Black women and platinum hair: Singer Ludmilla’s new look earns compliments, criticism and comparison to Halle Berry ‘X-Men’ character

ludmilla visual novo
ludmilla visual novo
Comparada à Tempestade de X-Men
Singer Ludmilla recently drew comparisons to the Halle Berry ‘X-Men’ character

Note from BW of Brazil: OK, OK, black women and platinum hair. It’s not exactly a topic that’s gonna change or shut down the world, but as this blog often tackles more serious topics, sometimes it’s cool to just take it down a notch and discuss something less complex or controversial. The funny thing is that, even with this in mind, this topic still managed to enter the racial realm. This story happened about 3 weeks ago so it’s pretty much old news from the Brazilian perspective but, as the vast majority of this blog’s readers aren’t Brazilian, it can still be seen as fresh content. 

The subject of today’s post is the funk singer Ludmilla (who has already been featured in several past posts) and her bold new visual via a platinum wig. As black women around the world have experimented with numerous looks, this isn’t actually news, as women such You Tubers the Tavares sisters (and numerous others) have also dabbled with the look.

Tavares sisters
The Tavares sisters of the As Tavares You Tube channel

But it’s still worth discussing the issue that comes down to a number of different interpretations that came out after Ludmilla debuted the look. 1) Should only white women wear this color? 2) Is wearing platinum hair another way of attempting to escape blackness? 3) As the vast majority of people in the world will eventually have a hair color (gray) that is very similar to platinum, should this even be an issue of race? 4) Does all of this even matter as it’s simply another means of changing one’s visual? Anyway, just to update you, the controversy blew over pretty quickly when Ludmilla revealed that 1) she’s wearing a wig and 2) she quickly switched up again and started rocking blue hair!

Compared to X-Men’s Storm, Ludmilla rocks with her new platinum and wonderful hair

By Ana Júlia Gennari

Singer Ludmilla recently experimented with platinum hair

Ludmilla made a radical (and wonderful) change in her hairstyle last week: she cut her hair into chanel length and made it platinum.

But this everyone already knows, the novelty is that after the show at the end of BBB16 (Globo TV reality show Big Brother Brasil 16), on Tuesday (6) evening, the singer is being compared with Storm from X-Men.


During the funkeira’s performance on the program, the comments showing the similarities between Ludmilla and Storm took over the social networks:

comments 1
Comments supporting Ludmilla’s new look

Lucas: I adored Ludmilla’s new look

Stephanie Ribeiro: “But a black woman doesn’t come out well with platinum hair” I hear this in 2016, knowing that Marvel created a black and platinum character in 1975 and gave her the name Ororo Munroe better known as Tempestade (Storm). It’s to make dreams.

Ludmilla volta a mudar visual e adota cabelo long bob platinado - 'É peruca'
The singer quickly went from platinum hair to blue

alemão uc : Fox announces Ludmilla as Tempestade, in the cinematic version of the Novos Mutantes

Tayná: Ludmilla or Tempestade, you choose #BBB16

Dans: Ludmilla is much better with this Tempestade vibe


Renault: Pppeeeooopppllle, Ludmilla is dressed as Tempestade? I’m dead

Mayara C.: Our friend Ludmilla is blowing them away with the little platinum chanel, right friends? She looks like Tempestade…haha pure perfection

comments 3

And didn’t she really look like her? Once again, Lud locked it down!

Ludmilla receives criticism for new look and replies: ‘there will be a platinum black woman, yes’

Courtesy of Rede TV

Ludmilla abandona visual platinado e volta a exibir cabelos azuis

After a controversy involving her hair and even comparisons with the Storm character of X-Men’ on the web, the singer Ludmilla posted on Wednesday (30), a picture with his new platinum tresses and sent a message: “Worry more about your consciousness and your soul than with your reputation. Because your consciousness is what you are, and your reputation is what others think of you. And what others think,  is their problem. #vaiternegraplatinadasim ” (there will be a platinum black woman, yes).

Singer Ludmilla has been known for switching up hairstyles and colors

Apparently unconcerned, the funkeira (funk singer) seems well pleased with the results of her hair, however, there are followers who continue to disapprove of the innovation. One of them made a racist comment that sparked controversy in the funkeira’s social network: “I don’t like it. I think you should assume the originality of the color, because it would be much prettier. This platinum tone matches more with white women. Not even brunettes come out good.”


Some followers were revolted and discussed the declarations: “there will be platinum black woman yes, whether you all want it or not.” In addition to the support of her fans, the famous funkeira also seemed to approve of the result, such as Giovanna Ewbank who left her message with an emoji of applause to congratulate Ludmilla for her posture.

Source: Brasil Post, Rede TV

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  1. Ludmilla is what we black men in America would call a “Negro Bedwench”. She joins a long line of black musicians in Brazil who have helped white supremacist bastardize funk music.

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