“I never imagined that I would be so loved”: Singer Ludmilla celebrates 10 million followers and becomes the most followed black woman in Brazil

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Note from BW of Brazil: It seems like every time I do an update on this young lady, she reaches some new plateau. In 2012, she released her song “Fala Mal de Mim” on YouTube, which got 12 million views and eventually led to her record deal with Warner Music in 2013, which then led to the release of her debut CD Hoje in 2014. From there, her star hasn’t ceased to rise! In 2015, she made appearances on Globo TV novelas (soap operas) I Love Paraisópolis and Babilônia, and by the time 2016 rolled around, she was doing 20 shows per month which led to her pulling in over R$1 million per month. With such success, in 2017, the Forbes magazine Brazil edition placed her on the list of most influential personalities under the age of 30. Continuing her winning streak, in September of 2017, she was nominated for 2018 Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada. Wow! You must be asking, what more can the Ludmila Oliveira da Silva, the artist formerly known as MC Beyoncé accomplish? Well, wouldn’t you know it, recently she just added yet another feather in her hat in the world of social media. It really seems there’s no stopping Ludmilla! Mad congrats!

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Reaching the mark of 10 millions followers and becoming “the most followed black woman of Brazil”, the singer sent a message to fans: “I love you too much”

Ludmilla celebrates 10 million followers and becomes the most followed black woman in Brazil: “I never imagined that I would be so loved,” she said

Courtesy of Glamour Brasil magazine

Ludmilla posted some videos in Instagram Stories to celebrate an important mark. The singer has reached 10 million followers in the social network.


“I never thought I would be so loved, I have the best fans in the world, I would like to thank all of my fans a lot, thank you so much, thank you very much! I’m very happy,” she said.

Along with the 10 million mark, Lud said he received another novelty. “Along with this wonderful news, I received another: sou a mulher negra mais seguida do Brasil (I am the most followed black woman in Brazil), the most followed of my Country!” she added.

At the time of this writing, the singer was now preparing to travel to The Netherlands to follow the diva Beyoncé’s show up close. Her artistic inspiration, before changing her stage name to Ludmilla, she was known as MC Beyoncé.

Source: Revista Glamour

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