make it clear where she went, walked, tried and learned. An artist is formed by a set of experiences. When life does not provide the need for changes and wanderings, beings who have been bitten by the mosquito of the arts are responsible for expressing this restlessness that is peculiar to all artists. This breed of infected – of which I am part – loves to walk around, experiencing, knowing, feeling.

When I said that you needed to know Luedji Luna, I was not joking. I’m not just talking about her face, color, and all the ways of an African queen, but also the voice and interpretation of this 28-year-old singer.

A highlight, in my simple opinion, for the song “Dentro Ali “. Music with the face of a cold and bucolic afternoon, when you are in your car, alone, looking for a place to have wine, wishing for a sunny Sunday beside your loved one. Don’t note my semi-depressive reading for the song. Having to pull a little to the gray, maybe by loving this atmosphere.

In this song, which should already be playing on Nova Brasil FM, you can identify all the instruments, blending together in an absolutely harmonious and smooth way. A delightful trumpet solo closes the song bucolically. All perfectly in keeping with Luedji’s sweet, gentle, and at the same time powerful voice.

With influences from Jazz and MPB, Luedji began her studies in music at the Bahian School of Popular Song of Professor Ana Paula Albuquerque, she participated in the “Alimacanta” workshop of essential song, which brings a holistic approach to singing, bringing together academic techniques with elements of Chi Kung and Yoga, taught by the Argentine singer and composer, Mariana Pereiro.


She was a member of Bando Cumatê, a collective that aims to research, disseminate and promote the traditional artistic manifestations of Brazilian culture. In 2011 she performed in recitals on the main stages of Salvador, and singing in bars in Rio Vermelho, the city’s bohemian neighborhood.

She was winner of the regional stage of the Festival da Canção Francesa (French Song Festival), a realization of the Aliança Francesa (French Alliance) in 2013. In the same year she sang in the show  “Ponto Negro em Tela Branca” (Black Spot on White Screen) by Director Kléia Maquenda.

She was a member of the group Uns Zanzotros, one of the bands participating in the tribute to the Novos Baianos realized by the site Jardim Elétrico in São Paulo, the show brought together names such as Cícero, A Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade, Diogo Poças, Thamires Thanouss, Larissa Back, among other artists of the new generation.

In 2014, in a short season in the southeast of the country (Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo) she participated in Sarau Preto, an event organized by Mombaça Momba, a singer and composer from Rio de Janeiro, a partner of artists such as Mart’nália, the project seeks the meeting of Afro-Brazilian poets and composers, with the first objective of highlighting, extolling and revealing the literary-musical production of black composers. At that same opportunity, still in Rio de Janeiro, Luedji opened the show of singer-songwriter Teka Baluthy and her guests Késia Estácio and Juliana Diniz, in the project “Foco MPB”.


Since 2015, living in São Paulo, she has participated in audiovisual projects such as Balcony TV, and more recently Sofar Sound. Last year she sang at the fashion event “Casa de Criadores” (house of creators), in the runway presentation of Bahian Isaac Silva.

The singer has performed in the capital’s main music houses such as Puxadinho da Praça, Kabul Bar, Bourbon Street, and Café Piu-Piu where she performed her first show in the city: Um corpo no mundo, which has diáspora negra (black diaspora) as a stanza, also the theme of her first album, which will be produced by the Swedish singer Sebastina Notini, producer of Tiganá Santana’s last two albums, and of the acclaimed Mama Kalunga, and also Bahian Virginia, Rodrigues, the release of which is scheduled for next year.

For anyone who (like me) does not want to wait until next year, you can get a good idea of what this woman is capable of, by clicking HERE and checking out her channel on SoundCloud. Do you know the singer Luedji Luna? Believe me, you need to know her!


Singer Luedji Luna is nominated 3 times for the Caymmi Music Award!

Courtesy of Portal Sotero Preta

Um corpo no mundo! Among the nominations of the second edition of the Prêmio Caymmi de Música (Caymmi Music Award) is the singer and composer from Bahia, Luedji Luna, who earned three nominations with her first work – completely authorial – Um corpo no mundo (meaning a ‘body in the world’). The nominations were announced on Tuesday night (4) at the Teatro Gregorio de Mattos, and all expectation and rooting is now for the Awards Ceremony, scheduled for August 11th.


Luedji is nominated in the categories “Melhor Intérprete Feminino” (Best Female Performer) and  “Revelação”(best new artist) and “Melhor Videoclipe” (Best Videoclip)” for “Um corpo no Mundo”, which is also nominated in the technical category of Direction, with Joyce Prado. Luedji talked to us about this moment:

Portal SoteroPreta – Luedji, how did you get these nominations with your first work!?

Luedji Luna – It was a huge surprise and a confirmation of the paths at the same time. This nomination comes to me with the feeling that my choices and all my efforts make sense. It is a desired award, but only the fact that it was nominated, especially the nomination of Best Clip, which was a watershed in my career, and which was produced by a team composed of almost 100% black women, brings me much happiness. Recognition is important, indeed!


Portal SoteroPreta – What does this represent for you, a young black artist, militant, feminist, Afro-religious?

Luedji Luna – We must understand our right to have dreams!

Portal SoteroPreta – What are the plans now with everything that is happening?

Luedji Luna – Work, work, and work. In August I start the recording of the album, and I will concentrate on this process until October, when it should be released. The recording of two more clips is also planned for next year.


Good winds….

And more good news for Luedji and those whoever follows, loves, enjoys and shares her work: the CD Um corpo no mundo, which sought resources to be recorded through collective financing, was included in the Prêmio Nacional de Expressões Culturais Afro-Brasileiras (National Afro-Brazilian Cultural Expressions Award), in other words, it will be recorded as the singer desired! The night of the Caymmi Award will be in the Concha Acústica do TCA and the public will be able to participate through the sale of tickets. Until then, keep cheering!

Source: Todos Negros do Mundo, Portal Sotero Preta

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