Singer Ludmilla reveals her natural hair for the first time and covers the Brazilian edition of Cosmopolitan with her new look



Note from BW of Brazil: I like it…I like it A LOT!! Here at BW of Brazil, we’ve followed the career of singer Ludmilla since nearly the beginning and besides covering incidents, both positive (Grammys, Forbes and negative racist comments, 2), that have involved her, one consistent change that we’ve seen in the artist is the evolution of her look. We’ve read about the plastic surgery and we’ve seen the numerous hairstyles, including the weaves, blond and platinum wigs. So I was pleasantly surprised when news and photos of the singer’s latest ‘do were released.

Like many other black Brazilian women, Ludmilla grew up believing that the only way she could be seen as attractive was to straighten her hair. For black women around the world, hair has been a very important topic in terms of how they are seen as women under a global system that values European aesthetics. In recent years, with the rise of black identity movements taking place across the country, tens of thousands of black Brazilian women have found beauty in acceptance of the hair they were born with and making transitions to a natural appearance. It’s noticeable wherever part of Brazil one happens to visit in which there is a large Afro-Brazilian population. Singer IZA, whose has constructed her reputation rocking long, beautiful braids, is the latest to announce going through natural hair transition. Can’t wait to see what she looks like, but for now, I’m digging Ludmilla’s look. Don’t know what everyone else thinks, but I think she looks better than before with her natural crespa (kinky/curly) hair!

Ludi Crespa: Singer reveals her natural hair for the first time

By Silvia Nascimento

Hair transitioning is much more than an aesthetic change. We go back to childhood, remember the jokes, we think in the present about what to do, how to go out for work and the future, with doubts about our natural hair.

Singer Ludmilla has been getting a lot of love for her new look

And with singer Ludmilla it was no different. From the age of seven she straightened her hair. The recommended age by doctors is over 12 years of age.

Today the magazine Cosmopolitan revealed the first photo of the singer with her beautiful and natural hair.

Photo: Instagram Cosmopolitan – Raquel Espírito Santo

“Like most of them, when I was a child, they thought cabelo crespo (kinky/curly hair) was the ugliest thing in the world,” the singer reported in a video published in April, where she announced what she was in the process of hair transition.

Ludmilla revela preço de peruca e brinca
Ludmilla has been known for wearing all sorts of wigs, weaves and platinum hair. In one of her Instagram posts, she revealed how much she spent for one her wigs

The Lace Front, appeared in the life of the singer to repair the damages that left her practically bald.

Even suffering and having longer periods for one than for another, the hair transition brings a sense of freedom and truth to oneself, after all, many black women have jumped from braids as children to chemicals in adolescence and adulthood, not knowing the color and texture of their real hair.

Let Lud’s story stimulate other women.

Source: Mundo Negro

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  1. I believe that Ludmilla is still wearing a wig/weave on the Cosmo magazine. It doesn’t look like her real natural hair. We can’t see the roots and when we can’t see roots, it’s because it’s a wig/weave. At least this wig/weave looks more like the majority of black women’s natural kinky/nappy/curly hair. It’s a good start from wearing those long straight lace fronts or blonde wigs/weave. I hope one day she gets the courage to showcase her beautiful real natural hair.

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