Sharylaine Sil, pioneering MC of Brazilian women’s rap returns with new video and album project

Sharylaine Sil is a pioneer of Brazilian women’s rap. It was she who put together the first all-female group formed in 1986, called Rap Girls. Sharylaine participated in compilation Coletânea Consciência Black Vol. 1 (Black Consciousness Collection Vol. 1) and 25 years later she’s back and will finally fulfill her dream: releasing her first album!

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1989’s Coletânea Consciência Black Vol. 1 

Sharylaine Sil is from the east zone of São Paulo and represents the MC element of Hip Hop and is a singer, rapper, songwriter and performer. Her involvement in Hip Hop Culture began in 1986 through the Brazilian branch of the Zulu Nation (Nação Zulu). It was at that time that she formed the first all-girl Brazilian rap group with her partners Citylee and DJ Zulu Master.

Sharylaine became the first woman to release a record in the rap genre in Brazil. Her songs “Nossos Dias” and “Saudade” were featured on three different complication albums in 1989, 1993 and 1997.

As a preview of her coming album, Sharylaine has released a new video for the song “Livre no Mundo”. Check it out here:

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