Rio funk rapper Mr. Catra welcomes his 22nd child with number 23 on the way

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The funkeiro is 44 years old 

by Papelpop

Last week, Rio funk rapper Mr. Catra, 44, saw his brood of 21 children increase once more. According to information from the Ego website, published on Thursday (21), the funkeiro just received his 22nd child and Silvia Regina Alves, who carries the official title of the singer’s wife, is pregnant with the his 23rd.

The 22nd child of the rapper is a boy and is the result of one of his affairs. “It’s true, yes. He had another child with a girlfriend in São Paulo and will assume responsibility of the child. He always accepts his children, he prefers that the children live with him, but he still doesn’t know how this case will be,” said the funkeiro’s press agent.

As this blog reported several months in an article about the rapper’s official wife and polygamous lifestyle, Mr. Catra had his 22 children with 14 different women. Silvia has five of the rapper’s children and is expecting another one now.

Besides Silvia, the funkeiro has three more wives. Catra, whose real name is Wagner Domingues da Costa, said he intends to marry more than one and plans to use his African citizenship for this.

Mr. Catra was also previously featured in a BW of Brazil report on the controversial music video for the singer Alexandre Pires in which he, Pires and soccer superstar Neymar dressed up a gorillas for the song “Kong”. For more on the musical style known as funk in Brazil (not to be confused with the 70s genre of the James Brown, P-Funk variety) in relation to the representation of Afro-Brazilians in the favelas (slums) of Rio, see our report on the TV series Suburbia.

Mr. Catra is known for his sexually explicit song lyrics, such as the song Tem que Fazer Ela Gozar (You Have to Make Her Cum).The drum beat in the song is a beat heard in numerous funk songs nowadays in Brazil. See video below.

Source: OMG Yahoo Brasil


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